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Chapter Five


“what do you mean?” I ask Amy.

“Oh, when you nod your head yes but you wanna say nooo” Amy sang. She is a huge Justin Bieber fan.

“focus! What do you mean?” I ask again angry.

“hater...” Amy said while rolling her eyes and kept on humming the rest of the song.

“AMY!!” I screamed at her angry and had enough of her jokes.

“All right sorry no need to shout. He is our ma-”

“I know that already!!” I was furious.

“let me finish! He is in this room now, and when you walk out from the curtains the tattoos will show up.” Amy said seriously.

“crap! I forgot about the tattoos.” the anger was replaced with worries. The first time you meet your mate, a temporary tattoo will appear on your wrist. A tattoo will match your mate and disappear when you are marked. If I walk out there they will take me away.

Not going to happen!

“go out,” Amy said with excitement and wiggle her tail. “I do not want to” I was not ready for a mate, I’m too young.

“Get your ass out or I will force you!!” did she threatened me? “damn right I did!” growling at me. “you just threatened yourself, you know, that right? Or are you just naturally stupid?” I was grinning the whole time, trying to keep my laughter inside.

“watch me bitch”

What are you going to huh? Growl at me? Well growl all you want, I am not going out. She did not answer or showed up for a few minutes, but it felt like hours.

What was she doing anyway?

“miss me?” wow... Five minutes she was gone... Longest vacation I ever had.

“you wish, but no” she only smirked at me and laugh. “what did you do? Hiding behind your tail?” She could try but will fail eventually.

“well, let’s just say it was not my tail I was hiding behind” she looked closely into my eyes, waited for a reaction. Another tail? Wait... She did not!!

“Ohh yes, she did! And he is coming our way” I gasp like a fish on land. She snitches on me!! I need to get out of here. I ran down the stairs with werewolf speed, not caring if they heard me. I could hear shouting and screaming from both female and male above. But, I can not focus on them now, I needed to run faster.

I ran out the door and into the woods. Since my wolf does not like my decision of running away from our mate, she refused to let me use our werewolf strength anymore and was left with human speed.

Great, just what I need when I am running away from my mate

Another luck of mine is my dress and high heels. It was almost impossible to run in this outfit, and branches hitting my face did not help either. While running I kick off my shoes, tear my dress up making me run easier and faster. Yet, I hear footsteps behind me and howling.

Who is my mate? why are there so many behind me? Is he someone important?

My thoughts went wild with curiosity. I know I have lost a long time to go, but I do not want to down without a fight. They were close now. Amy has not said a word this whole time. Admitting I was scared, not like watching a thriller, but what is going to happen next.

Will he like me? Hate me? Mark me? Who knows, maybe he will reject me.

“he is not going to reject us! Do not think like that, you haven’t met him yet” while she was talking, I got detracted and fell over a log.

Did she do this on purpose?

Amy apologized. She said our mate’s wolf name, Dimitri. I blocked her out and tried too stand up and keep running. However, I was too busy talking with Amy, that I did not notice pain in my left ankle. Damn it!! I tried to get up again only to fail, I crawled behind a big oak tree.

The footprints became louder and clearer until dead silent. I knew they were probably twenty ft away. I hated the silence, no animals, river or wind made noise. Whoever followed me into the woods scared the animals away.

I grew more nervous by second that went by. I closed my eyes and used my werewolf hearing, trying to get a better image of what is happening. I would hear five heartbeats except for my own, and smell of males. However, the interesting part is that none- of them is my mate.


First, pain in my wrist, I looked down to find a half - moon tattoo appearing. I hissed as the pain grew bigger and gasp when it went away. It was beautiful, the half-moon was small, white, and surrounded by tiny stars. I loved it. I went to touch it when a hand stops me, sparks and heath entered my body. I looked up to meet icy blue eyes.

Soon as the spark and heat entered my body, the tattoo faded slightly. The icy blue eyes I have been dreaming of looked at me with cold eyes and stared me down. I did not know what to make of it and looked down my wrist instead. Pain flew through my body and into my heart as I feel rejected. He looked at me with such hatred look. In my dreams, his eyes made me feel safe, wanted and love, but now? Hate rejected and fear. I hear him sight and order something in a different language and kneeled in front of me.

