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Chapter Eight


“Are you okay?” Christian ask me after giving me a glass of water. I nodded at him still in shock of my discovery. What am I going to do?? Fudge! My thought was running wild and him next to me isn’t helping. He kept staring at me as if I was going to explode, but I ignored his glance. I looked around the room trying not to be obvious about my finding. Did he know who I am?

“Do you want anything? Should I call someone?” He added with a worried voice, wow he cared about me. I cough trying to find my voice before speaking. “Y-yea, I am fine just tired I guess” biting my lip nervously. I played with my fingers, a bad habit I know. He nodded slowly not believing me, but did not say anything, thank god!.

“All right, let’s get you to bed, shall we?” he stands up and guides me toward a room. I nodded again not wanting to talk anymore and just wanted to sleep without worrying about my mate. Since the cabin is small with only one floor, the room was next to the bathroom to the left. He stopped in front of the door with his hand on the handle. “You sleep here and I will take the couch. Goodnight” he said before walking back to the living room. “what? are you sure-u-re?” I stutter. Damn it! Even I want to slap myself.

He smiled at me seeing my reaction, ” it’s fine. I am used to sleeping on the couch when I have visitors”. My thought went immediately on my mate, did he visit? “oh...okay then, goodnight” I said quickly wanted to get away from this award situation and open the door. Hearing him walking away and into the kitchen made me more relaxed before closing the door behind me. I turned around to find a small bedroom with one bed, two nightstands, a cupboard, and a medium-size window. It was small but cute at the same time. I liked it.

It felt like home and it has been a long time since I have had that feeling. I walk to the window looking outside, the view was beautiful. Trees covered in bright green leaves, river clear and small bench underneath a big tree. Mhm..maybe I should so outside tomorrow?

The sky begins to fill with dark clouds and the stars were shining. I yawn and rubbed my eyes of tiredness. Time for bed, finally. I went toward the bed after undressing and jump under the eiderdown and fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of birds singing and the sun shining through the window. I felt much better with a proper sleep in a bed and not on the cold ground underneath a tree. I stretched out making weird noise before standing up. I felt dirty and wanted to shower badly, so I took the blanket around my body and walk softly out in the hallway and into the bathroom. I took a long warm shower of soap cleaning myself up. After the shower, I felt more refreshed and awake, ready for the day. I wrapped a towel around me and stepped outside. I ran to the room and saw clothes was laid on my bed. A white big t-shirt with grey baggy pants. I took on my old underwear got dressed and walked out.

I heard noises in the kitchen making my legs follow it before I could think. In the kitchen, Christian and a woman were talking while drinking their coffee. I stopped in the doorway not knowing if I should interrupt or walk away, but before I could make that decision myself I was discovered.

The woman looked at her and saw me standing there awkwardly in oversize clothes. She smiled and stood up. “hello, my name is Elaine and I presume you have met my husband Christian” She walked toward me and hugged me shortly before escorting me to the dinner table and took a chair out. I only smiled at her and whispered “thank you, I’m Tia” before sitting down. Not knowing what I should do next, I just sat there I quiet.

“Oh you are shy, it's okay my darling we are not going to hurt you!” she assured me and put a plate down in front of me. It was filled with fruit, pancakes and a glass of orange juice. I gladly took the food since I have only been living on a rabbit for the last couple of days. She laughed at my behavior and took a set beside me. Christian did the same thing and we ate in silent letting the knife and fork be the only noise in the room.

“Soo..tia?” Elaine asked, I nodded as I sign for her to continue. “yes, uhm I heard about how my husband found you, would you like to talk about it?” she asked me nicely and curious. I took my time to answer her question or request. She was a beautiful, grey long hair with blue eyes and short, she was the perfect aunt or grandmother. Like a model grandmother version. I shook my head at her question not wanting them to find out who my mate is, they will probably send me back to him.

She looked me deeply in the eyes making sure that I was telling the truth before smiling. “that’s all right darling, how about Christian talks about then?” she took my left hand in her hands and rub her thumbs against my hand. She tried to relax me and make me comfortable, well it’s working. I nodded at her and smiled. Her smile widened and looked at Christian for him to talk.

However, he was busy with food in his mouth, food in his beard and looking like a squirrel with nuts in their mouth. I burst into a giggle and cover my mouth with my hands trying to stop my laughter. Elaine laughed at me.

