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Chapter Twenty - Five


A few hours have passed since our intense session. We were finally mates. I regret nothing. He was a gentleman but also dominant. I love him. We cuddle for a while but him being an Alpha he had to leave. There is an important meeting, sadly he left me alone in his bed naked. I have no idea what the meeting is about but it seems serious. He left in a hurry without a goodbye kiss.

I sat in the library ready a random book I had found but it did not fill my need for imagination and closed the book. Standing up causing the blanket to fall from my body as I walked with the book in my hand back to where I had found it. Once I had placed it back and went on a hunt for the right one.

The library is huge. Bigger than the library in beauty and the beast. I decided to look on the third floor but was stopped by a sign. It said ‘Alpha only’ however, I am his mate and Luna, does that not give me a free pass?

I take that as a yes and ignored the sign. This library is a labyrinth. I took a turn to the left when I discovered something weird. There is a huge door with a huge key lock in the middle blocking my access. Why is this door here? Something was interesting in it.

I wanted to read the books. Maybe they know what has happened to me?

I heard the door on the first floor open and closed. “Babe?” Xerxes’ voice echoed in the library as he walked further into the room. Bad timing, I thought as I hurried down the stairs to greet him. Expecting a hug or kiss once I had reached him but he only looked scary serious.

“What is wrong?” I asked him while wondering if there was something I had done to change his mood. He walked closer to me and pulled me into a tight hug for a few seconds before realizing me.

“I am sorry,” he said while watching my reaction. Sorry? For what? I said out loud without thinking but it was too late to turn back now. He looked away for a few seconds before meeting my eyes again with a sad expression.

“I am saying sorry for what is about to happen” as he said it I felt something or someone grabbing my hands, pulling them behind my back and cuffing me. I had no chance to react as I was already moving toward the door. I tried to wiggle myself out but the guard kept a tight grip on me. I wanted to kill him!!! What have I done?!!

The guard stopped at the door and I heard Xerxes saying my name behind me. “Lucretia, My luna I am sorry but this is for your protection” and with that, I walked out the door or rather pushed.

I was escorted to a room with no windows. It had a single bed and a bathroom in the corner. What is going on? What happened at the meeting?

Walking back and forth for what seemed like hours before someone knocked on the door. Why the fuck are they knocking for? I have been lock inside a room.

“Come in,” I sarcastic said but never stopped walking until I saw who came through the door. Leo tried to walk in but I stopped him by jumping on him making us both fall to the ground. I can not be mad now! Leo is my best friend and he is alive!!!

“LEO!” I almost scream of happiness of my friend is alive and well. He laughed at my reaction but hug me tightly back before flipping us. “Lucretia” his voice indicated sarcasm making me think that he was mocking me?

Is he? that little shit

“Leo,” I said again only this time I said it more serious and looked at him with my killer expression. He could not hold back his laughter and stood up helping me along the way.

“I like your new look,” He said, referring to my hair and tattoo but he had not seen the best part yet. I had a hard time holding back my smirker as I expanded my wings out. His reaction was priceless.

I would not be surprised if his eyes popped out at any moment now. “Close your mouth darling, you do not want to catch any flies” I winked at him causing him to come back to reality. Slowly he walked toward me with until he stood next to my wings.

“Are they real? and where do you get one but I need them in every single color!” He seemed scared at the beginning but ended the sentence with his usual gay personality. I could not help it but laugh. This is one of the reasons I love him.

“Yes they are real and no you can not buy them” He looked like a kid how we're not allowed to have more candy. I may be imagining or is that a tear in his eye?

“Anyway, why are you here? not that I am complaining!”

His face expression changes quickly and turned his back to him. He walked further into the small room before turning around again with a serious look. “I think you need to sit down”

I looked at him with confusion but did what he suggested and sat down on the hard mattress. He stood in front of me playing with his fingers. He was nervous.

“Leo, you are scaring me, what is wrong?”

He took a long and deep breath before he starts talking. “Before I say anything, you can not interrupt me until I am finished, alright?” I nodded quickly, I have never seen him this serious.

“You sister as declared war with the kingdom”

Wait, what?! and which sister?

“However, she can make a deal. She will not destroy or attack the kingdom if we give her you”

Ohhh...Sister Anastasia. That bitch survived.

“But Xerxes refuses to give you to her and as declared war as well”

what? why?! Everyone is going to die if we do not stop this bullshit. I can handle her, send me to her, I thought as I was about to suggest that to Leo when he interrupted me with his hand in front of my face. “I am not done talking”

Damn, sassy queen much?

