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Chapter Twenty - Three


It felt like nothing I have experienced before. I felt free, powerful and endless hope running through my veins. The wings are a part of me, and the weird thing is...I always felt like I was missing something or someone. At first, I thought it was an empty space that my future mate would fulfil But no, it was my wings.

I forgot about all my problems, worries, and Flamye. Fly to the end of the world. The wind under my wings tickled my feathers as flew higher and higher. I am unstoppable. Nothing can stop me now. I flew through the clouds making my vision fuzzy. I had trouble to see but I trusted my wings and instinct.

And I was right.

Breaking the clouds apart and reached the top, however, I was not prepared. The view was breathtaking. I lost all sense in my body. The sunset painted heaven and clouds in beautiful colours. Pink, purple, yellow, you name it! Every colour of the rainbow.

Once the sun was down, the moon slowly but surely appeared but not alone. Along with her stars, she rises upon the sky. Closing my eyes in peace and enjoying the air. It was quiet and I have nothing against it. For a matter of fact, I loved it. For once I could breathe and worry about what my life will become. I knew my life had changed from the moment I managed to control my powers, however, I did not fear it. I embrace it and welcomed it with open arms. I knew in a few minutes I had to leave this paradise and back home. I have some issues that need to be solved.

I stopped moving my wings making me fall down to earth at a high speed. Still having my eyes closed and right before I hit the ground I expanded my wings lifting myself up leaving me flying flawlessly. I open my eyes to find a huge dark green forest underneath me. I am heading the right directing.


I hate her. She had everything. A perfect life, a beautiful Alpha mate, a princess and above all that, she had powers. Not just some boring powers that some Alpha or princess have, but firepower. The rarest power of all time and she had to have them! why not me? I am a good human, I have helped the poor. Okay, maybe not. It was her again... She worked as a volunteer every summer while I was busy tanning. But whatever, I have bigger problems now.

I am in a hospital dress and I look awful, which is not a good reputation for me. I had to be beautiful all the time but of course, they handcuff me to this awful and ugly hospital bed. I have tried to pick the lock but nothing worked. I even bribed one of the male nurses to hand me the key and would get one night with me. But he only laughs at me and left. For a moment I thought I had lost my abilities but then I was wearing a hospital dress and had not showered for four days.

It was not my fault. It was hers.

The door sudden open revealing Alpha King, Xerxes. He was the most beautiful man I have ever seen, and that says a lot. The slut does not deserve him. He needs to be pleased all the time, but she doesn’t want him nor near him. She was ungrateful. A true slut. She is probably somewhere sleeping with another man and having his child. I hope she never comes back, and therefore I can have this man.

A growl interrupted my thought as I watched the scene ahead of me. Xerxes was furious. He threw some of the chairs out the window. A scream left my mouth as I watch the beast in front of me. His eyes turned bright neon yellow similar to an owl. His heavy steps toward me were intense and scary. His glowy eyes stared me down as if I had murder his favourite toy or pet. Once he reaches me, his perfect hands clawed around my neck and began to choke me. Immediately my vision became foggy, my heart began to rise. Since I was attached to a machine, it detects when my heart rate is abnormal and will set off an alarm. However, when two nurses came running through the door they stopped and left.

What the fuck?! They are the shitiest nurses I have ever seen.

“Do you realize who I am?!” He yelled while spitting all over my face. He was shaking me back and forth making my neck hurt badly. I tried to speak but only weird bird noise came out. “I am your fucking ALPHA KING! And your sister mate!! You need to show both me and your sister respect!!” At the end of the sentence, he hit me in the face making blackout. The last thing I heard was, “I can read mind, you idiot”

I was half awake when I heard it. “There is someone on our territory. The unknown creature is in the east part” They stopped for a minutes before they began to talk about something else. The guards outside my door talked for a few minutes before leaving. I wanted to see this unknown creature, however, How am I going to escape these stupid handcuffs?! Shaking them with all I had but nothing. Before giving up, I remember I have a bobbin left in my hair. Or I hope.

Leaving down to my knees as much as possible and used my left hand to reach into my hair. Biting my lip of pain, the handcuff was scratching my skin badly. One glance to the side caught blood dripping down my wrist. Great.

Once my hand finally found it, I tried to open it with the same hand. That was as easy as I thought it would be. A silent scream left my lips as I had to break my hand to get out of one of the cuffs. I could hear people running and screaming outside making me forget about my pain and focus on my mission. Adrenalin kick in and once I was finished with my other hand, I rushed out the ugly room but not before getting a closer look at myself. I have seen myself in five days, or I do not know how long I was unconscious.

