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Chapter Twenty - Four


I did not know how to react when he asked me that question. Was it that obvious? Yes, I am a virgin but that does not mean I have done things with guys or a guy. My first and last time experience with another boy. I was fourteen years old, and let’s just say when my dad found out about it he was pissed.

We were walking home from school but took a shortcut through the woods, I did not know the path but he did. He told me the path would only take a half hour instead of an hour, and I believed him. His father was friends with my dad making me trust him with my life. We walked for what seems more than an hour but he only told me to calm down and keep walking. Then he stopped and looked at me with a smile, I smiled back knowing he was a good friend. I had after all known him my whole life.

He asked me if I am curious, but I did not know what he meant. Curious about what? I regret asking me that because I was not prepared for the next question. He asked if I was curious to touch and see a penis. I was in shock, to shock to answer him.

I did not want to admit it that I was because of its embarrassing. I said no to him and asked him if we could walk home now. I was hungry and scared. But he rejected my request and asked more questions, for an example, had I touch myself yet? Have I watch or see someone else touch them self?

I shook my head to all of his questions but somehow he knew I wanted to see one. I have overheard one of my sister talking about a penis and how wonderful they are, yet I did not understand what they meant? How is it wonderful? What is it really?

He began to unbuckle his belt and pants in front of me while continuing to smile at me. I watch with big eyes as he revealed himself to me. I still want to run but somehow my feet were frozen to the ground. He is two years older than me making him sixteen. He had black hair around his penis and it was pointing at me, why? what does that mean?

He began to touch it out of nowhere. I thought he was only going to show it to me and then put on his pants again. I do not know what is happening to him!? I asked him if he was in pain since his eyes were closed while making a weird expression. He began to groan and that is when I ran toward him to help him, he was clearly in pain. However once I reached him and took away his hand, he opens his eyes with anger. Why is he mad? I saved him.

He asked me why did I stop him and I said that I thought he was in pain and wanted to help. He looked at me for a few minutes before laughing. A blush began to appear on my cheeks as he continued to laugh at me. I asked him why he was laughing at me but he only shook his head at me. He looked me deep in my eyes while gripping my hand and guided to his penis. My eyes widened as I touch his thing. He made my hand grip on it and move back and forth until I could to it myself. He began to shake slightly as I continued to grip his penis. I think I was doing it right. But if he is not in pain, what his he then?

It was like he had read my mind because he opened his eyes and said, its pleasure babe. I was masturbating him!! I was about to let stop when his hand stopped me. His grip was hard and form as he looked me in the eyes, he was angry. He threatens me that if I stop he would masturbate him. That only made me work for my hand faster and quicker in hoping it was soon over, I wanted to go home.

But at the same time, I had a tingling feeling in between my legs. It was tickling me since he had started to masturbate but I do not know what it meant. I was scared and did not want to admit. I start losing feeling in my hand as I tried to achieve something but I do not know when to stop. Right before I stop before my hand could not take it, something came out of him and shut all over the forest ground. It was yellow/white, smelled terrible and looked like snot. Some came on my hands, ew. It was sticky and would not come off. Once he was done shaking like crazy he opened his eyes and looked at me with surprise.

He pulled away from his penis and into his pants. I went to find some leaves to dry away this sticky thing but nothing worked. I turned around to face him and ready to walk home, but he had other plans. As I turned I felt his hands around my waist and on my ass. Quickly turned around to ask him what he was doing, however, he only smiled at me and said it was my turn.

My turn? What do you mean I asked him but he only hushes at me and pushed my back against a tree. I was on my way to open my mouth and ask him again when his hand covered my mouth. He smiled sweetly at me making me weirdly calm down. He was not going to hurt me, right?

I paid no attention to his other hand until I felt it underneath my summer dress. The hand moved toward my panties as it tickled me along the way. I tried to move or get away from him but he only pushed me more against the tree with his chest. His nose was touching mine. I was to busy to notice the hand had moved down my panties and slapped me. I was shocked and began to shake with fear. Tears began running down my face as I ask him to let me go! I did not understand what he was doing.

He only smiled and said that it was my turn to feel pleasure. One of his fingers began to move around my pee pee paying or toying with me. He lends toward my ear and whispered that I was wet for him. Had I peed on myself? How embarrassing. Now there were two fingers playing around with my pee pee until he found something. I do not know what it was or is, but he tried to put one of his fingers inside but it hurt. I told him and luckily he stopped, however, continued to play with the same thing as before. It became difficult to breathe as his finger work quicker one a spot, his face was still in my neck and he whispers again that I was wet for him and he had found the spot. He begged me to come for him multiple times but what does he mean by come? I am here.

The feeling did not stop but only got worse as he finger where moving fast. I let out a groan but it sounds as if I was in pain but I am not, weird. Is this pleasure?

The feeling took a whole another level when one of his fingers went inside of me. I could hear slurping sound coming in between my legs but I could not stop. I began to move against his finger wanting more pleasure. I wanted to pee badly but it would be embarrassing peeing on his hand, but I do not know how long I can hold it.

He suddenly starts kissing my neck and biting my ear, and that’s when I peed. I groan out loud and continued to push myself against his finger until the feeling was gone. Had I come? like him? Now I know what cloud - nine means.

I fixed my dress and hair before walking back to the packed house without thinking there would be any consequences. However, I was wrong. When we arrived there were no one around, maybe they were eating dinner? I do not know what the time is but I know I am getting in trouble when my parents get home.

I said goodbye to Derek and walked toward my house, but the minute I step inside the house it all went to hell.

“Luretica?” I heard a voice interrupting my flashback. Blinking a few times and moved my glance away from a random wall and to Xerxes, “what?” I asked him back ignoring my flashback. At first, he looked amused but his smile slowly fainted into an angry expression.

