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Chapter Nine


Rain poured down heavily. Leaves dancing with the wind and birds escaping the ceremony. After discovering their daughter’s name I ran inside and into the bedroom. I was in shock. First, their son was mated to somebody called Jacklin, and then their daughter’s name was Britney. The news made my heart stop. It had to be a coincidence. I haven’t left the room since. Thoughts went crazy giving me a migraine. I walked back and forward into the room not know what I should do. I need to leave.

I hurried to pack a blanket, socks and some food. Mostly water and fruit. A knock on the door interrupted me, and I quickly throw the backpack across the room and said come in. Trying to act normal while everything was falling apart inside, I put on a fake smile leaning on the cupboard. The door opens revealing Christian. He closed the door silently behind him looking at me sadly. I frowned my face at his expression but letting it go.

He walked toward the bed and sat down looking at his hands. He took a few deep breaths in and out before talking. “I know your secret” he whispered making my heart stop. Wha-at? Did he know? I was breathless and insecure about the situation. What should I say? I completely froze not caring to hide the fact I was busted. I guess there goes my freedom. I felt his eyes staring at me but I ignored the glance and stared outside. I tried to focus on my breathing that I did not notice he had stood up and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around me comforting me.

“i-i...” I tried to speak but no words were coming out. I felt powerless. “ do not have to say anything” he hugged me tighter not letting me go. I tried to shake my way out from his gripped but lost. He let out a sigh letting me go not before looking me deep in the eyes in a creepy weird way. I looked everywhere but his eyes not liking the feeling he gave me. Powerless, weak and scared.

“What exactly do you know?” I stutter moving away from him. If he truly knew about my mate I want him to say it.

He looked at me surprised at my question. Smiling while realizing his hold on me and guide me toward the bed. “I know you why your wolf is not talking to you anymore”

What? I haven’t mentioned that my wolf is ignoring me, how does he know?!

I looked at him as if he grew two heads. His hand went in my making me look down at our hands. He had a wedding ring on his ring finger, silver with letters on. His hand is bigger than mine, comparing with my head it was almost bigger. He is tall, I had to crack my neck up to look him in the eyes. I could feel the cramp in my neck appearing. Hell, I have a headache.

I made the disgusting noise clearing my throat ready to talk. I am not going to stutter this time! Be brave and women up! I told myself about boosting my confidence before opening my mouth.

I breathe in and said with confidence, “what do you mean? My wolf talks to me”. I can not have him on my back or know my secret. Whatever he knows I had to pretend I do not know. I nodded to myself inside agreeing. By the look of it, he does not look impressed or convinced, it's like he can see through me. And it scares the hell out of me.

“do not lie to me” stern tone causes shiver and hair on my arms stand up waving their arms. Fuck, do not back down. My inner demon yells at me motivated to continue even when I was scared as fuck and wanted to run out of here. I was a sissy.

“I do not know what you are talking about,” I said with less confidence. He bent down his head to look me deep in the eyes trying to figure out what I was doing. I bit my inner cheek holding it together not backing down. His eyes were blue with a hint of yellow and grey, they are beautiful. Even though he was scared I knew he would never harm me. He saved me and then he is going to kill me? If he wanted to kill me he would have done it in the cave.

“You know what I am talking about Tia, stop acting like a stupid and reckless child and admit it.”

Hearing him calling me a child made me furious and wanted to claw his eyes out. He started to smile when he saw my reaction and laughed. I only rolled my eyes at him, Bipolar. He swings his arm around my shoulder and dragged me into a hug. Damn, he liked hugging. I huff and sigh knowing I was defeated. He knew I guess I had to hear him out. I nodded to him to signal him to continue to talk.

“I know you escaped from the mating games” how does he know? Is he a spy? Did my mate tell him?

I nodded to confirm and admit it. “I had to escape, it wasn’t safe for me.” I was embraced, a girl escaping from her mate because of the rumors about him, Silly. “But, you cannot ignore your wolf. You know what to do.” He stands up and walks to the window opening it. The wind made the guardians wet and swing with the wind. A smell of forest, animals, and flowers hit my nose easing my nerves. I closed my eyes inhaling the scent relaxing. I hear him inhaling the scent along with me.

I answered him after a few minutes of peace and silent. “Yes, I know what to do”. My eyes were still closed not wanting to open them and face reality. I had to go back to my mate.

Right after the thought went past my mind my wolf stirred and moved for the first time in ages. My eyes open in shock but happiness, feeling more, myself knowing my wolf wanted to talk to me again. “miss me?” Amy appeared. I jumped out of surprise and nodded but slapped myself since she couldn’t see it. “Nah I enjoyed the peace and silent” I teased her and mentally laughed. ” Well, then you won’t mind me going back?”

shit....“don’t go! I was only joking” I hurried to try to convince her not going back, however her reaction I did not expect.

