My Cruel Blind Alpha

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"Okay, let me make this clear," The sadistic smirk showed off his white teeth, "You either come with me or I'll declare war and slaughter your pack." Leah Indica was always a nice, sweet, innocent girl. She always helped anyone who needed help, it was her passion. She loved to make people happy, more importantly, she wanted a mate to make happy, to love, and to cherish him. At Eighteen, she finds a mate. He is known as the most cold-hearted Alpha in Romania. He has wiped away many of packs and has gone on killing sprees for fun. She tries to help him and be the best possible mate for him, and she overlooks the fact that he is blind. However, he seems to not have the same feelings in return. He only cares about one thing, his eyesight, which he can never get back. He often takes his rage out on her in abusive ways, when all she wants is his love. She wonders herself if she could possibly melt his cold exterior. She tries to help him in so many ways, but sometimes overwhelming love can consume a person. Warning~ Before reading my story I must warn you that there is Domestic Abuse, Drugs and Alcohol, and mature themes. So if you don't want to read about these types of things please select a different book. Just understand that I do not condone domestic abuse, but it is in the book for a reason. For that reason, you must read to find out.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

A/n~ Also, when I first started writing this book I was only 15 so it might be a little cringey and the spelling might be off. The way it was written might seem a little bland. However, don’t worry because when I am all done I plan to revise the whole entire thing.

This book is in the process of being revised because I first wrote it when I was fifteen, and it makes me cringe. Plus, this is my first book.

Also, just to clarify- I do know how to write old English correctly. However, towards the end, my character who speaks old English does NOT speak it correctly. I decided to change the words so my readers whose first language isn't English could have a better chance of understand it.

Book cover by: Ammad Malik.

Profile: @DesignedUp



My five-year-old brother ran into my room, jumping on my bed he screams “Leah, wake up! Today is mating day.” I woke with his brown eyes staring straight into mine. The Annual Pack Mating Ceremony was the only day where all the English packs in Romania unite to find their mates. Every wolf that is eighteen or still unmated has to attend this ceremony. However, most wolves find their mate at eighteen.

Blake, my brother who has grown attached to me doesn’t understand what will happen if I found my mate today. I would basically have to leave and join his pack if he has a high rank, but I am high ranking as well. My family has a strong bloodline of warriors. Even though my mother is a half witch, she still has a warrior bloodline from her dad, my grandfather. My bloodline is still considered pure because no one knows that I have witch blood. I snapped out of my thoughts when saw Blake pull all my clothes out of my drawers.

“Blake! What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m helping you pick clothes.” He said.

“Blake,” I got up and stopped him from making more of a mess. “I am wearing a dress today,” told him.

“Why?” He asked looking puzzled at me.

“It is a special day, I have to look my best.” I already knew that my mate wasn’t in my pack because as soon as I turned eighteen there was a special celebration held in my honor. I saw every pack member that day and didn’t find him.

My mom came in and told me breakfast was ready. That being mentioned, Blake sprinted out of my room. My mom had beautiful blond hair just like me, but she had a couple of grey stands. Her eyes were an emerald green like mine. I pretty much got all my looks from her.

I stayed behind and straightened up my room, then I decided to have a quick shower before going downstairs for breakfast. My dad and I were the last two at the table.

“You know what today is right?” He dreaded the question.

How could I forget, my family and pack have been bugging me about this event ever since I turned eighteen. Obviously, he meant the Mating Ceremony, but today for him is basically like the human version of a wedding.

“I know, but dad I’ll always be your little girl,” I told him sincerely.

“I know Leah, I am just worried. What if you get a bad mate?” He asked clearly concerned.

“I will be okay, Dad I’m a warrior just like you and mom,” I exclaimed proudly, mostly trying to ease the worry my Dad was feeling. I look at my dark-haired father who had brown eyes.

“What about that Alpha Alex guy, you know he’s going.” He said uneasily.

“Dad, his name is Alec.”

In today’s time, that was the most well-known name of the shifters. Everyone knows not to mess with him because of his fierce reputation. I learned many unsettling things about him due to the history classes I took since he was such a threat to others. The werewolves that made history books decided to include him because they thought it was important to educate others about him. Regardless of what I read about him, I never really thought of him being a monster like everyone said he was. He was probably just broken inside, no one was born a monster.

“You know he hasn’t found his mate yet.” I continued with the conversation.

“For all we know, he probably killed her.” He said. Then why would he be going to the mating ceremony, My wolf questioned.

“Well anyways, I better get ready,” I said and went upstairs. I marched upstairs in a hurry and bumped into Mark, the alpha’s son. I would have fallen down but Mark caught me, “Wow, Leah are you in a hurry or what. Are you eager to find your mate?” He asked with a smirk.

“Maybe,” I replied.

Other than Xena, Mark was my best friend. Mainly because we lived in the same house and we’re the same age. “Alrighty. Well, I’ll let you go... literally.” He begins to push me down the stairs but brought me back to him due to his impressive arm strength. I steadied myself and playfully punched him,

“Meanie,” I muttered.

When I got to my room my mom came in just behind me. “Ready for today?” She asked.

“Yup,” I Chirped.

“Alright well, let’s get it done.” She pulled out the black and red skin tight dress that I picked to wear weeks ago. Then she pulled out a curling iron and makeup. I groaned because I hate makeup, always have. I like natural beauty better anyways. Plus, I already have clear skin so I don’t see the need for it. I don’t even see why female shifters need foundation anyway, we all have clear skin. After an hour of curling my hair, my mom sets up her makeup.

