Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 2: Getting Ready

Pondering of who their distant relatives are, Phoebe and Ed become curious. Expect for one.

S. C., doesn’t want spending her remained summer vacation on a family she hadn’t met. Even, it has been ten years.

“So, Dad.” Ed wondered. “Anyone from Grandma side we need know?”

“Well, I learn that one of your distant cousins is a well-known writer.” Cal clarified it.

“You’re kidding?” He got curious. “What’s the title? Or, more important, what’s our cousin’s name?”

Cal tries to remember. “I’m not sure. Her protagonist’s last name. Scepter, I presume.”

Unaware what he said, both Phoebe and Edward became surprise. Even, Stevie Clair. She never knows one of her distant cousins is a famous writer.

“Hold on a minute,” Phoebe call out. “You don’t mean, The Adventures of Trixie Scepter. Do you, Dad?”

Ponder by her question, Cal wondered if it’s same. “Could be. What’s the author’s name?”

“Asteria Quail.” Edward respond before his sister can. “She’s one of our favorites writers. Right?”

“True.” Phoebe confirms. “And, we never miss her novels.”

“Well, if you said so,” Cal responded. “Hate to disappoint with you two.Asteria Quail will not be spending time with us.”

“She isn’t.” Edward and Phoebe unison spoke.

“You’re three will spend time with one of your cousin, Meadow Taylor.” Cal smirk as he explains. “Which, according to Mom, is Asteria Quail’s real name.”

Speechless, they become, neither one has nothing to say. Nothing expect expression the joy in their screams.

“I can’t believe we’ll going to spend our time with one of our favorite authors.” Ed became excited.

“No kidding, Eddy.” she confirms with her brother. “It’s a shame we didn’t bring our favorite stories. So, get an autograph by her.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” Scowl in disappointment, both Edward and Phoebe soon heard what their father is saying next.

“True, that you won’t get an autograph by her,” Cal joined, with a snicker. “But on the plus, you guy doing something with her.”

“With what?” Again, they unison.

“Not sure.” Cal responded. “But according to my mom, it has to do her work as a writer.”

Both children became silent as they continue to listen. “By ‘work’ you mean?”

“You guy’ll have a sneak peek of her work,” Cal confirm as giving his children a smirk. “Isn’t that nice of her?”

“So, that means, we’ll be the first to read her latest novel.” Ed and Phoebe look at each, without realizing their young sister listening.

“It might.” Cal responded. “Although, it might be something different.”

Not only they’ll spend time with their favorite author but have a sneak peek on her next novel. They’re excited. Not to mention, how much fun they’ll have with their favorite author.

“What’s her next idea for her new book?” Phoebe wondered if it’ll be a masterpiece. “Will it be something we’ll enjoy?”

“Who knows?” Cal snicker. “Only you guys can decide.”

Overexcited, Ed and Phoebe couldn’t wait to meet one of their favorite writers. And, wondered what person their cousin is?

“Okay, our last rest stop.” Dylan announces. “If everyone wants to uses, the restroom or stretch your legs. This is your last chance.”

“We got it, Dad.” His elder daughter yawn. Then, got out of the vehicle. “Ah, fresh air.”

Meadow feels relief. She and her family been inside the van for a few hours. Not to mention, stretch their bodies.

“So, how much farther?” Meadow wondered as she stretch. “Are we close?”

“Don’t worry, Meadow.” Her father came out of the door. “We’re close.” Then, he slams it. “Another hour, and we’ll be there.”

“Oh, good.” Once more, she’s relief. “I can’t wait.”

“Me too.” Winnie complies with her. “I wondered if Aunt V and her family are there?Have you called them, Dad?”

“Not yet.” Dylan responded. “But I’ll call in a minute.”

As Meadow and Winnie stares at their father while he calls his aunt. “This will be awhile.”

“Agree.” Meadow nodded. “Hope the Jones has better luck than we do.”

