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Chapter Six


“Where is Britney?” I asked. Lily gave me a questioning look, “did she not escape with you? And why did you come back?”

what with me?

“No, she did not escape with me...and I did not want to come back alone, but with my -” Doors busted open and my mate walked inside.

My eyes widened the moment he walks in and I quickly tried to hide. The couch was a tremendous help in the mission of not getting seen. I squeezed myself further down to the floor. My friends look weird at me not understanding my sudden reaction.

I tried to communicate with them using my maiming skill, however, they did not understand. I put my finger against my mouth sign as in “Keep quiet”. They nodded. I pointed at my back where my mate was standing, then I pointed at me. They clearly not understand.

“Point at your neck” Amy suggested.

I pointed at my mate again and then at my neck where my mark would be. They looked at me with widened eyes and gasped. Some people turned around to look where the sudden reaction sound came from. I cursed inside me. Jasmine hurried by my side taking my hands into her making me look into her eyes. She whispered, “are you sure?” sounding nervous and scared. I nodded my head.

She looked at me as if I killed her family. Looking away from her and at Lily and Harper seeing they had the same reaction.

Why? What do they know?

Harper moved closer to me seeing my confusion. She hugged me on the side before whispering something into Jasmine’s ear. While they were talking Lily sat beside me holding my hands as suggested in comfort. I ask Lily what they knew, but she did not answer. She looked towards where Jasmine and Harper were whispering and waving their hands in progress.

After a few minutes, Jasmine and Harper shook hands before crawling over. We all sat on the couch holding hands with me in the middle. Lily to my left, Jasmine and Harper to the right. They gave each other looks before nodding and looked at me. Jasmine opens her mouth and words came out.

I was shocked and scared. Ironic how five words, twenty-three letters can change your life. I did not blame myself for not recognizing him.

“A-are you s-sure?” I stutter of fear. I remember the bedtime stories and rumours about him. She looked at me with sad eyes before nodding. I looked forward to the wall.

He is my mate, how was that possible?

I have always been a good girl growing up. Follow the rules, do homework, do not bully, yet here I am. I keep hearing her voice and words in my head repeatedly.

“Your mate is Alpha Thanatos”

Before I could say anything else, I hear a dark and husky voice started to talk. The whole room went silent listening to this man. “My name is Elijah Stone and I am the beta of Moon Knight Pack. This is your new alpha King of the werewolves. The Alpha of Moon Knight Pack, Alpha Thanatos.” Sadly, he just confirmed what Jasmine said. He is my mate.

That explains why he did not say his name when I asked.

Is he going to reject me? I guess being a god you have no need of a mate.

A normal Alpha would need his Luna to become stronger. But, he was no normal werewolf meaning no need for a mate. He is a God and now a king.

“Every king needs his queen” Amy added, but I shut her out.

I shoved the thoughts aside and focus on what Beta Elijah said. “The mating game will continue the rest of the nig-” He was interrupted by multiple females shouting of happiness or anger. He growled making everyone quiet before talking again.

“If you do not find your mate you will go home tomorrow. Everyone who finds their mate will follow their mate to their pack. Now, the male will enter within an hour” He finishes and all the female applause. I could hear him walkway from where he stood before another footstep came forward.

“Mate” Amy purred wiggling her tail enjoying his smell. Forest, husky and honey.

My friends looked at me when he stepped forward. Jasmine tightens her hands with mine before whispering in my ear, saying “We have a plan”. I stared at her not knowing what to say.

Should I run away? He didn’t want me anyway. “Do not run away again!” Amy hissed at me angry at the idea.

“I do not have any other choice, Amy! He does not want us!” I hissed back at her. Knowing she angry with the facts our mate did not want us, but this is our only chance to escape. I nodded to Jasmine agreeing with her and she whispered her plans to me.

The plan is: hiding behind the couch in the corner of the room as he is up front with tons of guards. I told them about the door hiding behind one of the curtains, however, the is one problem. The door was on the other side of us, meaning he would see us running in the back. Jasmine and Harper had agreed on that Harper should distract him while we ran. At first, I got angry about the idea to leave Harper behind, but after hearing the reason I got sad. Since Harper is a maid her at the mating game she cannot leave.

Harper walked out from the couch and toward the stage. She nodded symbolize she was ready, and the plan began.

Harper stood in front of the crowd staring at my mate before going crazy.


While she was screaming, the females nodded agreeing with her and started to protest. Some hit the guards, some even shifted into their werewolf and others began to run towards the “new king”.

She did an excellent job. While the chaos went on, we escaped through the door and into the woods.

Harper Pov

I could feel the power of the female in the air. The females protested beside me against the “king”. I did a decent job, now it’s on Luretica. I prayed she escaped successfully. She does not deserve this. I remember when I first got here.