“I know you have new abilities and everything but do you think this is a good idea? And yes I am psychic but forget about that right now, You have been in a fight with her before, twice actually and you lost both... Please, just think before you do something stupid”

His words hurt and I wanted to be angry but at the same time, I agreed with him. I had lost two fight with her already but you know what they say, all good things are three.

“You know that I can not just sit by and watch people being killed because of me! That is wrong, it’s my problem and I should fix it without dragging innocent people into it!!” I stood up and looked him in the eye while saying it with a determined voice. I am a luna after all.

“But what happens if I lose you?” I heard a voice behind me say with sadness. I turned around to find Xerxes standing by the door giving me puppy eyes. He is trying to convince me but not this time babe.

“Xerxes..” I stopped before walking closer to him taking my hands up to his cheeks. “I know it's scary but I have no choice and you know that. If you love me, you will let me do this” I felt tear starting to burn my eyes but I will not let them fall, I had to be strong.

For us.

His eyes were going back from blue to yellow showing that he was talking with his wolf. I kept my hands on his cheek and within his hold hoping it will calm him down. After a few minutes, he was back and looked down at me.

“Fine, but I will come with you and gu-” Before he could continue I interrupted him by jumping at his bones. “THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!” He said nothing but holding me tight.

I hear Leo mumbling in the background that he had never seen or heard of anyone getting this excited about war. Apart of me wanted to laugh but I knew it was more than that. It was sad but it was true. I was truly happy because I knew that I will be saving hundreds and thousand lives.

Xerxes sat me down but held me tight. “We need to make a plan”

“Do we have an alliance?” I asked Xerxes while watching him behind his desk looking over some papers. Me, Xerxes, Elijah, and Leo have been in Xerxes office room for an hour trying to figure out how we can kill her once and for all, but it was harder than I thought.

Lucky, with all the information I had on her we can find a weakness. We began to sears on my real family but it was too hard to read about my kidnapping, etc. We ended up with nothing and was back to nothing.

Now, Xerxes was behind his desk still going to papers, however me, Leo and Elijah have given up for a long time ago and just sat in a circle playing random games. “Have you seen GOT?” Leo asked Elijah while they were cleaning up from the last game, chess.

“No why?” Elijah showed no interest in Leo’s question but Leo did not care and continued to ask anyway. “WHAT?! what is wrong with you? There a lot of naked people, fighting, dragons, sex, you name it!!!” Leo said hysterically while pointing and his finger to prove a point.

“and?” Elijah still did not care but that did not stop Leo. “That’s it!! Leo, you are a genius!!” Xerxes shouted randomly out in the room making us all jump. He had not said a word for the last hour but this was weird. He was never like this, EVER!

“I am?” Leo was just as confused as us. He looked at me for an answer but I only shrug my shoulders.

“Of course! How could I forget!?” Xerxes hurried toward the phone that hung on the wall and rang a number that none of us knew.

“Elijah, do you know what is going on?” Elijah gave me the same shrug shoulder I gave Leo and turned his eyes back to his Alpha King weird behavior.

He began to talk a different language for only a minute or two before hanging up. He walked toward me, lifted me from the ground and began twirling around with me in the air. I was to shock to react but he was giggling. GIGGLING!!!! What is happening to my mate?

He sat me down but not letting me go. He looked at us all before giving us the news. “We have an alliance, an old friend of mine. The king of fire”

Who? Elijah and Leo knew since their eyes nearly popped out of their eyes while their mouth looked like they were fish on land. It was hilarious. “Who is the king of fire? I thought you were the only king?” I asked Xerxes not understanding what is happening? Why are they react this way? Is it a good or bad thing?

“He is an old friend of mine, and no I am not the only King in this world, however, they are technically not in this world. He is the king of dragons, but do not worry he is kind and you will love him” Xerxes assured me but I was nothing having it only because of Leo.

“Are we talking about the same king here? Because there is only one King of fire and is evil! Rumors say that the only reason why he is mortal is that the devil is afraid of him, and wish to never meet him nor letting him in hell!!!” Leo said it with clear fear in his voice. He did not like the idea of having him here. I looked at Xerxes to see if it was the same guy but Xerxes said nothing. “Xerxes, is this true?”

Xerxes only looked at me before nodding. “yes, he has some bad rumors but I have as well? Am I bad?” He asked us all. Elijah and Leo did not dare to answer or give a comment.

“He cannot be that bad? Can he?”

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