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Chapter Four


He went right past me like I was nothing but air or invisible. However, before walking past me, he looks me into the eyes as if he trying to figure something out. He stopped by Jacklin and stared at her instantly. Everyone in the club widened their eyes and open their mouth like fish on land.

They quickly looked down, almost like bowing when a growling appeared in the air. I did not dare to look to Jacklin. Since she and I were holding hands before he came over, I was still very close to her. Which, he did not seem to like. He removed our hands from each other and pulled her into his arms.

The rest of the girls did not say anything, only giving each other looks. Like they knew what was going on. What is she doing in his arms? is she not scared and want to run away? I would.

Giving the other girls question look on my face trying to get my thoughts together. Their eyes pleaded me not to say anything, and just let it go. But, how could I? Should we not save her?

On my way to open my mouth to help me understand this situation, only to come empty-handed. While I was trying to find something clever to say, I did not the mystery man took Jacklin away from our table and towards the door.

Ready to stand up and run to save her when I met her eyes. she gave me a pleading look, “do not worry, I will be back soon” and was out the door.

A few hours later from the incident and no one has come over to explain why she was taken away.

“You are really stupid aren’t you” ouch, that kinda hurt. “what is your problem?” anger in my voice as I passed in my room, eager for an answer.

“He is her mate”

I was really stupid. There mate’s!! I slapped my forehead while shake my head got hairs into my eyes. I grunt and fixed it.” wait... But why did he stare at us? Why did you get excited?” she was hiding something.

“One, He probably recognized us or he stared at Jacklin. Two, did you not smell the sent he had on him? It smells delicious, like rainforest, musky and honey” how did she go from speaking political voice to horny voice? And what smell? I do not remember smelling something about him.

“you were probably to busy staring at the man,” she suggested and went back in my mind.

Since she had found her mate, that means that she would not enter the mating game. Sadness filled me and I jumped on the couch. I did not have a roommate anymore. When I got back from the club all her stuff where gone.

Unknown pov

“I found her Alpha” I bowed to our Alpha explaining what happened. I was on my way back to the house from the meeting when a scent of coconut filled my nose and my wolf almost took over. I followed the scent which leads me to a club down the street. I found my mate at the club with four other girls around her.

I was shocked and happy, but then another feeling hit me. Feeling of protecting someone or something, I thought it was the mating bond. However, when I looked at the girl next to my mate I knew who she was.

When I was done, I raise my head to see his reaction only to be surprised. I had been best friends with the Alpha since childhood and I had never seen this reaction before.

His eyes were glowing, hand into a fist and shocked. But, it only lasted a second before he went back to normal stoned face, hard eyes and no emotion. He was almost like a robot. He nodded his head at me, thanking me for the information and order me to leave.

As I closed the door, I could hear him talking to someone on the phone, ordering something about the mating game.

I started out the window, taking in the information I just got from my beta. My eyes narrowed as my wolf growled. Близкий, I whisper.

(mate In Russian)


I fell asleep on the couch but woke up by the television turn on by itself. I sat up not knowing what to do if I should turn it off or keep it on.

The king suddenly came forward. “there has been I change in the system, instead of having the mating game on the third day, it will be held tomorrow at 2 pm. Thank you” with that the television went off.

What? Tomorrow? But I have only been 7 hours. Ohh well, I should not complain, I will be getting home earlier. I jump at excitement and happiness before running towards my bedroom for packing.

It was not the same without Jacklin. I kept thinking about her last night while laying in bed, Is she okay? What is happening at this exact moment? And who is he?

The door opens as my personal maid walk inside with dresses in her hands. Everyone who is entering the mating game gets a personal maid who will help you get a dress to the different games. I think it stupid to have a maid, I could perfectly dress and be on time.

However, I did really like my maid. But I never call her maid, she had a name, Harper. She is twenty - one year old and have short brown hair with matching brown eyes. Sharp jaw, cute nose, short but always smiling. I smiled at her after she hung all the dresses up and walked towards me. I stand up giving her a hug saying thank you. She only smiled in return.

“How many dresses did you bring with you?” I ask as my fingers ran over different colours and materials. They are beautiful, but none of the spoke out to me.

“well... I know you do not like wearing dresses, so I picked out as many as I could carry with me” Harper explained to me. I looked at her arms that were covered in scratches and red irritated skin. Quilt bubble inside me and she noticed it. She laughed at me, telling me she is fine. I shake away the feeling and looked at the dresses again. Please do not say I have to try everyone out?