He grabbed my jaw roughly making me look into his eyes. He is beautiful, breathtaking. He has black short hair, few curly hairpieces fall onto his forehead. His jaw is sharper than a knife. Defined prominent cheekbone. Bushy strong eyebrow and sharp nose, he looked like a god. I wonder what he thinks of me. I look hideous compared to him.

I studied him further, he is very muscular and tall. Probably, 6.2 feet tall while I am 5.7. He is wearing black jeans with a white t-shirt making him look bigger. His black boots were covered in dirt, leaves, and blood. Blood? I looked at him again with a question mark on my face not caring anymore how awful I look.

Hands still on my jaw rough causing sparks flew through further into my body. I got chills and started to shiver at the coldness, this red dress did not give me much warmth. I think he could sense it since he took his other hand around my waist pulling me closer to him.

I struggle against him trying to escape his arms. He growls at me and stands up with me in his arms. I probably look like a lost puppy in his eyes. My red dress follows as he walks towards the direction I came from. My eyes widened, He was taking me back? Why?

“I do not care as long as we are with him” Amy purred wiggling her tail. She was in heaven. I slightly laughed at her when she laid down on her back with her belly up and tongue out. I have never seen her this way before. I struggle more and failed at my mission. He growls louder at me and tightens his grip on me.

All birds flew away from the woods leaving us in silence. Our heartbeat echoed through the woods leaving it the only sound in the woods. His scent calmed me down and made me feel safe. He is not interested in having a conversation with me, I thought while looked around. I recognize the path we are following.

He is carrying me like a puppy that could not walk. I decided to start a conversation since the silence became awkward. “Sooo...what is your name?” I shyly ask looking around our surrounding. He only looked at me for a few seconds before turning around and ignore me. I feel hurt and rejected once again,

Maybe he did not want me.

He continued to carry me in silence for twenty minutes until we have arrived. The mansion looks just the same as last, only this time there were guards everywhere.

What was going on?

He walks towards the door still me in his arms with every guard look at me with widened eyes. Since he did not tell me his name, I nickname him giant. Giant growled at the guards that starred at me making look straightforward in fear.

He put me down in the hallway and slightly pushed me inside the ballroom. Without looking at him, I walked into the ballroom ignoring the fact that my mate did not want me. I felt the tears trying to escape and release the pain but I did not allow it. I pushed the feelings back and held my head high.

The inside of the ballroom was a mess. Women crying and blood on the walls. I hurried around seeking for my friends hoping they were alive. I found them on a couch crying and holding each other, however, I only saw Lily, Jasmin, and Harper. I run towards them letting my tears shader this time. When they saw me running towards them, they bolted up and screamed with joy.


They all yelled together and hugged me tight making us fall onto the floor. I cried and laughed at happiness knowing that we are together again. Once we were done looking like crazy drunk people, we sat up and dried our eyes.

“Lucretia where were you?! We thought you were dead or taken!” Harper whispered and smiles. She is not the only one that could not stop smiling. “I escaped when the man invaded the ballroom. I ran into the woods” I said. My stomach aches after all the laughter. I hold my stomach with my hands and kneeled with the other girls behind the couch. “I knew you were not dead!” Lily happily said hugging me again.

“What happened here? Why is there blood on the walls?” I asked the three girls fearing that they were hurt. They looked at each other before Jasmin open her mouth. “I do not know when you ran away, but after the king was killed everyone freaks out. We did not trust the guards and thought they were going to kill us. The blood on the walls are from the king’s guards and those warriors in black killed them. Ever since they have protected us.” I was thrilled to hear that they were not hurt and was saved, however, I wondered who saved them and where Britney is?

“Where is Britney?” I asked. Lily gave me a questioning look, “did she not escape with you? And why did you come back?”

what with me?

“No, she did not escape with me...and I did not want to come back alone, but with my -” Doors busted open and my mate walked inside.

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