I looked horrible. A large bruise mark as a handprint on my neck with colours of dark purple and blue. My hair was a birdnest, literally everywhere. Dark under eyes as if I had rubbed dirt underneath there, dry lips because of dehydrating. I had lost weight as well. A few cuts here and there on my body and face, but the main thing was my hand and leg. My hand is bent a different and weird way with blood dripping down, but lucky I am a wolf. I will heal faster than a human but it will take three hours maybe. And my leg. The bandage had clearly not been shifted for at least two days as the main colour was red instead of white. A handprint was on there as well, but not as visible as the one on my neck.

I wanted to puck off the sight me but I wanted to see this creature, so I half run, half limped my way out the front door and toward the east territory. Everyone was running past me and toward the safe house in the opposite directions. Some pushed me, trying to get me out of their way. They were scared of something. Women were grabbing their child under their arm and ran in full wolf speed. Male was running in the same direction as I was, however, they were armed.

Lucky they were to busy to notice me and arrest me again. I went full ninja mode and followed some of the warriors into the woods. We ran for what seems like hours but really only twenty minutes, but this foot and arm was not helping me. Once they start to slow down, I stopped completely and hid behind a random huge tree. Three of them walked slowly but two of them looked toward where I was hiding and sniffed the air.

Shit! They could smell my blood. I was busted and I would not run or fight my way out of this one. One of them stepped toward me but was interrupted by when a loud alarm went off. They hurried and ran off again. Damn it, I was not bullied for this.

I half ran after them but the pain in my foot began to increase. My breathing became harder than usual, god I was praying that they would stop soon because I can no longer hold in the pain. I had to rest or my wolf would take over, and then they would definitely smell me.

They stopped running when we came to a landscape or a clear land where no trees were seen for miles. Hiding behind another random three and watching the scene in front of me. All of the warriors stood in a line with their eyes focus on their Alpha King. He stood in front of them all, in all his glory he looked magnificent. He clearly did not appear for this since he was wearing a tight white t-shirt and some dark blue jeans with sneakers. But somehow, he looked hot and beautiful. Like a god.

His heavy and long footsteps walked a few meters further into the middle of the landscape leaving his men behind. His wolf was on edge. Where are the scary, mystery and unknown creature? I imagined a monster from some of the famous horror movies, maybe he was a hybrid? half vampire half werewolf? Vampire and werewolf did not get along, but there were no big wars or fight between them. However, a vampire and werewolf being mated to each other? That had to be weird. Our rules are different from theirs. We mark our mate by biting their neck but the vampire marks their mate a tattoo that will appear after they have mated.

Not that a big of a difference but its there.

“I know you are there,” Alpha King Xerxes said out of the blue. Who was he talking to? I looked around us and sniffed the air but nothing. What was he sensing and seeing that we did not?

“Why do you not come out, we do not want to harm you. Only want to talk, and then you can leave in peace”

One thing I knew about Alpha was that he had no plan to let the unknown creature escape. We could find out more about this creature and maybe where he came from. Are their other? Did they have magic? Who is their leader? Maybe they want to take over the world and kill our Alpha King. This was a clear threat that we should take seriously.

Maybe this creature had something to do with my non-blood related sister.

“Just come out. We mean no harm.” He lifted his arms to show he wore no weapon, however, all of his men behind him were heavily armed. Guns with silver bullets, bow and arrow, and swords. But why? Our claws are more useful than all of them together. Except for the gun.

We all watch intensely toward the forest on the other side. Thank god for our werewolf vision. It makes twice as much easier to see further than human eyes. I have no idea how long we stood in silent and watch some threes but it felt like forever.

Until I saw it. It all happened in slow motion.

She arrived wearing a black leather jumpsuit, her hair was pure white but her eyes were the same. She walked slowly toward Xerxes but she did not look happy to see her mate again. How long had they been apart from each other? I have heard rumours of mates almost dying for being apart from each other for too long. But, clearly, they both were stronger than that. However, something was wrong. The way she walked, it was.....weird.

She was five meter away from her mate when I saw them. The fire red wings that were attached to her back. I was in shock. I had to close my mouth because it began to hurt. I think I was the only one who knew since I stood further at the edge of the forest behind some three closer to Xerxes then his warriors.

