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Chapter Three


I was in the forest again. But something was different. I do not know what or how I know, but I felt it. Feeling in the atmosphere. It was quiet, too quiet. No animals, no wind blowing my hair away, no sound of running water. It was like the universe stood still. Nothing was moving. I could hear my heart beating loud out and into the woods. I knew I was dreaming, but it felt real, almost like a memory.

I turned my eyes from the woods and upward to the sky. It was clear, no clouds, just a blue sky. I blink and squeeze my eyes to seek for anything but failed. However, it was missing something. Turned head around to see more of the sky. Just blue sky, wait!

My eyes widened. There is no sun.

A snapped broke me out of the discovery. I quickly turned and meet two eyes, peeking from one of the oak trees. I felt the power and high rank from this person. I expected Amy to feel the need to turn her head and show her neck in a submissive way, showing this person that I did not mean any harm, and would not challenge their position on the rank. However, she only howled and purred at him wanting to be closer.

The blue eyes are the one I have been dreaming about the whole time, but in the dream, he disappears right after I meet his eyes.

“Of course, it is the same man, you idiot” Amy barked at me.

She has never spoken to me in my other dream. Our wolf can not interrupt our dreams, not even see them. How is this possible? The only way as if it was a memory, but then cannot be an option either. I have never met this man nor seen these blue eyes in real life.

I looked up from my feet again to look at the blue-eyed man again. I should find a name for him.

"Xerxes,” Amy said with confidence.

“Lucretia” a faint voice whispered. What? I looked around but found no one. Probably nothing.

“Lucretia” I heard again only louder. What was going on?

“LURETICA” I hear someone scream my name while shaking me. I open my eyes to meet a bright light and I closed them immediately. I rub my eyes a couple of times before trying to open them again. When I succeeded in my mission, I looked around to find my surrounding not familiar. However, I did notice something familiar or someone.

An angry glared at my dear sister, Maya. I swear I could see smoke coming out of her ears and nose. She looks angry like someone stole her favorite purse or jewelry. I smiled innocently at her not knowing what I have done. The second after I gave her puppy eyes, she looked like she could kill me.

If looks could kill, I would be dead.

“Finally, I have been trying to wake you up for a half-hour” she half yelled, half-whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” I ask curiously not bothering whisper to her. Her eyes widened at my loud voice and hush me quickly and dragged towards her.

“Because of you, we are late to the mating game. We have arrived for half an hour ago and should be inside by now. But, noooo you did not want to wake up!” Angry in her voice and dragged me out of the car.

My legs almost collapse after sleeping in the same position for the last hours. The first thing that caught my eyes were the big glass ball. It was made of class, and could not see inside. There is a big door in the middle of it. It was probably 100 ft tall. How was that even possible? I was amazed.

“Close your mouth and come on! We are late and you are not helping. This is your fault” Maya stormed away from me after yelling at me and ran toward the doors. I sigh, maybe if I was late I could not enter the game? As if he was heard my thought. “Miss, here are you lugged. You should hurry before they close the door” said the driver after given me my lugged and drove away.

Lucky guy, I thought and walked towards the doors.

The doors were huge and there are guards everywhere. They all are wearing the same clothes and looked forward to not meeting our eyes. I walk through, trying to ignore the guards. Once you get inside, there were multiple females behind a desk giving room key.

My room was in the “Water” hotel, nr 217. I do not know how many hotels there are but walking toward mine, I can say there are many! My hotel was covered in a light blue color with the word “water” on top. As I walked I looked around, trying to see if I could understand my whereabouts. If you looked upwards where the sky would be, you would rather meet the glass ball instead. I was sad, I liked to watch the sky at night-time. Stars and moon skinning into the room lightening everything. It’s a calming feeling.

There were building, trees, and people everywhere I looked. Everyone was dragging their luggage after them. The common emotion was happy, sad or angry, the last one I can relate to. At least I was not the only one that does not like it. I saw my hotel a few yards away and it was beautiful. It looked like a new york empire-building only smaller and blue.

The lady behind the reception desk told me that I would not live alone and that my roommate was already inside the room. I was nervous. What if I had a crazy roommate or one that would not stop talking. I played with the end of the T-shirt as I stop in front of the door to my room. This was it, room 217. I turned the door handle, breath out and open it.

The room is gorgeous. Big living room connected to a modern kitchen and a big balcony with a beautiful view. The view contained a big forest on the left side and the city on the right side. The clouds were a purple and pink color from the sunset, however, it was blurry because of the glass ball.

Two doors in the living room, the left and right. The door on the left had a name tag on, Jacklin. Assuming it was my roommate’s door and went to the right. I open the door and stopped by beauty. White walls, queen size bed in the middle of the room, and a small balcony with roses growing on it. I could not hold back the smile on my face and drop everything I have in my hands. I run towards the bed and jumped. Giggling non-stop at the softness.

My eyes opened to the sound of my bedroom door opening.

Girl with red hair, green eyes and a big smile on her face. Jacklin, I thought. I did not have time to react before I was tackle fell onto the floor with a bang. She removed her arms that were holding me down and looked down at me smiling.

“Hi, I am so sorry!! I couldn’t help it! I got too excited when I saw you and I just jumped.” She explains while moving her hands around. I just smiled at her listening to her mumbling. Think we are going to be good friends.