“Take the red one” Amy suggested

Before I could even set my eyes on the red one, Harper grabbed my arms and dragged me to the bathroom. I looked at her confused about her action. “You have to hurry and shower. We have only four hours to the ball and you do not want to smell or look like you do now!” she said with humour, in the end, pushing me towards the shower. I gave her a “bitch” face and started to undress.

After finish in the shower, I walked out with a towel around my body. Harper was walking around finding jewellery, shoes, and makeup. When she hears me, she immediately ran over to me and dragged me over to the makeup desk and showed me on the chair.

She then grabs many different makeup bags filled with expensive brands. She started with my brows, then face and eyes in the end. After make-up was done, she started curling my hair into beach waves. When she was all done and I still did not have permission to look in the mirror. She gave me a red dress, with black shoes, a silver purse.

Once I was finished, I turned around to look in the mirror. I was in shock. The dress, hair, make-up, everything was beautiful. I do not recognize myself. I could see Harper in the mirror, her face said it all. She was in shock as well, I do not know if that is a good or terrible thing, but I am not complaining at the moment. I felt like a princess and if this was not for the mating ball, I would be happier.

“Omg, Luretica!!” Harper said still in shock. She moved closer to me and takes my hands into hers. “you look beautiful” she almost whispered smiling to me.

“Thank you! You did an amazing job, I could never look this good without you!” I hugged her showing my gratitude for everything she has done for me. She only shook her head and hugged me back.

“You do not have to thank me! It’s my job and it was lovely to meet you. I will never forget you and I hope I will see you again” the last part made me come back to reality. It’s sad knowing that it was very unlikely that I would meet her again. I hold back the tears and hugged her tighter.

When she saw the tears, she panics and ran over to get tissue back with her. “do not cry, your mascara will run!” she said worriedly. I only laugh at her behaviour.

“Come on girl, you do not want your crown to fall” harper hinted with humour and wiggle her eyebrows. Knowing I did not wear a crown and she used a metaphor. I needed to stay strong and keep my head high. She was right, I needed to be strong for my family. I held back the tears, straight my back and held my head high.

“Now grab your purse and let’s go. The limousine is waiting outside” Harper walked in front of me. I took the chance to take a final good look at her and the room I would probably never see again and closed the door behind me.

It took an hour drive to the ball, and let me tell you something. It was the worst ride of my life. The closer we got the more nervous I became. What if I find my mate? Will I see my family again? where is my sister? Many questions and none answer. I saw my sister yesterday and I miss her.

Ugh, though I would never say that.

The view was only woods, woods, and more woods. It was an endless game and for a moment I thought we had driven in circles. Thankful that Harper is with me or I would have panicked. However, she will not enter but standing in the hallway with other maids.

The mansion was huge. It’s like a castle. Women everywhere with their maids by there side. When the limousine dropped them off, the next in line pulls forward. Soon it was my turn.

Taking the time to enjoy the last minutes I have before my life could be turned upside down. Closing my eyes, I imagine my parents, sister and friends I have a home. Memories that make me happy. Maybe, having a mate would not be that bad, I thought before it was my turn.

The driver stopped and open the door for me. Harper said nothing the whole rid, knowing I was too nervous to listen. She gave me a smile taking my hand in hers, before moving to the door. My dress made a silent noise and high heels made the ground click. The entry of the door, two guards are looking straight forward with big shine swords in their hands.

A woman stood a few meters back smiling at me while asking for my name before I could answer, Harper said my name, age and where I am from. I guess that is one of the reasons why she is with me. I got a name tag from the nice lady and moved along. I stopped to look at Harper knowing I had to leave her here. She looks at me with sad eyes and smiled.

“I will be waiting for you here. Everything is going to be fine, just remember to mingle and have fun” she hugged me carefully trying not to destroy the masterpiece. Yes, I just called myself a masterpiece because I look fabulous.

“Cocky much?” Amy commented with a hint of sarcasm

I rolled my eyes at her and hugged Harper tight. I took a deep breath in, nodding at her and walked into the ballroom.

The ballroom was bigger than I thought. There were at least three hundred women inside the room and more was coming. It calmed my nervous knowing we where many females and a few men. Grinning at that thought while Amy growls, I only rolled my eyes at her again. If I keep rolling my eyes at her they will soon pop out.