“Ew, mom! No foundation.” I put my hand up to protect my face from that poison. “I never understood you, my child.” She smiled and put down the foundation. She accepted my wishes and only put on eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss.

The ceremony started at eleven a.m. Luckily, we weren’t far from the ceremony because it was being held in the neighboring pack. I made myself a sandwich, suddenly feeling hungry again. I hugged Mark and Xena before we headed out to the car.

It was only my parents and I. The ride was a silent one until my dad spoke up, “Call us when you’re ready to come home, okay? Uncle Jared will let you use his phone, or you could just stay the night.”

“Okay. I think I left my phone at the house anyway” My nerves were eating me up right now.

“Are you okay?” My mom sensed my nervousness, with her special abilities. With her special gift, she successfully eased my nerves.

“Yes, Just worried. What if my mate doesn’t like me?” I said.

“Nonsense, you’re beautiful, smart, talented and I’m proud to have you as my daughter. Any man would be lucky to have you.” Totally a mom answer, but I’ll take it.

“Plus, the mate bond is the strongest thing known to werewolves. When I met your mother, I barely could keep my hands off.” Dad added.

“Barely! What are you talking about Michael? You did not keep your hands off. That’s just that.” My dad blushed a little when my mom said that.

“But your mate better keep his hands off you.” My dads face hardened. My mom rolled her eyes.

“Mike, she’s eighteen now.” My mom said.

He huffed, “I don’t care she is still my daughter.”

“Yeah well, she’s finding her mate today so....” I zoned out on my parent’s conversation and started looking more at the beautiful countryside scenery. It would be really pretty to take a run here. When I exercise it clears my mind and helps me think. I know everyone in my pack thinks I’m crazy for my love of exercise, but werewolves have excellent speed and strength. More than an average human so why not take advantage of it. My wolf was yipping in my head, so I was certain my mate would be at the ceremony. I rested my head on the cold car door and drifted off.

When we arrived, the party was already in motion. Us werewolves are classy creatures, therefore there was no loud high school teenage music, drugs, or booze. The only thing close, was some females with boobs halfway out their dress, but what would you expect in a Mating Ceremony? My parents dropped me off and I walked towards the pack house. I was very familiar with this area of land because I use to spend my summer vacations here. It has changed a lot in just two years.

“Leah! What a delightful surprise. It’s been a while since I last saw you!” Luna Bethany greeted me. She is the mate to the alpha that is hosting the party.

Bethany was in our pack originally and she was best friends with my mom in high school. I have missed her so much and all of the lovely pack members that were here.

“Aunt Bethany!” I squealed and hugged her.

We had a lengthy conversation until her mate showed up behind her, snaking his arms around her waist. “Hey Lela, how have you been?” Alpha Jared created that nickname just for me. “Uncle J, I missed you.” I hugged him as well. They weren’t my aunt or uncle but they acted like that kind of figure to me.

“Alright, well you enjoy yourself, Lela.” Uncle J said after our brief conversation. Apparently, duty calls for them, sucks when you have seven children. I made my way towards the center of the party. Keeping an eye out for my mate, I could easily see most females have found their’s.

Two hours have gone by and all I’ve been doing is eating and drinking. I’m really starting to regret coming here, maybe I’m just mateless. My wolf growled at the thought. It was kind of sad watching all the newly mated wolves socialize with each other. I huffed and marched upstairs to find the bedroom that I used while staying here so I could use the bathroom.

When I opened the door I quickly shut it. Two people were having sex on the bed that I slept in for years, the gross images burned in my brain. That goes to prove that werewolves have classy parties but not all werewolves are classy themselves. I knock on the room beside it and, luckily, no one was there. After using the bathroom I headed downstairs. It was eerily quiet from the previous chatter and music. My nerves spiked but more importantly so did my wolf, and I was finally able to see the commotion.

A ruggedly handsome guy had walked through the door. No music and no chatter, Nothing. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone was staring so intensely at him, for I had a different reason that explained my stares. He is my mate; accompanied by two other men. Who was he? Whoever he is, he must be very known and powerful to make everyone stop and stare, or maybe it was his looks. He looked handsome, no doubt. My puzzled stare stopped when he smelt the air and his face snapped towards mine. Shifters say when you first lay eyes on your mate it is magical, and it was, only for a few seconds. I recognized his scars over his eyes, and his blind faded brown eyes set terror into mine. He could not see me, but I could see him. I had never seen him in person, only in pictures that were in the books, but with his power radiating aura- it was not hard to tell who he was. My human side, more on the side of common sense, told me to run, to get away. My wolf told me to stay, so I was torn in half. I didn’t want to be around him because I have seen the aftermath of when my pack members have gone into his land. I may not think he is a monster, but I knew what he was capable of.

All eyes in the room followed his intense trance toward me. Even though he could not see me, everyone else could, and soon everyone in the room was looking at me. Judging from some of the stares by females, they are jealous. I did not understand how anyone could be jealous of this situation. Alec’s face turned into anger and then an unreadable expression. I then gained the ability to move my feet. So I ran, as fast as I could in heels, trying to escape. I knew it would probably be pointless, but it was worth a try. Halfway up the stairs, I heard everyone start talking again. I sighed in relief when I locked myself in a random room and hid in the bathroom. A pounding sound on the door made my heart skip a beat. I didn’t even realize how terrified I was until now. There was the sound of feet shuffling outside the door.

“Excuse me, Miss? Can you please open the door?” A light patient voice asked.

He seemed almost pleading; like trying to save me from someone’s wrath. There was more shuffling at the door followed by a loud banging. “Open the damn door now!” A gruff voice sent a shiver down my spine, I could tell it was my mates.


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