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Chapter Seven


My teeth tighten the rope around the sheets tying them together. I have been sitting on the bedroom floor trying the sheets together with the curtain ropes. The ropes were golden and tasted terrible. I spit out the remains of the ropes in my mouth and looked at my final result. The golden curtain ropes were bidding two sheets together and few blankets.

I smile at the result and proudly stood up dragging my escape route with me outside on the balcony. I tied the end on the food of the bed and the other I throw over the balcony. I closed the balcony door behind me and looked ahead.

I was one on the fourth floor with fifteen meters down to the ground. My escape route only went down five meters down, leaving teen meters left. However, there is a big tall tree with many branches a few meters away from the balcony, and if I swing myself back and forth a few times I could reach one of the branches.

I tugged the sheets testing if It would hold my weigh before climbing down. The bed did not budge while I was tugging it. Good. It was safe for me to climb down, however, I have to be fast in case I get caught.

I climb over the railing and started climbing down. My heavy breathing was the only thing I could hear. I focus on not looking down since my fear of heights is extreme.

“Then why do you do it? He is our mate, he would never hurt us!” Amy applied. I felt her judgment and disappointment streaming off her.

“yes, I know he is our mate but you know who he is!! Alpha Thanatos? if that does not scream run away than I do not know” I continue climbing to the bottom of the sheets, once I was there I had to react fast. I looked down seeing two guards walking around the house.

Fudge! How I’m I going to escape?

I froze on the bedsheets have the guards walked away. I start swinging back and forward as fast as I can while stretching my hand out trying to reach a branch.

Come on! Only a few millimeters left, I thought as my fingertips touched the leaves on the branch. I swing back when I heard two footsteps coming toward me. No, No, No!! Adrenaline rush kicked in and I jumped.

JUMPED, I know... crazy but either jump or be caught hanging from the sheets. Okay, either way, I will probably get caught but fuck it.

I jumped grabbing the branch and hang from my hands. I hurried to lift myself as the footsteps get louder. I could hear their breathing and I froze in an uncomfortable pose. I looked like a frog doing Yoga.

I hide behind branches, leaves holding my breath. I looked down seeing them stand underneath the tree talking to each other. I fear they will smell my scent or worse my mate since he kissed my forehead leaving his scent on me. I closed my eyes and focused on what they wear talking about.

“Did you hear?” The man with military clothes with a dark complexion. He was tall, muscled and handsome. He is a warrior in the pack. “Hear what?” the other male asked wearing the same clothes as the other man, but lighter in skin complexion and smaller in size.

Maybe a new pack warrior in training? “The luna have escaped and the Alpha is not happy.” I froze.

WHAT?! They knew?? it has not been ten minutes!!

“The luna have escaped!? Really? How and where?!” Please, please do not tell me they know-how!

“She escaped out the window and probably in the woods. Alpha are with his best tracker is in the woods tracking her down”

What?...a smile appeared on my face and I wanted to laugh so bad. I laughed aloud while my wolf only growled at me. Damn... I thought he was a dangerous Alpha King whom everyone was scared of him. But, apparently not since he can not smell me outside the window. HA! I put my hands in front of my mouth trying not to giggle out loud.

I’m not complaining.

“Shit, then why are we standing here?! We should be looking for luna as well!” the male who got the news about my escaping. The other male looked at him before looking around to see if there were people around. He stepped closer toward him and whispered in his ear.

“Alpha knows where she is. She is not in the woods, however, he is letting her “escape”. It like Hides and seek only he knows where she is hiding.”


“Haha, karma bitch” Amy commented. I only rolled my eyes at her and said bitch under my breath. Sooo...he knows I am in this fucking tree right now? What am I going to do now?

The guards continued to talk about other things before walked their route around the house. I am having a conflict with myself, either I run toward the woods and get caught since he knows where I am or go back through the window.

“This is your fault,” Amy said giving me an, “I told you” look.

“Well, it’s not my fault I got him for my mate” I added. She was on her way to say something but I shut her out knowing what she is doing, trying to distract me while our mate finds us. I could feel her rolling her eyes at me stubbornly before turning her back to me.

I waited for the guards to walk away before jumping down and running into the woods at werewolf speed. I would like to shift but if I had; Amy would take control and turn us back or howls to signal where we are which means that I cannot risk it.

I ran as fast as I could within my limits, jumping over fallen trees and ducking under branches scratching up my arms and legs. This was my only chance, however, there is one problem, I do not know where I am. Am I still in the mating game? his pack?