“HA! I would pay to see that” Amy barked laughed

“we have the same eyes you idiot, you could not see that” I laugh back at her stupidity

She growled back and went away. I was still laughing when I heard my name being yelled out. I turned around to see Lily, Jasmine, and Britney walking towards me. Lily wears a pink long dress, Jasmine a dark blue and Britney a short black. They all looked beautiful in their dresses and I hugged everyone except Britney.

“have you heard anything from Jacklin?” I ask while toying with my dress nervously.

“no noting but I guess that is a good thing, after all, she is with her mate,” Jasmine said happy for Jacklin whereabouts.

Before we could talk anymore a loud bell when off three times and the doors closed shut. On the stage at the end of the ballroom, the king arrived. Everyone went nuts, screaming, and pushing to get closer to the staged. We were shoved and push at the end of the crowd. The king only smiled waved to the crowds, used to the reaction. The ballroom when silent as he raised his hand into the air, signalling to be quiet.

“we have gathered here today to find the one thing we all seek to find. To find happiness and purpose in life, let the mating game begin” The crowd scream of excitement and applause for the King’s speech. But, before anything else could happen a loud bang went into the air. The king is laying down on the ground with his own blood flooded around.

Hell broke loose.

Everyone tried to escape the mansion. Ran to every exit. Door, window, anything. But, it was useless. We were trapped and I wonder why? I stood still. Frozen while everything moved around me. People, dust, and voices danced around me like nothing but air. Harper ran over towards me trying to get me out of here. She yelled and dragged me, but I did not budge. I do not know why I was reacting this way.

My eyes followed every movement in the room to seek answers. The King’s guards were kneeling next to the king trying to save his life. Others, where trying to control the rebellion that appeared. Lily, jasmine, and Britney had long gone tried to escape and was in the middle of the rebellion. I watch the scene in front of me.

The King’s guards tried to control the situation with violent and words, but with no success. One woman with a bright pink fluffy dress, blond hair and hit one of the guards in the face with her shoe.

I know... Why the shoe and not the fist? Much more damage... But not my problem.

Another woman with long brown hair, white dress, pulled out a knife from her purse and threatened to kill one of the females if he does not let them free. Everyone was scared of their life after what just happened to the king. How could this happen? He was protected by guards everywhere-

“Not good enough”

“apparently not since he is dead” I slung back at her rudeness.

“you know what I mean... anyway, move your body woman! Do not stand there, bloody hell” barked again, damn she is barking way too much lately. Plus, when did she become British?

I could feel my muscles ache from standing still too long. It was like being under a spell. I quickly removed myself from the spot and turned around to find a way out. I looked everywhere, under, over behind but noting.

“go behind that curtain”

“which one? There are plenty, you need to be more specific” I rolled my eyes at her and looked at the curtains in the ballroom.

“the one behind the scene where the king lays. No one has looked there” she rolled her eyes at me, damn we need to stop.

“I will stop when you are less annoying” she smirked with a playful look on her face. That bitc-- “yeah yeah, stop nagging and look”

I huffed at her but did what she said. Everyone was busy with the hundreds of aggressive females to notice me sneaking behind the curtains. There was a small, cold door that matches the wall invisible to the eyes. No wonder nobody found it.

However, it was looked. I took one of my hair accessories out and tried to open the lock with it. Clearly, I had watched too many series since it worked. Take that mom who told me Netflix was not good for you. I opened the door to meet with a staircase leading downwards and into darkness. I closed my eyes and opened them with my werewolf eyes.

A werewolf can use their werewolf sight in human form without transferring. There was another door down the stairs, properly a door to outside. I tilted my head a bit higher to seek a different smell. Forest and rain hit my nose and I immediately smiled. It was the door to our freedom. However, that smile dispersed as soon as it appeared. What about Harper? Lily, Jasmine, and Britney? I can not leave without them.

“you have too! We do not have much time left” Amy said worried in her voice. She did not like the idea of leaving Harper neither. “we will find her again, I promise!” Amy assured me. I took a step into the darkness before I heard a dark voice behind me. I turned around expecting to meet someone but did not. The voice was on the other side of the room and was loud and clear.

“we are not here to kill you, we are here to find our mate just like you. Now, stand in line with age and rank. And do NOT dismiss this order, the new alpha king is watching.” With that silent was the ballroom new best friend, and footsteps second best. I froze, not knowing what I should do.

“Go,” Amy says seriously.

“why? What do you know?” I could feel she was hiding something. “do you remember the Blue eye man? The one you have been dreaming about since you shifted?”

“what about him? He is not real, only a dream” I ask curious, not understanding her sudden interest in him. “what if I told you that he is real and looking for you right now as we speak?”


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