I stood outside the main door into the mating game, thinking about my family and boyfriend. I hope I would never find a mate and therefore could mate with my boyfriend, Aiden. We have been together for four years. I loved him so much that the thought of having a mate hurts. He has blond hair, brown eyes, tall and very muscles. It was hard to say goodbye to him knowing that it was a chance I would never see him again. I sigh before going through the door.

Not knowing that I would never leave.

While the females were going crazy I stared at Alpha Thanatos. He was beautiful I admit, however, his look was a disguise for what is underneath. He is cruel, vicious, dark while Tia was kind, caring and lightness the room up.

How can such a dark man be mated to Tia?

She is wonderful and she deserved more. When I first meet her, I thought she would be like all the other girls, mean and awful. But I was wrong. she was kind, called me by my name and treated me with respect. I will never forget it. I have been here for a while and have served many females, but she is the only one that was kind to me. She is my best friend and I will do everything in my power to make sure she would never end up in his hands.

Knowing one should never stare into King Alpha Thanatos eyes, yet I did. If my eyes could talk they would scream. We had been standing here protesting for twenty minutes now, and since no one has said anything about Tia, I took it as a good sign.

Speak of the devil. He turned and looked into my eyes. Almost like he was reading them. It all happened in slow-motion. The wild crowd behind moving, shouting crazy and me in the front standing still. Not saying any word, only staring at him and smirking.

Before Tia left I took a piece of jewellery from her hair. She had a white pearl on a black bobby pin. My hands went into my front pocket grabbing the bobby pin and brought it out showing the bobby pin to him. She did not know that I took it, only Jasmine. If the plan would not work we had a plan B. I would distract them further with the bobby pin, letting them think I took her.

His face showed no emotions, however, his eyes narrowed at me targeting me as his prey. His face lifted high smelling the air before looking at me again, knowing what I have done. He growled loudly making the walls shake, a chandelier dropped and the crowd went silent. He was in front of me within seconds showing his fangs and growling loudly as his eyes turned yellow. He felt threaten. I showed no emotions on my face only blinking at him.

“You will never find her” I whispered to him.

His eyes were glowing bright yellow and a hint of blue, tick dark hair stood out from his body as fangs and claw outgrow more. He began taller, more muscled and his T-shirt shred. Outside I look calm, however inside I went crazy. I wanted to run after Tia not feeling strong anymore. My wolf was not happy either, she just insulted her Alpha King and wanted to show her neck in a submissive way. She howled inside me and crawled into a corner not wanting to be apart of this.

He suddenly smirked wildly as if he knew something I did not. My anxiety went from 10 to 100 quick. He walked around me in a circle making me feel like a deer in a spotlight and seeing my soon to be nervous breakdown he only smirked more. He was enjoying hunting his prey.

"BoзbMH ее" his dark and deep voice rang out in the room making the guards move. They stood behind me with silver cuffs on my wrist in a second. He said something else to the guards before we walked to the door. Hearing screaming, I turned around to witness hundred of guards surrounding and attack the ones who protested. My heart drop of the scene behind me and quilt filled my body knowing it was my fault. My head drops and tears started to flow in my eyes, making my sight blurry.

(Take Her in Russian)


We had been running for an hour straight in our werewolf form. Since we were trapped inside a massive glass ball the only way out was the main door. However, it was heavily guarded by my mate’s men. We have been hiding behind some trees a few meters from the door trying to come up with a plan.

We had a plan. One that would work, However, it’s the same we did with Harper and since we could not communicate with Harper we did not know if they have found out of my disappearing.

“Tia! Come on I am sure it will work, do not worry!” Jasmine added in my thought hoping it would calm me down. I was afraid of their safety. I have grown fond of these girls and the thought of having them hurt on my behalf makes me sick.

“Yeah, relax everything is going to be fine,” Lily commented hugging me and stroke my back in comfort. I sigh. Maybe they, where right?

I nodded, “all right, let’s do this.”

We sneak out from the trees, nodding at each other before attacking. There are four guards, two of each side. Lily went right and Jasmine went left, while I waited for the income. It happened fast, too fast for me to react. Lily went and snapped one of two guards neck, before fighting with the other one. Jasmine did the same and fought with the guard. I was on my way to fight with them when the guards stop their movements.

Jasmine and Lily stop at their sudden movement not understanding why they do not fight back. It was weird, they were fighting and the next second they stop turned their back to them and closed their eyes. They look like status.

Suddenly, their eyes open and stared at me. I gasp of shock taking a step back from the guards as my fear raised. Their eyes are pure yellow like cats or owls at night. They were fast as lighting as they took Lily and Jasmine in their arms, holding their claw at their neck and stared at me.

However, I stood frozen on the ground. Staring at Lily and Jasmine faces as they got taken. Fear was the main emotions on their faces. I felt my tears started to tickle my eyes.