I stopped and sniffed the air trying to find a scent but there was none. Generally, all packs have a scent on their territory making it easier for us to find out where we are. But there are some lands where there is no scent and are called free land.

Usually, its rogues who have taken that land. It’s too dangerous for me to stay in a free land since I am a female who is not a rogue. They said the females who have been a rogue for too long cannot get into heat and therefore can not give children.

Heat is the werewolves period. After we have had our first shift, we have heat once a year until we meet our mate. When we meet our mate, the heat will be more powerful, painful and often. Instead of having it once a year, it will happen once a month until we have completed the bond by marking and mating each other.

The heat will last a week and every male who has not mated will be affected by the scent and try to mate the female. Since I have met my mate, my heart will come within a month. I must travel fast and hide well. An unmated male can smell the heat from miles away.

I shake the thoughts away and focus on finding a scent. There was a weak scent coming from where I had run away from, but it’s too weak to be a pack scent. A pack scent would be strong and difficult to not notice.

I started to run north. I had to get away and find my family, warning them of the danger that is coming.

I have been running for three hours and I was exhausted. I dragged myself toward a big three and climb up until I was satisfied with the high and slumber down. I let a deep breath in and out and closing my eyes.

A break, finally.

I wanted to sleep desperately but I can not. I must be ready to run again in case they find me. I stretch my legs out making them make a weird cracking noise. I listen to the birds, wind, and everything that made noise in the woods. It was relaxing to listen to and it made me sleepier. I struggle to keep my eyes open.

Damn, I was tired and hungry.

I hate running. At P.E I was the one who would fake an injury or forgotten clothes whenever we had running. Yes, I know a werewolf not liking to run, hilarious. But, I like running in my wolf form. I was stronger, faster and not alone.

My thoughts went to my mate. He was beautiful, sexy, handsome and mystery, but he was also dangerous, a killer and seems like he does not want a mate. Amy howled at the thought of our mate not wanting us and I agree with her. The thought caused pain in my heart and every single cell in my body. While we are talking about our mate, the guards said something about hiding and seek. I felt like prey and he was the predator. As my eyes continued to become heavier my last thought was the guard’s word.

“-It like Hides and seek only he knows where she is hiding.”

I gulp down the water after a long run. The hunger for water slowed down and I wipe away the water from my cheeks. After I was satisfied, I closed the lid and put the bottle down. I still did not know where I am, but I think its Friday around the afternoon. The sun had a few more hours left in the sky before going into the ocean.

I had a break by a river after running for four hours in wolf form. I walk to the river and filled my bottle up ready for the next run. My stomach rumbled, looking for food. I ate a rabbit last night but it tasted terrible. I hate eating in my wolf form but I had no other choice. I could not be picky right now, food is one of the biggest energy resources and I need it desperately. A few rabbit and deer would not hurt, but I prefer human food.

I closed the lid and stared at the river. Fish swimming upstream to lay their eggs in the same place they were born. I smiled as some succeeded in their life mission. My reflection in the river made my smile drop. I had a nest for hair, bad eye bags and dirt on my face. I looked like I had been in a tornado.

I took out the leaves and wipe away the dirt with water. I brush my fingers through my hair trying to fix the mess. I bend down to the river and splashed water on my face a few times. Once I felt refreshed and clean, I look at my reflection once again only more satisfied this time. Hair was less flock, no dirt in my face and fewer bags underneath my eyes. I tried to smile but it did not reach my eyes. The shine in my eyes was long gone and replaced with sadness. I sigh before standing up.

I stretched my legs and arms getting ready to shift. I had not had any contact with Amy. The last time I spoke to her was the day I escaped, which was three days ago. Without Amy, shifting hurt twice as much. She was angry, sad and felt betrayed that I left our mate. I tried every day to talk to her but she blocked me out. Going too long without your wolf is dangerous and you can go insane. Either your wolf takes over or you die, but since we have found our mate she will take over and run back to him. She is waiting for the right moment to breakthrough.

I closed my eyes and imagined my wolf form. Her black fur with a white dot on her left ear came to my mind, green eyes as new leaves on the trees in spring. I bit my lip to keep the pain inside, a sound of bone breaking made me fall to the ground. Sweat dripped from my forehead and blood from my lip. I wanted to scream but if I did they could find me or others could also be able to.