After we had calmed down we moved from the dinner table and into the living room on the couch. I sat in an old but comfortable chair in front of them, while they were sitting on the couch. A few minutes of silence before Christian start talking.

“I was having my normal run in the afternoon when I smelled the scent of your wolf. I knew you were not a rogue by the scent but instead of walking away or home, my wolf took over and ran toward where the scent came from. After running for twenty minutes I arrived at a cave was the scent was strongest. I could hear your heartbeat and I walked inside feeling a need to comfort you or take you home with me.” He stopped and stood up suddenly. He looked out the window for a while taking a deep breath in and out calming himself down.

“You reminded me of my daughter. She i-was older than you, smaller but unless the same. When I saw you curled up like a small ball my wolf and I thought for a moment you were her. Hell, you even smelled like her. But, I was wrong. I knew that you weren’t her, however, that did not shake away the feeling of taking care of you. It has been a while since me or my wolf felt the need of taking care of someone.”

I felt sorry for him, what had happened to his daughter? I looked over at Elaine and saw she was crying and wiping away the tears with a napkin. I wanted to tell them it’s fine, they do not have to tell me but at the same time, I was curious. Christian walked from the window and to his wife, he continued to talk while getting his wife some tea.

“She disappeared after entering the mating game and after few years of not hearing anything from her or the people at the mating game, we assume she is dead. ” my eyes widened. Dead? How?

Elaine stood up suddenly from the couch, walked outside and into the garden. Christian followed her out leaving me alone inside. I waited a few minutes debating with myself if I should follow them or not. I stood up and walked outside seeing them sit underneath the big tree. They had their arms around each other hugging. It was adorable. I walked up to them and saw what they wear looking at.

It was a grave understanding the tree with rose flower all over, it was beautiful and sad. I could there their sniffing through tears and nose stuffed. Elaine sat down on the bench and Christian walked over to me. “we buried her two years ago with our son, Elijah and his friend” he said laying a rose on to the grave.

Elijah? where have I heard that name before?

“You have a son?” I asked trying to sound interested. Elaine nodded and I sat down beside her. She grabbed my hand and started to talk. She was really into holding hands, I thought while listening to her. “his name is Elijah” she whispered and smiled. She looks up from our hands and into my eyes. “he found his mate a few days ago, oh what was her name again?” she brought her right hand up to her head trying to think. “Jacklin,” a voice behind us said.

We turned around finding Christian standing there with two cups of green tea and handed to us. We thanked him. Jacklin? Not mine Jacklin, right? Nooo...Probably just a coincidence. Many girls have the same name.

I drank my green tea after it had a cold down and listen to the wind. It was relaxing out here. The woods were thick with trees making it hard to look inside, green leaves leaving the trees and bushes everywhere. Birds sang in the trees and I could smell a deer a few miles away from here, female deer is pregnant.

“Speaking of our son he is visiting this afternoon with his friend” Christian added while taking his wife’s hands and guiding her inside, the wind became colder and dark cloud appeared. Elaine’s eyes widened with excitement and happiness, “really?” looking at Christian making sure it was true. He only nodded at her and pulled her into his arms, looking back at me and smiled. “I hope it's okay for you?”

“Yeah, of course, it’s your son” I smiled waving my hand in the air showing it was no problem. He nodded before taking Elaine with him inside while I decided to stay outside for a bit longer. I missed my parents, sisters and my normal life. I huff and sat down on the bench looking at the grave that was covered with flowers. You could barely see the name behind it. It made me curious and I stood up insecure if I should remove some flowers to make the name more visible. I know it’s rude but at the same time, it shows respect, right?

Screw it, I’m doing it.

I walked overlooking back making sure no one was looking or seeing what I am about to do. I removed some flowers, leaves from the headstone and stepped back in shock.

Here lays Britney Stone.

Forever in our hearts, until we meet again.

Born 24 January 1997-?


“Yeah, will they like me?” my hands were shaking with nervousness. I wasn’t very good with people, I am too shy. I looked around in the club, the people were enjoying the music and moving their body around and grinding at each other.

“Of course they will like you. Don’t worry.” She looked at me with confidence. Suddenly she got a look on her face like she forgot something. “All though, Britney can be the little bit aggressive, but she doesn’t mean it a bad way”

The other girls gave me a small smile before apologies. “That is Britney. She is not a fan of new friends. But she is nice when you get to know her.” Lin example. I only nodded understanding and didn’t want to poke around any further.

“Britney?” I whispered.

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