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Chapter Twenty - Six


Everybody was ready. Ready for a fight that should not be taking place but it does. I do not want innocent lives to be in trouble because of me and of my past. I wanted badly to solve this alone with my sister but I knew that I was not strong enough. It hurts my ego to say it but it is true.

Xerxes is out and getting all the soldiers while Elijah is guiding the woman and children to the safe house. We have alerted the city to evacuate however, we do not know how many have escaped and who couldn’t care less.

I stood in front of a mirror, looking at my complexion. I can not remember how I looked before my transformation. But, I have found a few pictures on my and Xerxes telephone. The change is weird but beautiful at the same time. I had nothing against anymore, I welcomed it.

My wings did not feel heavy on my back anymore, in fact, I feel nothing. They have grown as well. I thought it was weird, but Xerxes said it is part of my healing. My back has more muscles even when I have not been training since Alexanderus.

I have not been in touch with Alex since our meeting with my sister, Anastasia. I know he is not dead, however, I can not find him and either can Flamye. I am worried but something tells me that he is alright and well. I have not told Xerxes that Alex is missing or hiding, he has more on his hands right now. Plus, I get to find him first and ask him more about my real family.

Speaking of family, I have not been speaking with my appended parents since the mating game. I do not know if they know of my situation or about Maya, but I am guessing that they think we found our mates and will come to visit in a few years. I wanted to hear their story about what they were thinking when they brought me in and raised me as their own. I am not mad at them anymore, I knew that it was selfish of me thinking that way, but I was confused and angry at the world. I love them and I will always look at them as my parents. However, I can not stop being curious about my real biological parents. Are they dead? Alive? I do not remember nor can I find out. The only way I am getting any information is by Alexanderus or Anastasia. Either way, I need to know.

“Queen Luna, Can I come in?” I hear a voice speaking through the door. I say yes while pulling my wings back to hide them. They were to be kept a secret for now. A maid walked in, bowed her head before speaking while looking directly down at the floor. She was doing this concerning the royal but I found it weird. But, I could not change the law.

“The king as requested you to his office, Luna,” She said and bowed her head again before leaving me alone. I hurried out of the room and toward his office, once I walked in I was meet with a surprise. A man I have never seen before stood by Xerxes, shaking his hands while talking. Xerxes was smiling at him but the man was not. He seems cold and mysteries. The king of dragons? Does he not have a real name? or is it like Xerxes, that no one knows his name escapes the pack?

He turns around to face me and I was left with another surprise. He was gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as Xerxes of course. But, If I had not been mated to Xerxes I would have jumped on him, and I am not usually like that.

“Sweetheart, do not make me take you right now in front of him!” I hear Xerxes speaking inside my head. Shit, he heard my thoughts.

The king walked toward me and extended his hand for me to shake. I shake it but do not say anything. I do not want Xerxes to freak out more than he already is. “Nice to finally meet you, Queen Luna,” He says while bowing his head a bit and kissed the top of my hand. I can feel the blood rushes to my cheek as I try to act seriously. “I have heard a lot about you” He continues but lets go of my hand as if he could feel Xerxes glare in his neck. “I hope they all were good information, and nice to meet you as well. I wish I could say the same. ” I answer back. My voice was filled with confidence but inside I was shaking. He only nodded at me. Can he not smile?

A fake cough was heard in the background as me and the king turned to face where Xerxes was standing. His hands were pulled into a fist as his eyes were glowing yellow. His wolf was not liking me to close the king. I walked toward Xerxes to comfort him but he only started to grow. I knew it was not at me but the king. I placed my hands on his shoulder trying to calm him down, and it was working. His wolf back down but Xerxes was still mad. I do not understand why, but I guess I have a jealous mate.

“We do not have time for this Xerxes, let’s get to business.” the dragon king said and sat down at one of the office chairs. He looked ahead and waited for us to sit down. Xerxes gave him a death glare before he sat down in the main chair in front of his desk. “I need your dragons,” Xerxes said simple not caring if he sounded demanding, and the dragon king did not look surprised. “What will I get in return?” his voice was demanding. A long scar ran down from the side top of this forehead and sideward down to his jawline. How did he get that? That looked painful.

Xerxes went quiet for a few minutes before responding. “I know where the location of the hidden dragon” clearly the information was big but the dragon king had yet to make a facial expression. Maybe he as botox because that would explain it. Not even Xerxes can stay this serious for that long and look scary at the same time. I feel bad for who is his mate, she has a challenge. “No one knows where it is, how can I trust you?”