Finally, for what felt like hours I shifted, I curled into a furry ball feeling exhausted. All the energy I had to save was almost used up. I open my eyes and blinked. The ground was closer, sound and smells were intensified ten times. I stretched my body like a cat before standing up and started to run. I could still feel the pain from the mating bond every time I run further away. But I knew if I had stayed I would be in more pain than I am now. He did not want a mate. He clearly showed it.

I have been running for two hours straight and I desperately needed a break. The lack of food and water made me run slower and use more energy than I had. I had been running with my tongue outside my mouth breathing heavily.

If a wolf could have asthma, I would have it.

I saw a cave in my view and I immediately headed toward it. I made sure no one followed me or a scent came from the cave before stepping inside. By the smell of it had been empty for a while and the only animal that had been here was a deer.

I was safe.

I walked further inside, walk around in a circle before lying down. My eyes closed immediately and I could finally breathe out. However, I could not sleep. The guard’s words were still hunting my mind making me suspicious.

Does he know where I am now? Is he here? Ahead of me?

Too many questions are running around in my head giving me a headache. I could never be safe. While I was to busy to think, I did not recognize that another wolf scent was in the cave with me. I froze. Fuck.

I tried to silence my breathing and lay still while sending a silent prayer that he could not smell or see me. He stood at the end of the cave looking outward. I mentally froze at him and arching my brow (mentally). What is he doing?

Right after that though, it started to heavily rain. I rolled my eyes. Of course and now I am stuck with him for god knows how long! I scream at me. I could feel a cramp bullied in my legs as they began to fall asleep. I had to concentrate on something else than the thought of stretching my legs out. If Amy would talk to me she would probably laugh at me or my sister. My eyes widened, fuck I had forgotten about my sister!

How could I? I have not seen her since we enter the mating game, where is she?

The sadness began to drown me. My family. I look past the wolf and into the rain. The view was beautiful. A river with plenty of trees with birds and animals singing in the woods, I love nature. There is a big world out there and yet I am in here.

If I had stayed with my mate I would never see this, never had my freedom and would be locked up. The rumors of him not wanting a mate and strong enough of not needing one hurt. He probably would use me as a children machine and give him a legacy and heir to the throne.

My thought was interrupted by the wolf sniffing the air. My eyes widened and hope sunk.

Fuck, he smelled me. My fear and sadness.

He turned around and stared into my eyes, his brown fur and blue eyes got me off guard. His eyes were blue as the ocean on a sunny day, however, he is not a rouge. We stared at each other for a few minutes before walking toward me slowly. He walked carefully and sunk to the ground like a puppy wanting to play.

He means no harm.

I walk toward him as well but not trusting him yet. Once we were close enough that our nose almost touched I stopped. I felt comfortable with him in a weird way, like a grandfather I never had. Our wolf clicks and he began to lick my wolf’s ear showing the effect of love and protection. We stayed like this for hours, him cleaning me and I’m resting after the long run. I forgot he was a stranger and enjoyed the moment of being taken care of. Almost as he could feel my pain and stress. He whimpered when I hissed at the pain in my legs. I had cuts that have not healed as they should. He felt sorry for me. I liked his ear to show him I was all right.

When he was finished and I had rested for a few hours, we stood up walking to the exited. He nodded his head at me giving me a signal for me to run after him before taking off. I around me taking at the moment before sprinting after him.

We had arrived at a brown cabin that blended in with the forest team. It was small, with grass as roofed top and barely noticeable. It was cozy and cute.

I like it.

I stood in front of the door waiting for his signal to shift. He walked behind some trees, shifting and walk out again. He is an older man, in his fifties with grey hair, tall and little muscular. Perhaps he was a warrior or a delta before? He is wearing blue jeans, black boots, and a T-shirt. He walked by me taking his hand through my fur. He brought a key out of his jeans and unlocked it. He stepped aside and signaled me to walk inside, and I gladly did.

“The bathroom is that way” he pointed toward a door down a small hallway. I nodded and walked toward the door opening with my mouth and closed it behind me with my tail. I quickly shifted before heading outside to him. He greeted me with hot chocolate, cookies and a smile, but all I could do was grape the cookies and chugged down the hot chocolate. He laughed at my behavior and I send him an innocent smile.

“Thanks, I am Tia” I whispered shyly. I did not want to say my full name in cause my mate had people looking for me. “Hello Tia, my name is Christian” his voice was dark but comfortable. I nodded at him. “Please feel at home!” he said and sat down on the old couch cover with blacks. I followed his path and sat down beside him. I looked around the room while eating a cookie before almost choking on it. He rubbed my back and hurried to give me water. But, all I could focus one was the photo of my mate in his living room.

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