“Are you not a virgin?”

What? I was about to say ‘yes, I am’ but he shuts me off by jumping off the bed while grabbing my waist and slammed me against a wall. I groan in pain as my lower back hits the wall but had no chance to think further more about it since I had an angry Alpha in front of me. He slammed his fists beside my head and made me look him in the eyes.

“Who is he?!” He growled out in furious. I could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears and nose. His face began to turn red in anger. “Who? What are you talking about? I am-” he interrupted me again by slamming one of his fists into the wall making a hole. “Who. Is. He?!” He asked again only this time scarier because he was to calm. “Xerxes, I am-”

“I asked a fucking question!!” can he stop interrupting me? why is he reacting this way? He is probably not a virgin, how can he? He is dead gorgeous. I bet every time he walks out in public with the humans all the girls just fall to the ground with their legs spread and no panties.

“Why? Why is it that important to you?! You are not a virgin!” Ignoring his demand. I boldly looked up at him expecting to find him angry and ready to explode but none of that was present. He looked almost sad... and he was ignoring me.

Is he a virgin?!


“What?!” He meets my eyes this time only his eyes were sad and not filled with anger and betrayal. He removed his arms from the wall and walked further into the room. Instead of fleeing the scene, I walked toward him with slow steps. He had his back toward me and looked out the window with his arms crossed. I arrived behind him and hugged him tightly.


He whispers to answer my question. He is a virgin! but he thinks I am not? Why?

“Xerxes...I -” but as usual he interrupted me again by unwrapping my arms around his waist and walked away from me and toward the door. “Wait! where are you going?!” Was he going to leave me again? Really, after everything we had been through. He ignored my question and grabbed the door handle but I stopped him before he could get any further.

“I am a virgin” There I said it. It felt like a big lump in my stomach went away and I had nothing to be afraid of or ashamed. After the day with Derek, I made a deal with my wolf that we were going to wait for our mate. I felt disgusted after that day, a home, and I never wanted to feel that again. I do not know how other girls do it. How can they cheat on their mate? or have sex before they have even met their mate.

Suddenly I was in the air and landed on something soft. I knew it was Xerxes since the spark never left my body. His eyes were glowing at me with multiple feelings swirling inside of them. His wolf is happy, I can sense it.

He lends down and kissed me softly on the lips before moving on to hardcore making out. We fought for dominance but of course, he won. He began slowly by only touching my arms and waist as we made out. I did as well only I would not hold back any longer and went straight for the eight pack that was hiding behind his t-shirt. And by the feel of it, he loved it. His little friend was poking my inner thigh as we began to move against each other. His hands moved to my breasts making me arch my back toward his chest. He pulled on my nipple as his other hand went from my waist and down to my inner thigh. Butterflies fulfilled my stomach as he continued to do his magic. I pulled away from his lips in need of air but he was not having it and pulled me back to his lips. He bit my lips causing it to bleed making me groan, however, not in pain but pleasure as he sucks away the blood.

My pussy began to tickle in need of release. Our breathing got heavier but I couldn’t care less if I stopped breathing. He moved his lips away from mine and to my neck kissing my mark. My hips began to thrust against his but his hands stopped me. “Easy тигр" he whispered in my ear and bit my earlobe sending me goosebumps. My eyes became heavy along with my breathing.

(Tiger In Russian)

He pulled away from causing me to frown without thinking. He laughed at my reaction while taking off his clothes. I stopped frowning when I saw his stomach and had my eyes glued to it, but I stopped and started to strip myself.

I reached the end of my top to pulled it off when a hand interrupted me. Looking up at him with confusion but realizing he wanted to undress me. I laid back down and watch him undress me slowly while teasing me with a few kisses. Once he was finished, all we were left with was my panties and his boxer. My bra was long gone and at first, I cover myself but I got an angry glance from him causing me to stop.

He laid on top of me and we started to make out again. One hand on my breast and the other one down my panties. I placed one of my hands on his stomach as the other one went down his boxer.

Shit, my eyes winded. How the hell is that going to fit inside me? I am not going to be able to walk, piss or do anything. He notices my reaction as kissed my forehead. ”цветок, you are my mate, you are created to fit me and be with me forever.” God, how can he be cute and sexy at the same time?

(flower In Russian)

We took a step further by taking our last piece of clothes. He places himself in between my legs ready to put it in. Just about when he was ready to go I stopped him. Damn, why do I have to be this nervous?

He lends down and kissed my forehead, cheeks, nose, and mouth before taking it inside me. I gasp at the surprise, pain, and pleasure. It hurt but the more he moved the less it hurt. In the beginning, it was sweet and slow, and for that, I am grateful for. But then I wanted more.

“Please Xer” I moan out as he moved faster and harder. One of his hands held both of my arms to make sure that I did not interrupt him or stop the process while the other one is on my ass spreading my buttcheek to get more access.

“What? Do you like it when I take you княгиня? ” He growled out taking me even faster and harder if that is even possible. He lends down to bit my mark causing me to moan loud out and thrust my hips to meet his movement. Before he could react I got my fangs out and marked him. His let out a loud groan and thrust deeper inside me as I licked away the blood.

(Princess In Russian)

“Come for me ангел" he growled sending vibration all over my body as I came hard. I have no idea how long I came but it felt like forever. I was on cloud - nine. While I came he played with my nipples and my neck.

(Angel In Russian)

Once I was back in reality, he pulled it out and flipped me around with my back facing him. I was about to turn my head to ask him what he was doing but a feeling of something tugging at my arms made me look up. He was tying my hands to the bedhead.

“What are you doing?” I asked him trying to remove the rope. He ignored me and tying the other one, but when he was done he lends down to my face with a smirk. “What I was supposed to do three months ago”

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