“One of my pack members grew up nearby where he saw a black, red and yellow dragon flew by sometimes. The dragon threatened the small village to burn them down as they did with Mirfield in Aysgarth. No one survived that attack. They used this for years until the boy finally escaped and came to my pack four years ago. I trust him with my life and therefore you should believe that I am telling the truth” Xerxes finish by standing up and looking down at him seriously. He desperately needed his dragons but he knew it was a long and weak shot.

The dragon king went quiet for a second before responding to us. “Alright, you get to borrow two dragons, and I want them back alive, if not you will have hell to pay. Also, I want one of your soldier or nearest members to come along with me to the hidden dragons.” He stood up along with Xerxes and extended his hand to be shaken.


The fight is soon. Way too soon, less than two hours innocent people were going to sacrifice their lives on the behalf of their queen. I wanted to scream desperately how wrong this is, but something stopped me. I needed to pull my shit together because of life depends on it. Xerxes wanted me to stay back at the house protecting the woman and children but I could not. I had to hunt down and kill my sister before she can do any more damage to this culture and people.

The warriors stood ready by the borderline along with Xerxes, his beta, and delta. They did not know that I was behind them, far up in a tree watching their movements. I have covered my scent up to make sure that no one can sniff me out. Once my eyes landed on Anastasia she is dead. Footsteps were being heard, but not one. Oh no, hundreds, maybe even thousands. But Xerxes could not hear that many. My hearing was ten times better and sharper than werewolves. I wanted to warn them but then I would be busted and pulled out of the area, which would be embarrassing.

I watch as more and more warriors came to the clearing. They were wearing black simple armors in case they needed to shift, while we wore dark blood red. It was my idea, this way the enemy cannot see if we were bleeding or hurt. It will only show power and strength as if they never hit us.

After a few minutes, all of the warriors were standing in a line. Maybe two hundred warriors were glaring us down to the ground. Where did she get this warrior?

We waited a while before the real enemy came. She was wearing black armor with leather and pattern all over. Her armor was more ‘fancy’ then the warriors. She needed to stand out and show that she was the leader with all the powers. I wanted to laugh at her serious face because I knew that she was a fake bitch but it was not the right timing. I had to concentrate.

She began to move closer toward us while her warriors were left behind her with their hands behind their back. They all look ready to kill and taste blood, but they were not getting it from us. Xerxes steps toward her as well, leaving his warriors behind. I knew that she was not going to make a deal for peace, but then w- OH NO!! IT’S-A TRAP!

I was on my way to fly out and cover Xerxes when a shot was fired. Xerxes was laying on the ground swimming in blood. Before I got the chance to react, the war broke out.

Pain in my chest suggested that it was Xerxes and not mine. I wanted to fly over and cover him with my wings to protect him while I started to heal him, but my sister stood over him smirking. She knew that I am here even when my scent is non - existent at the moment. Why did have to be this stupid, I should have known! A heavy tear dropped from my eyes and down to the ground. I had to be strong. His pain kept me from escaping reality.

I jump from tree to tree silence to get closer to Xerxes. Even if my scent is gone, my present is not. His wolf will heal him quicker if I am closer, but I had to be quick. Jumping from branch to branch was easy, the hard part was to not take Anastasia and fly her far, far away on a random isolated island. She is smart, strong and evil, however, I am smarter.

Once I was close enough, I could see that Xerxes was healing excellent and tried to stand up but kept falling. They must have hit him with silver bullets, lucky for me, I am not allergic to silver. He suddenly stiff and start to sniff in the air. He was going to bust me if he does not stop.

“Xerxes, you need to stop or you are going to blow my cover!” I spoke to him in our mind link. He immediately stopped and looked straightforward, having his back toward me. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” both he and his wolf were angry but at the same time happy because of my present. “You know that I could not sit back and watch people die because of me!”

Did he think that little of me?

Before he could respond to me, my sister’s warriors began to run toward them, some shifted into their wolf while others began to scream as they raised their weapon high. Xerxes made his warriors wait for a few seconds before releasing them. They ran toward each other before colliding. Blood was everywhere before a minute had gone by.

The forest is filled with destruction, gore, and blood. Red, pink and grey are the new colors of what was once a beautiful, tender forest, which has now become the stage of a devastating war. The toll on nature is insane. It will take decades before this forest will have recovered. It’s clear blood, broken siege engines and rubble have taken the place of shrubs, bushes, and trees.

Xerxes joined his warriors and was to busy to notice that Anastasia was gone. I tried to find here from my high up in the tree but she was nowhere to be found. She did not escape, did she? No, that is not like her. I may not have known her for long, but I know that much that she would not run, oh no! she would watch and laugh.

“Hello, Queen Luna. Long-time no sees” I hear a voice behind me said. I did not need to turn to know who it was.

