Beyond the Bright Stars

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Camille and Axl are enjoying their life together but they have forgotten about an important detail, the Great Goddess obsession to control him... After freeing herself from the people and feelings that stopped her from being happy, Camille and Axl have decided to live and enjoy this new experience in the Gods World. To enjoy every moment their love can bring their way, with the company of the rest of the Gods and Goddesses, but that doesn't mean that everything will be peaceful Axl still has to face his mother, who releases Onyx from the long sentence of suffering. What will she do when she finds out Axl has stopped caring for her? Larisa, the Warrior of the Sea comes with a message, There's also a mysterious Amulet and someone else who is condemned for failing to be a God. Follow me, and add to your library if you want to know what is the next journey.

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Now I see her and I just feel this urge, this immense desire to ensure that shiny smile stays on her face. To see it never fade. For it, I feel lucky, lucky to be the one who found her soul, a broken soul searching for peace. Now I have to ensure she can find it’s equity. I could give up the most luxurious things, my power, my freedom my everything for her. Just like she has done not only for me but for us.

For her hypnotizing eyes, it would be an honor for me to be a slave for her love, I would be a toy by my own will, to spend my eternal days holding her in my arms. To make sure I repay the unreachable price of her sacrifice.

For her, I would cross worlds, galaxies, and dimensions if I have to. Only to find her. I would fight storms, cyclones, monster, and demons even my own destiny, just to be able to have her bright eyes gazing at me with that purity she has. Live the glory of being by her side because she’s my destiny. The source I need forever to keep me alive, I have fallen in love and there’s no turning back to the darkness for any of us. Only to feel this immense happiness Camille brings to my heart.






I’ve always liked the smell of this place. The smell of salty air as the tide breaks at shore. The forever green forest moving at the rhythm of a cool breeze. To wake up every day into an enveloping sound of waves splashing against the rocks, birds chanting in harmony as they take off to the infinite sky, and the fish swimming in the air reminding me this is nothing but a blessing to witness. The brightness gives me freedom and peace, a feeling a craved with desperation for so long.

The darkness that followed me, turned out to be the brightest light of hope that ever existed in my life. A light that gave me more than I needed. Now everywhere I go, anywhere I will go, I will walk with that light that lit up my heart since I was born.

Now I'm ready, I will walk my path and never turn back. Always looking ahead because as the Great God of Destiny and Life has granted me with a new chance, I will find the fight to shine through the darkness and guide the lost soul of every being that shares a similar experience to mine.

My new path is now to show the universe that, at the end of the tunnel there will be light. Falling into the scariest cliff can also make you fly if we let go of all our fears. That crying can heal a broken heart and wash away the pain. That speaking out can be frightening but will set us free. That dreaming and hoping will take us straight towards the hand of love and happiness. For that now I will take on my new role in this new land.


“Are you trying to run away from me, now?” Axl surprises the girl, at the same time his arms gently wrap around her waist. Such delightful sensation of completion they both feel at each others touch. Camille fits right in the perfect place. A place she will never leave because, by destiny, she has been chosen to forever serve not only to Axl but to the rest of the Gods World.

“I would never,” she reassures him, settling down as he leans down to breathe in her hair. Her delicate locks that are always showered with golden dust and flowers thanks to the Goddesses.

“How can there be a wedding without a bride?” the God asks with his inviting tone that makes her knees weak like the first time. The mention of their wedding gives Camille a sentiment of conclusion. Finally, she has found her path. To be always beside the God who saved her in every way possible. The one who saw her struggle while others didn't. The one to risk everything he has when others doubted. Camille grins like she has never done before.

The majestic God lifts his beloved up so she doesn’t have to tilt her head up. Swinging her around to finally sink into her unique eyes that glitter more than ever. With purity, Camille smiles innocently to scarp his heart where there’s no more space for the insatiable love he feels for her. Axl reaches to her lips for a gentle kiss. A simple kiss that is like a vivid explosion of every new desire he awakens in her.

“I will never leave you,” Camille whispers in a seducing tone which sends electric shocks all over the God’s body.

His mesmerizing eyes, so bright in a deep royal blue color, just like the ocean. Full of life and love. Falling for his intense gaze she becomes easily hypnotized to a point where she can never hide a thought from him.

Captivating his soul with the clear sight that she give up the memories of a time she felt lost and excluded, a past that is now extinct.

“I will make sure that never happens,” the God of Water whispers in her ear as he wraps her up in a warm and loving embrace. She breathes in his soothing scent of mint and Eucalypto.

“For eternity,” Camille says in her a lovely voice, as he slowly leans down to peak her lips once more.

“Further than eternity.” the God adds on and seals the vow with more passion.


Thank you for waiting patiently...

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