She laughed hard at me falling on her back and rolling around. It was the first time I gotta see her. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with her. I sounded desperate.

“you are desperate” and the moment is gone. I rolled my eyes at her and shut her out. “I can help you,” a voice behind me said. I turned around meeting Christian eyes. I frowned, how did he move from the window without me noticing? Weird. “How?” giving him a question out of curiosity.

“Talking about it with someone else helps” getting on his knees in front of me. He is so tall that on the knees he is taller than me if that does not scream giraffe than I do not know. “all right let’s talk. Can you tell me something about him?” I asked even more curious. My thought went to another place for a minute.

How old is he? Where are his parents? Does he have a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend? The last one just breaks my heart and I went to think about something else to distract myself. If I come back will we be together? Will he reject me? Is there someone el- Fuck I did it again!

Ignore it.

“Tia? Tia are you in there?” I hear my nickname being called. I snapped out from my thought and focus on where the voice came from. Christian was next to me in the bed looking at me with worry. I shook my head and nodded, “sorry, I just zoom out. What did you say?”

He looked confused as if he did not know where he was. He stared at me for a few minutes before talking. “who?” he simply said with no emotion in his voice. I frown. “you know” I hinted to him. What is going on? We just talked about it. He can not possibly forget. He shakes his head fast and stared at me deeply after, “no I do not know.” his voice went higher yet no emotion. I frown again.

He does not know?

“what do you know?” I asked not daring to say anything else, in case we were talking about something else. But, what? I thought we were talking about how I cannot shift without it hurting like shit because of my mate.

“You are trying to avoid shifting into your wolf form. It’s not worthy of your health nor your wolf. What are you talking about?”

What? That is what we have been talking about? He does not know about my mate?! I could feel my cheek starting to burn to try to keep the smile down.

He does not know!! I wanted to jump around in happiness and scream! I was safe. But, I kept it all inside and had a poker face. I cough to hide my smile and giggle, before answering him. “yes that is what I was talking about” I eagerly said. I felt ten times more relaxed and calm.

“Ohh? But who did you want to know about?” he was still confused and not buying what I was selling. Think fast, think fast. “uhmm...i was...talking about”

“your wolf!” I screamed out your wolf in the beginning but quickly changed it back to a normal voice not wanting to sound suspicious. Narrowing his eyes at me while standing up. “Well.. all right let’s go for a run and we can talk about.....Uhm my wolf” he scratched his neck uncomfortable and walked out.

I throw myself on the bed excused. If that was close. Thankfully, he did not know and I want it to remain that way. However, let’s think about something else. I must get ready. I jumped out from a bed and hurried toward the cupboard to change into more comfortable clothes. I took out tights, a hoodie, and some running shoe. I ran outside to meet Christian standing by the door in training clothes. “you ready?” he asked opening the door. I nodded and followed him outside and into the woods.

“-and from that moment I hated strawberries,” he finished his story. It had been a long time since I have laughed. Tears streaming from my eyes, stomach pain from laughing too hard and cheek from smiling too much. Let’s just say he was a clumsy child and it was hilarious. We have been outside for three hours running and telling stories from when we were young. It was easier to shift today since I have been communicating with my wolf. He also talked about his wolf etc.

If it wasn’t for his wife mind linking him we would still be running. She said their son and his friend had come and she needed us back. Weird, right? Because she said to us and not him? Why would she need me? I asked Christian about it but he was as clueless as me.

We continued to walk sharing stories and memories. I have told him about my family and a little about the mating game but nothing about having a mate. “Who is your son having with him?” I asked as we were getting closer to the house. Ever since he got mind linked my wolf has been acting crazy as if she was drunk or high on candy. I asked her about it but she did not respond. I only ignored her in the end and concentrate on getting home.

“Ohh, Elijah? He is bringing his friend X” he said but not looking at me but ahead of us. I laughed, “how is named X?” I asked him to continues to giggle. Poor kid, I wonder how is childhood was. I can only imagine the jokes, hey X have you seen Y? I can not find it! Hahahaha!! I hope he is a math genie, it would make it only funnier.

“ooh X isn’t his real name, but his nickname is Thanatos. Have you heard of him?”

My eyes popped out, what at? And just like that, I remember where I have heard the name, Elijah.


“My name is Elijah Stone and I am the beta of Moon Knight Pack. This is your new alpha King of a werewolf, the Alpha of Moon Knight Pack, Alpha Thanatos.” Sadly, he just confirmed what Jasmine said. He is my mate

I was in deep shit, I thought as I spotted the house ahead.

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