Third Point Of View

Sisters will fight. Sisters will hate. Sisters will destroy. But sisters will love, enjoy and embraces each other. However, not in this case. Nothing can repair the bond between these two sisters. The hate, anger, and jealousy have built up far too much to back down now.

The evil sister, Anastasia had nothing but hatred in her heart, or if she had one. She wants nothing more to see Luretica suffer but it was far more difficult than she thought. When she planned to kill her sister years ago, it did not alter the plan. Lucretia ended up in another family. Anastasia was not happy with her being alive, but when she saw that she will have a big sister that was just as bad as her, she laughs and smiled. And let her live.

Lucretia grew up in a happy family without a single cell of hatred within her. This was one of the reasons she became a Phoenix.

Lucretia tried to talk to Anastasia about the war but she did not back down. Anastasia has been dreaming of this day since Luretica was born, and she will not stop until one of them is dead. Their fight began small but ended up in disaster. Their fight was too big for the trees and moved to the ground with open space. They used magic, swords, claws, and weapons that were unheard of. Some of the warriors had to move away before they got killed by one of their magic spells. The sisters were far too into the fight to notice the damaged there were doing to the forest and warriors. Xerxes wanted to stop or help Luretica but every time he got close enough to Luretica or Anastasia he was pulled away by an unknown force. Somebody where watching, but who?

Is the prophecy true? Will Luretica kill Anastasia and save all human, werewolf, vampires and more? or will she fail and get killed in the process? Everyone believes in Luretica. They wanted her to win, they needed her to. If she were to be killed, they all will be slater by Anastasia.

The fight was over with the warriors. Xerxes had won, but barely. They won only because of the king of dragons, if not they would not be standing there anymore. They were thankful but Xerxes knew what the price was. A poor girl is about to be discovered by both King Alpha Thanatos and the King of Dragons. She has been living with the dragons since the age of three and has not been in human contact for fifteen years. What will happen when she discovered that her mate is the dragon king? But before, any of that can happen, the war needs to end. Even if Xerxes had won, if Luretica did not win against Anastasia they will lose.

The fight lasted for forty - eight hours until one of them died. Some people were grieving, some were happy and some were celebrating. A queen life has been lost but a new one will step in.

Queen Anastasia, rest in peace.

Finally, people could take a breath. Stop fearing being killed at any moment and live their life. After the war, some pack members moved away. They feared a war might appear again and wishes not to experience it. Some had lost a family member, a mate, a lover or a child and wishes not to stay any longer. The king understands and set free all the pack members who wish but they had to agree with one thing. They could never be a pack member within this pack if they left. But that did not stop people from leaving, maybe a few. Some had already found another pack to join or some went rogue and wanted to live in the human world.

The Queen was badly hurt. She was in a coma for a year without a choice. Her wolf and Phoenix wanted her to heal and forces her into a coma before a doctor could. Lucretia had no choice but to follow. While the queen was in a coma, the king was getting worse. His wolf has been in control for a whole year waiting for their mate. His wolf has been aggressive, possessive and angry all the time taking it out of his pack members and family. Xerxes was gone and been replaced with Dimitri.

After Luretica came out of the coma, his wolf stepped down after mating with her. They later received a boy called Alex, short for Alexanderus. Lucretia learned that the day Anastasia surprised her and Alexanderus while training, she killed him. This information got Luretica wishing she had Anastasia tortured before killing her but it was too late. She wanted to honor Alexandreus by naming her child after him. Xerxes did not agree at first but settled in the end. He knew that it was nothing he could do to change her mind, she is stubborn, but that is what he loves about her. In the end, they received four children. Alex, the oldest and most similar to his mother. Elsa, named after her biological mother. Drogo, named after her biological father and Elijah named after Xerxes beta. He was killed during the war leaving his mate and a child behind. They grew up to become the most powerful sibling in the world. They made their parents proud.

One of them, Elsa inherit her mother gift. She had an imaginary friend called Flamye and could breathe fire. Her full name is Elsa Isabell Ignis. And she will be the future queen because she is the only one with the power. The power to win over the enemy.

Lucretia and Xerxes lived a long life together. Once their children were old enough to take care of the pack, they traveled around the world. Finally, they could be a couple without drama. After a while, they stepped down from their title and heirs to Elsa and her mate, Cole. Son of the dragon king.


I want to thank you all for ready for my book. I have wanted to write a book for seven years, and I do not regret the decision. I began writing” Alpha Thanatos” last summer and I wanted to complete it at the same time I started it. I fell in love with writing and I will continue to write

I hope you enjoyed some tease information about the new book: The King of Fire. I hope you will enjoy the new book as much as this one.


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