And that’s when it happened. She expanded her wings making everyone gasp with surprise. All of the warriors went down on their knees to show their Queen Luna respect. On the other hand, the king did not react the same as his warriors.

He stormed toward her with claws ready to cut and growled as if she was his enemy.


I will never forget the expression on his face as he stormed toward anger and betray. Before I expanded my wings to show him the new me, he looked at me with much surprise and happiness. What had changed?

I wanted to comfort him and tell him what happened but he reacted not the way I vision it. I thought he would open his arms to me, happy to see me home and well. Nevertheless, that was not the case.

Before I got the chance to react, he ran into me and knocked me down to the ground with a loud bang. My wings began to ache the impact. He weighs more than I thought. With the new strength, I had been given, I pushed him with all the energy I had making me fly past his warriors and hit some three in the background. All I could see was multiple threes getting knocked down. I was in shock as well as the warriors. Rising up, I pulled my wings back making them invisible to everyone escape me. Placing myself in a fight position knowing he and his wolf would be furious at me. Disrespecting him in front of his warriors and kicking his ass.

“Take him down”

The voice incurred me to kick his ass and put him in place before explaining to him what had happened. “I can not,” I said back to the voice without a name. I wanted peace, plus I did not see this coming. I had no interest in fighting him because I knew I would win.

“Cocky much mate?” I heard him said. He where no insight yet I heard him.

“Have you forgotten who I am?” I heard him again, yet I did not see him.

“My poor flower, you are lost and need help. Let me help you” Suddenly he stood right in front of me. His smirker only grew as he saw my reaction. Walked toward me with heavy steps as his eyes followed me like a hawk.

“You have no choice. You need to show Dimitri that it is you”

“Why? Does he not see it’s me?”

“He feels threatened because you do not have the same smell or feature”

I guess that makes sense but what about my mark. My mark has not disappeared has he not seen it? The unknown in my head read my thought and showed an image of where my mark is....or should be.

But it was not.

“What is going on? Why is it gone?!” No wonder he is crazy and wants to kill me. I am an enemy to him but only him. His warriors did not see me as an enemy but as their Luna. This is too confusing.

“What are you thinking about, my flower?” He circled me a few times before reaching out to my neck. I had no chance to react as he forced my neck to the side of where my mark was supposed to be. I fought him but he was too strong.

“Where is my mate?!” He shouted in my face spitting everywhere. His face began turning red with anger along with his knuckles turning white. What was I supposed to say? That I am no longer just a wolf, but a bird? He saw my wings why does he not believe me. I wanted to scream in frustration but clearly, that would not work.

“I am your mate, It is me Luretica!” I said to his face that was too close right now for my liking. Our noses are touching but he quickly back off as if my skin had brunt him. It felt as someone stabbed my heart multiple times. He turned his back to me for a second before giving me a hurtful comment.

“You are not my mate nor will you ever be”

Tears began to appear in my eyes. I felt hurt and betrayed thinking he would be happy seeing me live but I was wrong. He truly is a monster, and I will hate myself knowing that I loved that monster.

A tear ran down my cheek and fell to the ground. A shimmer from was the tear landed appeared. Focusing on the tear more than to realize that he began to leave. I opened my mouth to scream but I knew I would kill me if I said one more word. What had I done to deserve this?

Another tear fell and created the same effect as the other one. Weird, but it is probably my magic leaving my veins. I watch as he left me behind as more tears ran down. In the end, it created a small but visible glow around me. I felt strong, comfort and love. Closing my eyes and enjoying the moment.

I heard voices in the background and footsteps but I was in the zone. The glow grew bigger until it covers my body. The glow had no colour to it but silver. It felt amazing and tingly.


I turned back to the imposter and began walking back to the packed house along with my warriors. Clearly, she was not my mate, although she looked like her. My mate did not have wings, white hair, a tattoo and she had my mark. This girl had nothing yet I could not shake away the feeling of hurt as I walked away. However, it was not my feelings or my wolf but, hers. I wanted to believe this girl but could not. What would happen if I had taken her with me and my real mate shows up but sees me with an imposter? She would be hurt and angry.

On the other side, what if she is my real mate? AAhh I wanted to scream in frustration and anger. I wanted to go back and huge the girl however at the same time I wanted and almost killed her. Dimitri was not helping either, he was confused and wanted nothing more than our mate.

As we were walking a light appeared, but I thought nothing of it until one of my warriors turned around with curiosity instinct. His reaction was enough to make me turn. Nevertheless, I was not ready for what I saw.