“LURETICA RUN!” I hear I voice behind scream. Turning around to find Harper in the hands of two guards with silver cuffs one. The guards that were holding Harper had the same bright yellow eyes. I look around to find a way out, but I was surrounded by guards in black clothing and bright yellow eyes.

Hearing movement behind me, I turned to meet my mate’s eyes. They held the yellow eyes too only bright and a hint of icy blue. He stood all glory in front of me staring me down like his prey. I knew I would never get away from him with or without a mark.

"Приятель,” my mate said along with all the guards before it went dark.

(Mate In Russian)

My body was numb and sore. I tried to open my eyes and let light into the darkness, but they would not move. I tried to move my body with no success. I heard footsteps and whispering to different people, sounding as they came behind me. The wind hits my face making my hair dance along with it, a scent of forest, rain, and honey caught my nose. I inhaled it feeling myself become calmer.

I felt sudden arms around my waist, carrying me in bride style. Small sparks flew into my body as we walked. Before I could find out who was carrying me the darkness took over again.

I was woken by the sound of whispering. There was a male and a female voice whispering to each other sounding pissed, or at least the male voice, the female was scared. I tried to listen to their conversation.

The male voice seemed familiar, it was dark, husky and strong. I could feel the power steaming from him and his scent is amazing. It was like walking in the woods when it rained with honey. I secretly loved it.

Who is he?

I open my eyes slowly to meet the bright light. I squeeze my eyes and blink a few times to get used to the light before looking around in the unfamiliar surroundings.

Where am I?

The room was huge like a president suite with a balcony. I was lying on a king size bed with bed sheets and white pillows. The walls were white as snow and three doors in the room, probably bathroom, walk-in clothes and the door out.

I heard the whispering turned into screams or yelling. I looked away from the balcony and over to the door out. Why did I not see them?

But I was right, there are a male and a female. My eyes traced to the female who is wearing a white dress. Maybe a doctor or a nurse.

She was beautiful. Blond hair, green eyes and small. I looked at her and the male was shocked. I knew him, no wonder I like his scent and voice, he was my mate.

But why was he here? The last thing I remember was running in wolf form with Jasmi-

My eyes widened.

The scenes came back fast.

“LURETICA RUN!” I hear I voice behind scream. Turning around to find Harper in the hands of two guards with silver cuffs one. The guards that were holding Harper had the same bright yellow eyes. I look around to find a way out, but I was surrounded by guards in black clothing and bright yellow eyes.

Hearing movement behind me, I turned to meet my mate’s eyes. They held the yellow eyes too only bright and a hint of icy blue. He stood all glory in front of me staring me down like his prey. I knew I would never get away from him with or without a mark.

"спать,” my mate said along with all the guards before it went dark.

Plan – guards – surrendered -mate. Damn it! We failed. I sigh as my hands run through my hair but meet a tangle or several. How long have I been asleep?

Snapping out of the thoughts and looked over at the people who have yelled at each other, or my mate. He was yelling to a nurse/doctor who looked like she was about to shit herself.

Girl, been there done that.

“Why is she not awake yet?!” he yelled grabbing her arm. The nurse/doc- you know what! It’s too mouthful to say that every time, so I nickname her snow since her dress is white as snow.

Snow was shaking with fear of her Alpha king. “I- I am sorry Alpha King Th-” She stutter but got interrupted by my mate growling at her, clearly annoyed. I felt sorry for her and wanted to step in between them, helping her escape from this beast.

“I asked a question!” He growled angrily and tighten his grip on her arms, I could see the bruise began to shape. Before she could answer I bet her on it.

“I am awake,” I said with confidence but inside I had no control. They both snapped at me with wide eyes and mouth. I giggle at their facial expressions and looked down at my fingers. They looked like kids walking into the toy store for the first time.

"Bыходить" He growled out to Snow. She was out the door in a second making us alone. My giggle calmed down and the room went silent. I played with my fingers not wanting to meet his eyes. I had a needle attach to my wrist and a hospital bracelet with my name and age on it. I was to focus on the needle and the bracelet on my arm to notice he sat down on my bed.

(Get Out, in Russian)

I waited for him to say something, anything. But nothing happened, no words came out of his mouth. He looked at me as if I was a treasure or long-lost friend. We gazed into each other eyes not wanting to look away from his icy blue eyes. I felt safe with him around as did my wolf. Her eyes are close to enjoying his scent.

He suddenly stood up hovering me and looked down at me. He bent down kissing my forehead, “You will never get away from me” He whispered before walking out the door and locking it behind him.

I had forgotten who he was for a moment. Damn it. I took the pillow next to me and scream my frustration out. Uurghh, he annoyed and confused me. I cannot and will not be his mate. He has killed children and I cannot be apart of it.

Hissed as I took the needle out of my arm, ripping the sheets off me and stood up. I need to escape. I step out on the balcony and I smirked when my eyes landed on the huge tree right in front of me.

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