Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 1: The Trip

10 years later

“Excited to meet the Jones Family again?”

Excited they are, but drains. As they’re close, a young brunette at her mid-twenties, sitting at the backside of the van. Glazing outside her window, holding a round and red tin box.

“Are you okay, Meadow?”

“What,” she didn’t hear. “Oh, I’m sorry. Wasn’t listening.”

“Lost in your through again?”

Meadow inhaled before spoke, “Yeah, I’m just thinking of a new book to write. Not to mention, my editor is a worry and curious why I haven’t sent my story yet.”

“Can I ask why?”

“Why what?”

“Why didn’t you sent any of your stories to your editor yet?”

Meadow sighed. “Because I need a break.”

“Is that it?” she sounds uninterested.

“And, I didn’t read the new books,” Meadow response. “And besides, my brain needs a break from writing.”

“Couldn’t argue with that.”

Meadow extends her arms as she explains.

“The preview one is at the end. So, I hope I’ll get inspiration during my trip and time with the family and the Jones.”

“The same idea you got when you’ve inspiration.”

“True, but inspiration takes time.” Unsure of herself, Meadow wondered if she’ll ever write something good as her preview story.

“Oh well, I’m sure I will miss The Adventures of Trixie Scepter. Do you?”

“True. But at least, I wrote eleven books of Trixie’s Adventures.” Meadow move by her first novel series when she came back. During that trip, Meadow got more inspiration than she gets. “Henceforth, the twelve book will be Trixie’s final journey. Plus a new story.”

“Can’t wait.”

“Yeah, me too.” Meadow chuckled. “Readers and writers are very similar, with books.”

“Again, I couldn’t argue you there,” she compliments her. But change it to something else. “Are these cookies for S.C.,?”

“Was it obvious, Winnie?”


Meadow sighed. “Why am I easy to read?”

Winnie remains quiet for a moment. “Want me to answer?”

Again, she sighed but deeper. “Hope the Jones family are ready. Over ten years since our last visit. Pray they’re ready and at their lake house. With little of time they have, I’m sure they’re ahead of us.”

“Don’t forget traffic.” Winnie reminds her, then turn to mock. “And, in case they need to use the bathroom, the rest stop.”

“Do you always enjoy giving people a hard time, sis?”

“What you mean?” Winnie plays innocent.

Feeling annoyed, Meadow sighed as she pretends nothing happens. “I hope they have a good road trip than we do.”

Somewhere, at Oklahoma, Arkansas.

At a small grayish-blue house with two female family and two dogs, a Labrador and a Jack Russell terrier. Near their house was a white caravan. The two women are carry the suitcases. They forgot to closed the front door.

“Oh no,” she grumbles as she realizes what she did. “Kellee! Troy!”

“Sherry, what happen?”

“Nothing serious, Mom. It’s...” She gripes. “Kellee and Troy ran out of the house.”

“Forget them, dear.” Her mother replied. “Just continue to load the bags in the motor-home before Taylor call. Which, won’t be long, I hope.”

“Mention of calls. Do either one of them call, yet?”

“No, they haven’t.” her mother respond.

“Has Lori called yet?”

“No, she hasn’t.” She answered. “Check your phone. Your friend might send a text to you.”

Sherry did so and take her cell phone and look to see if Lori has sent her a message. Which, she did. Sherry opens and reads the text message from her friend.

“Hey, Mom,” Sherry shouted. “Lori said she’ll be here in an hour. And, wants to learn if the Taylor call?”

“Sent her a text message, sweetie.” Her mother replied. “And, tell her, no call yet. But, I expect they will call us soon.”

As she did, the house phone rang.

“Hello? Dylan? Is that you?” she stated as she picks up the phone. “Yes, it’s Vivian. How far are you? I see. Well, I’ll call the Taylor to tell them how far you and your family are.” Just as she was close of hang it up, Vivian remembers something she needs to ask. “Oh, is Meadow there?”

Heard her cousin’s name, Sherry stop and listens to what her mother said. “I see. Still writing and publishing her stories? She is! Oh, her first series is near the end. Oh, I’ll miss it.”

“Mom, is Meadow going to end The Adventures Of Trixie Scepter series?”

“Believe so, dear.” Vivian respond in a sad tone.

“Has she got any new idea for her story?”

“I don’t think so, Sherry.” Her mother replied, still having the phone near her ear. “Maybe during that get-together, she might tell us what she’s planning to write next. Am I right, Dylan?”

Vivian frown. “You’re not helping, Dylan.” Hanging the phone. “Meadow’s father isn’t an optimism person, you know.”

Sherry snickers at her mother’s opinion. “Shouldn’t you text your friend so I can call the Jones that they are getting close?”

“On it, Mom.”

Sherry brings out her phone and starts text to her friend. “Hope the Jones are ready as we are.”

“Agree,” Vivian understands. “Both girls became devastated when they learn the Jones didn’t come. But, they come before the Taylor left.”

Sherry sighed. “Hope so, Mom. I hope so.”

Earlier, in the City of Concord

In Park Street, there was a family that was getting ready to leave. Gather the luggage in the van, the family became excited for their trip. Everyone, except for one.

“Where’s S.C.,?”

“Still in her room, Mom.”

“What’s she doing in her room?” the mother got curious. “Did someone check on her earlier?”