I could not see her through the shin. The glow was covering her entire body making it impossible to see anything. Then, the glow began to light her up in the air causing panic in my warriors. But why?

All of them began to run toward her with their intention to save her. Why are they reaction like this?

“It’s their Queen Luna,” Dimitri said with confidence in his voice. Fuck!! I knew it, I thought as I ran toward her as well but stopped when I felt something. I looked down in my pocket to where the necklace I discovered was hidden. I watched as it moved around my pocket before leaving my pants in a hurry and flew into the glow. My warriors stood circle to protect the girl but really they could not get closer. It was like a weird barrier around her.

We all stood and watch the glow do its magic before letting go of the girl and disappeared. We all ran toward where the girl was lying on the ground surrounded by flowers. My men were blocking the view causing me to shove them all away as I pushed myself forward. I kneed down when I had reached her only to be left in shock.

She was wearing the necklace around her neck along with my mark, however, the white hair and the tattoo was still there. She is my mate, Luretica. A smile appears without thinking as I lifted her unconscious body up and began to walk back to our house.

She was finally home.


Where am I? My last memory was my mate leaving me and then all black. I had no interest in opening my eyes knowing that my mate rejected me. He did not want me nor needed me anymore. I am nothing but a useless hybrid.

I made myself more comfortable with trying to go back to sleep, but something was not right. Softness underneath me made me wonder when was the last time I had been in a bed, and not only that but the bed was covered with my mates sent. This had to be a joke, my brain is delusional. Maybe I am dead? However, that does not explain why my body feels sore.

A door open and closed before heavy and determined footsteps came toward where I laid. I was in his bedroom!! Pretending to be asleep as I listen to this unknown person sat down on my bed. I was to busy to pretend that I was sleeping to notice who it was, and sudden A hand touch my cheek and carefully stroked my cheek with its thumb. At first, I wanted to scream but when the sparks appeared I could not be happier.

“I know you are awake my little flower” His voice was calm sending me comfort. All I wanted was to jump on his bones, but I had to contain myself.

“Have you forgotten that I can read thought my naughty mate?”

Fuck. Kill me now, please. It was too quiet before a heavy body fell on top of me causing my eyes to wide open in shock, however seeing my mate serious face made me nervous. I had goosebumps all over my body from the sparks he was giving me.

“Never wish for your death, Is that clear mate?” He leaned closer to making our nose touch, I thought for a second that he was going to kiss me but he moved away and down to my neck. Not trusting my voice to speak, I nodded to him and stayed quiet as he sniffs me.

“Did you know that once you find your mate, They recommend mating before it was been seventy-two hours?” All I could do was shaking my head not knowing where he was heading with this.

“Do you know how long we have known each other?” Once again, all I could do was shake my head. I had a feeling where this was going, and let’s just say I am not mad at it.

“We have known each other for three months, yet we have not completed the bond. Do you not think we should change that?” his voice became darker as he began to kiss my neck slowly. My heart literally stopped. How can a girl say no to him? He was dead gorgeous and wanted to be mine forever? Fuck yeah, I am going to complete the mating bond.

However, there is one issue.

“And that is?” he asked as he continued to kiss my neck and began to move down to my left breast. My breathing is faster than usual as I tried not to focus on what he was doing to my body.

“Uhm..” I have no idea how to tell him. He stopped and looked up at me with puppy eyes as his hair was already messy in a sexy way. He climbed up to me and pinned me down. “What? if you do not want to, we do not need to! I do not want to pressure you!” His voice indicated that he was stressed. He really cared about me!

“Take him!” My wolf Amy said in a hurry. She was way more excited than me, but she knew about my issue. “Screw that! I agree with the other girl! Take him” The other voice said excited and jumped up and down with Amy. I have never heard them speak to each other. “AHH, good one! Screw HA HA!!” Amy laughed hysterically. Great, now I have to horny animals in my mind.

“Luretica? are you listening?” I snapped out of my head and looked at Xerxes. “Yeah! I am fine, and yes I want us to complete our mating bond....but...uhm” I was nervous to tell him, what would he think of me? That I am a loner? A nerd...heck i do not know!

“But what?” He smiled showing off his bright white teeth. I began to blush and tried to not look at him, instead, I looked everywhere but him. His smile suddenly turned into a smirk with a playful glint in his eyes.

“Are you a virgin my little flower?”


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