“It’s okay! My name is Luretica” I said laughing at her silliness. Her eyes widened suddenly jumping off me and shake her head. “Omg, I am so sorry again! I did not introduce myself! my name is Jacklin, but you can call me Lin”

I stand up, hugged her and laughed. “It’s all right, I think we are going to be good friends, and you can call me Tia” she only smiled and nodded.

A few hours later.

“NOO! How could you, you son of a bi***!!” Lin yelled and throw popcorn at the tv. I couldn’t agree more and yell along with her. We were watching a thriller movie and the stupid girl decided to go down the basement. Did she want to be killed?

We decided to watch a movie with snacks and get to know each other. I asked her about her thoughts on the mating game and Alpha Thanatos. She wants to find her mate, but not like this and I agree with her. I would rather find my mate romantically then being the chase in the woods. However, about the Alpha Thanatos, she did not know what to say.

“When he finds his mate, she is immediately in danger because he has many enemies,” Amy said quickly and despair.

How does she know that much about him?

“Sooooo...” Jacklin mumbles and gave me a look. “Do you want to meet my friends? We are going to dinner tonight, you should come!” The excitement in her voice made me happy. She wanted me to meet her friends? Really? I am very bad at being social. I never had a real friend in my life, only my wolf, and sisters.

“yes!” I jumped.

I was wearing a red cocktail dress with black heels and hair down. Red lipstick, mascara. I did not want to brag, but I looked hot. When I was satisfied, I walked out and into the living room to meet Lin. She looked beautiful in a purple dress, white heels, and her hair into a ponytail. Her eyes widened and mouth was open when she saw me.

“Omg! TIAA! You look hot, damn. If I was not straight as a line, I would tap you!” she ended her sentence with a wink and grin on her face. “Me? What about you?! You look stunning!” I said hugging her while thanking her.

“Come on, let’s go are properly waiting for us” I follow her out the door and locking it behind me. We link our arms together and walked down to the lobby and into a taxi.

Loud music filled my ears as we walked through the main door to the club. Sweat and perfume hung inside the club. There were colorful lights everywhere and people dancing to music. You could almost feel and see the hormone in the air from everybody. We were meeting Jacklin friends inside the club, Jasmine, Britney, and Lily.

Jacklin grabbed my arm tight while diving into the ocean of people. After finally finding a table, we ordered drinks and waited for her friends. “Are you excited?” Jacklin asked sipping her cocktail vodka with strawberries. I ordered a soda since I do not drink. When I ordered soda Jacklin gave me an odd look with her eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, will they like me?” my hands were shaking with nervousness. I was not very good with people, I am too shy. I looked around in the club, the people were enjoying the music by moving their body around and grinding at each other.

“Of course, they will like you. Do not worry.” She looked at me with confidence. Suddenly she got a look on her face like she forgot something. “All though, Britney can be a little bit aggressive, but she does not mean it in a bad way” I sight inside me. Amy suddenly stirred, like she was shaking her head and lay down. Mhm, she has never done that before.

I was interrupted by Jacklin scream and jumping up and down waving her hands like a wild animal. I laughed at the sight of her and shake my head. Three girls were coming our way. They hugged Jacklin tight.

“Oh, I am sorry! This is my new friend and roommate, Luretica, but you can call her Tia” She said half yelling since the club music was loud. I only smiled waved my hand and said “hi” shyly. Not knowing what I should do.

The blond hair girl walked towards me and hugged me. “Hi, my name is Jasmine. Nice to meet you, I think we are going to be great friends” She smiled at me. She was wearing beautiful black stress that reached her knee and silver high heels. I liked her and so did Amy.

The next girl was wearing a pink cocktail dress which ended a few centimeters before her knee and black high heels. She hugged me as well, maybe even tighter. She only smiled, mumbling her name “Lily” and walked back to the girls.

However, the last girl did not smile, hug or looked at me. She only nodded at Lin before walking to the bar. Did I do something? The other girls gave me a small smile before apologizing.

“That is Britney. She is not a fan of new friends. But, she is nice when you get to know her.” Lin explain. I only nodded understanding and did not want to poke around any further. After finishing our drinks, we went to the dance floor. We danced all night to the music, laughing and grinning at each other.

We were still laughing at Jacklin! Omg... let’s just say she can not dance. She looks like Sheldon from the big band theory, but worse. Even Amy was laughing, and that says a lot. We sat down at our table talking about life.

“So, Tia how do you feel about the mating game?” Jasmine asks me curiously and everyone went quiet. “Well, I do not like the idea of being hunted like animals. I would rather find love as a human does.” I said proudly of my answer. I could see the reaction on the girl’s faces, Jasmine nodded understanding, Lily’s eyes widening of surprise and Britney only gave me a nodded.

Before Jasmine could say anything, the whole club went silence. The smell of fear hit the air, but from what? I took Jacklin hands into mine, I was scared. I was about to ask Jacklin if she knew what was going on when the door was busted open and men in black suits walked inside.

More men walked in with black suits. The club was filled with these men, and the people in the club was pressed against the wall and inside the bathroom. We sat still at our table when they walked inside holding each other in the hands.

Another man walked inside not wearing a suit. Power streamed from this man, he could be delta or beta. He looked around before meeting my eyes. His eyes were bright green and he was very handsome. Tall, muscular and dark hair. He looked like a model or a god. He walked towards our table still looking into my eyes.

Amy jumped at the excitement and howled. Why was she so excited?

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