“Phoebe did,” he claimed. “Am I right, sis?”

Phoebe take a deep breath. “I did, but she didn’t answer.”

“I better check on her, if she’s ready.”

“Take your time, hon.” her husband suggest. “Mom hasn’t called yet.”

“Thank you, Cal. I will.” Walking out towards her house and opening her door, Bridget goes to the staircase. There she reaches her youngest daughter bedroom door. As she knocks, there was no response.

Worried she is, with no response from her daughter. Bridget opens the door and lets herself in the room. “S.C., honey. Are you awake and ready yet?”

Once Bridget found her answer. “No, you’re not.”

Bridget notices that daughter’s suitcase unpacked and unready, Bridget notices that her daughter isn’t in her room. Until, a moaning sound got her attention, and that leads her to the bed, which gave her idea where her daughter is.

“Stevie Claire Jones!” Bridget shriek in anger tone. After removing the cover of the bed, Bridget continues to shout. “Get out of the bed. We’ve to leave before dark. And, guide our relatives to the lake house.”

Stevie Claire whines as she pulls the cover above her head as she tries to sleep, which made it difficult for her since her mother is in her room. But again, her mother remove the bed cover. “Quit lying in the bed and get ready. We need to leave before your grandmother call. Get up, find clothes to wear and go downstair so we’ll leave. And, gave direction our relatives to the lake house.”

Bridget slam the door. As S.C., grunted she got out of bed. Whether S.C., likes it.

“It has been ten years since the Taylor came to visit. Now, they’ve return.” Stevie Claire whine as she feels both annoyed and tired. “I wondered if they are coming to visit again, in another ten years.” S.C., yawns. “I better get up or I’ll get yelled.”

Once she gets out of bed, Stevie Claire pack her belongs and got herself dressed. There she moved to the bathroom, brush her teeth and combs her hair. Done in the bathroom, Stevie Claire retired to her room to gather something in her bag.

“Guess that’s it.” Stevie Claire looks at her reflection in the mirror. Wore a blue dress shirt, with purple tights and matches jacket. Then, put her blue and purple sneakers. And, turns her attention to her luggage. “Time to go, Stevie Claire. Spend your last summer vacation with your distant relatives at the lake house. If you want to or not.”

Waited outside for Stevie Claire, the family grow impatience.

“How much longer will she take?” the boy whines in the backseat.

“Be patience, Eddy.” Phoebe suggest. Cross her leg as she tries to stay calm. “S.C., will come when she is ready. No need to lose your head.”

“Oh, you’re the one talk with,” Eddy grow tired of waiting. “When it’s something important to you. Am I right, Phoebe?”

“You’re such a brat, Eddy.”

“O.K., you two. That’s enough.” The man warned them. “If you want to blame someone, blame your sister.”

“Huh. Point taken, Dad.”

Cal exhaled. “At least, Mom hasn’t called us yet.”

Just then, a phone just rang and Cal groans at the sound from it. “You got to be kidding me?!” Grabbing his phone from his bag, Cal reacted as he wishes it was a miscalled. “Hello, this Caldwell Jones speaking. May I ask whom I spoke? Mom! You called.”

Too soon, though. Cal couldn’t believe his luck. In the time, Vivian for call them means that the Taylor’s are close at the borderlines of their country. Which means, it won’t be long until they reach Lake Texoma, Texas. “Yes, Mom. I’m still here. Yes, everyone is ready to go.” Cal mutter. “Expect, for one.”

Unfortunate, Vivian listening.

“Oh, you heard that.” he sound surprised. “Yeah, one of our own wasn’t ready when we load the bags in the back. After that, we’re ready. But someone wasn’t. And, I’ll let you guess who.” Again, he grumbles. “Stevie Claire, that’s who.”

Once they find out the door open and slam, they look outside thought their window. “Oh, good timing, they coming. Bridget and S.C., they coming out of the house. And, S.C., bring a small bag and suitcase. I know, Mom. Whether she notices, she’s becoming more of Meadow when she was young. Yes, Mom. We’re trying to get to the Lake house before nightfall.”

Cal hangs up his phone and places it back. “What took you guys so long?”

“You don’t want to know, dear.” Bridget took her seat and closed her as she fastens her seatbelt. “Did your mom called yet?”

“She did.” Cal explain. “And, Mom told me that the Taylor are closes to the borderlines of Texas.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Bridget sound surprise.

“I’m not, Brid,” Cal response. “But, Dylan and his family decided to stretched their legs before reaching the borderline.”

“So, they are at their last resting stop.”

“Sound right.”

“Oh, thank God.” Bridget was reliefs. “We still have time left.”

“Yeah, but Mom and her crew are ahead of us.” Cal stated. “And, she’s wondered if we are ready yet. Not to mention, what happen ten years. Mom got angry.”

“Don’t remind me.”

Started the car as S.C., fasten her seatbelt. “Can I ask what told you guys so long?”

“As I ran up the stairs to check on S.C., I find that she is still asleep.” Bridget sound annoyed. “Not only that, her luggage isn’t pack.”

“I see.” Cal response. “But Bridget, honey. Can’t this wait? Mom will get mad if we don’t move.”

“Guess not,” Taking a deep breath before she speaks. “Let’s go now. Or, we’ll be late.”

With no hesitant, Cal started the car. There, he drives.

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