Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Meet the new Dorothy Gales' character and her friends. A fairy. A Golem. And, a shape-shifting. And, a new world where every thing is like a rainbow. Where they travel and defend an evil dragon. Stevie-Claire Jones (S.C., for shorted) thought she'll have a dull vacation with her family. Including, their distant relatives.  But thing change when a big, heavy storm appear. S.C., washing away during their fishing trip. While she floats, S.C., manages to herself in land as she woke and find herself in a new world. Confuses and curious, S.C., exploration this mysterious land, she encountered a red knight. As the knight took her to his kingdom, there she meet their Queen; Vermilion.  After learning from Queen Vermilion, she agrees to send S.C., back home. If she can achieve one thing; Kill the dragon that was ravages her kingdom.  Once S.C., agrees, she head off to her journey. There she met a curious fairy, a gentle golem, and annoy shape-shifting boy.  Will Stevie-Claire and her friends accomplishes the Queen's demand? Or, will she discovered something else?

Fantasy / Adventure
D. F. Tomes
Age Rating:


In the highway, a grayish-blue van carries six people as they were heading to visit different relatives.

A family drive to a different state. As meet other family member they never met. They excited, expect for one. Only cares for reading and writing.

Nothing excited until she and her family reach Oklahoma, Arkansas. A few rests stops and placing to stay. Likewise, inns and motels.

Relaxes but sleeping, the family headed towards the road once they refilled their van. Not to mention, getting snacks and drinks. And, buy interest items during their stops.

Even then, she still shows unless interest as she is. But still, gets something memorable for herself. Except, these souvenirs she has are base on something she reads or watches. Still, nothing of interest to her. Expected for her love for snow globes. It reminded her love for snow in the past and how much she misses it.

Back inside the van. The family setting in as they start the van. As she remains quiet in the back seat while her younger sister was fast asleep. She wondered how her sister sleeps with her head bend back.

Tired and bored, she doubts of what future she has. Just as she turns away from her window, something caught her attention. One she never expects. Or, possible existed. Something both magical and amazing.

She knows she’s not dreaming. Hence it’s memorable one.

“Is that a rainbow?” Most of her family caught it, they too, astonished.

“Yeah, a rainbow.” the person sitting in front of her.

“Yeah, no kidding,” she reacted. “But don’t you find it strange.”

“What do you mean?” Her sister was awake. But little tire.

“It hasn’t rain for a few days.” She explains. “Now, this rainbow came.”

“Huh, you’re right.” They agreed with her, knowing she is right.

She nodded as a sign of agreement. Believing its magic. And, it’s was amazing. But something inside the rainbow caught her attention.

“A cloud?” She tilted her head. “Shape of a dragon?!”

Again, they search. “Where?”

“Middle of the rainbow, Aunt.” she responds, as she pointed where. “Don’t you see it?”

It was hard to notices. The cloud was near faded. Which, she was lucky. Her aunt sees it before the cloud changes or disappears.

“Ah, now I see,” her aunt respond. Knowing where the cloud shape of the dragon is. “Very interesting.”

“Snap a photo?”

“I want to, Mom,” she responds. “But I can’t.”

“Something wrong?”

“Due of the fact my phone is dead,” she grumbled. The frustration she was, she only blames herself. Her cell phone is old. So, she can’t take a picture.

As she stares, it transported her mind. To somewhere she never seen.

It was a colorful place. Full of magic.

But odd. Everything is move so fast. Include the images.

“Strange,” she told herself. “What’s happening? Why everything moving so fast?”

Feeling confused by her surround, a voice appear to her. But they call her by a different name.

“She came.” A strong sound appear.

“The Dixit Scriptor.” the second voice respond.

“Trixie Scepter? My name isn’t Trixie Scepter,” she corrected them. “My name is-”

A flash of light occur as it showing her more images as the voices become unbearable to heard. Too many voices to listen and none made any sense to her.

No longer she withstands it, she covers her ears and shut her eyes as she tried to calm herself. But the voices are hard to ignore.

“That’s enough,” she pleads. “Please, stop. It’s too much. I-I can’t-I can’t stand-”

Unable to control herself, she has the urge to screams.

As she snap. She finds herself back inside the van.

She sighed and said to herself. “It must be a dream. A frighten one though. Not to mention, strange.”

“Something happen?” She turns her head to find her sister awake again. Not full awake, she recognizes.

Again, she sighted.“Nothing. Just a dream.”

With no replied from her sister, she bends and grab her black bag. There she takes out her indigo notebook and violet lead-pencil.

A click or two from her lead-pencil. She starts to writes her strange dream.

“Wrote something in your inspiration journal, again?”

“You could say that,” she responds without turning.

While she writes, somewhere outside her window, where the rainbow and cloud shape of the dragon was. Unknown to her and her family, something was moving above the sky. And, move away.

Once she finishes writing, she tries to through of a name for her title. Thus, an idea came. As she writes, she put the date as she’s finishes writing. It’s called The Adventures of Trixie Scepter.

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