Meanwhile, at the Lake House

Vivian and her daughter, Sherry arrive. Along, with Sherry’s friend, Lori, who came.Not to mention, their dogs, Kellee and Troy.

As they open the door, Kellee and Troy dashes out as they run. Thus, giving Vivian to laugh and a headache for Sherry.

“Kellee! Troy! Knock it off, at once!” Sherry shout, carries the luggage.

“Leave them be, Sher.” Lori quipped, holding her stuff. “They having fun.”

“Easy for you to say.” Sherry sound annoy but tired. “Come on, Lori. Let’s go inside before it comes dark.” Still, holding her bags as she walks to the house. “Not to mention, grab a room.”

“Okay, I got it.” Lori snicker. “I hope your lake house has enough rooms.”

“Don’t worry,” Tries to comfort her friend. “If there’s not enough bedrooms, we’ll sleep in the caravan.”

“That is true.” Lori confirms. But curious of something. “I wondered if the Taylors will sleep in the lake house? Or, motel?”

“Who knows?” Still, sound tire. “I’m sure they manage.”

“If you say so.” Lori rolled her eyes.“When do you think they get here?”

“Depends on which family,” Sherry response. “The Taylor? Or, the Jones?”

Lori snicker at her respond. While she shook her head as she walks to the lake house.

On the road

“So, how much farther are we, Dad?” Eddy grow impatience.

“Not much farther, Eddy.” Cal responded. “Another ten to twenty minutes.”

“And, the Taylor?” There he got curious. Which, made Cal laughed.

“Can’t wait to meet one of your writers?” Cal assume.

“Well, yeah.” Eddy admitted, then explain. “I mean, when do you have time to meet one of your favorite writer. Included, a sneak peek of their work.”

Once Cal laughed. “I should have known.” Then, shook his head. “Can’t wait to read what story she’s planning, don’t you?”

“Guilty as charged.” Eddy plea. “But it’s a good opportune.”

“Can’t say I agree with you, Edward.” He responds. “But don’t sharing to your friends. Okay?”

“I understood, Dad.” Eddy nodded at his response. “But if I did, I’m sure Meadow refused let any of us read her stories.”

“So true.” Phoebe rolled her eyes. “Thus, spending time with our favorite writers.”

Everyone in the van nodded as they agree. Even, Stevie-Claire.

Back at the Lake House

Vivian wait outside until she saw a familiar van. Sighed, she was. Vivian move aside as the van turn. Henceforth, it park behind to the caravan.

“Took you guys long.” Vivian notices the doors open. “I was getting worry for you guys for not showing, again.”

“Won’t happen.” Cal came after he slams the door. “And, that’s a promise.”

“Glad to hear.” Vivian grin. “I hope you and your family will remember next time.”

“Don’t worry, Mom.” Cal mumbled. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“You better not, Cal.” Vivian scolded. “Don’t forget happen on Easter? Ten years ago?”

“You couldn’t let me forget, do you?” Crossed his arms to his chest, Cal wondered if his mother ever forgive him. “So, where are the Taylor? Are they here yet?”

Vivian shook her head. “No, not yet.” There she added. “Another ten or fifteen minutes. Or, less?”

“I hope our family’s lake house has enough room for them.” Bridget walk out the van. “I don’t want them to stay at a motel.”

“Don’t worry, my dear.” Vivian responded. “But if that’s the case, Cal, why don’t you help your sister getting the downstairs guestroom ready?”

Cal scorn at his response. “Will do, Mom. Will do.”

While Vivian and Bridget watch Cal leave, they chuckle. “You haven’t forgiven your son yet?Have you?”

“Not yet.” Vivian responded. ”Not until the get-together has ended.”

Bridget snorted. “I see, Vivi.” Then, shook her head. “I hope they’ll get here soon.”

“Same here.” Vivian shared their joke together.

Fifteen minutes later

“Are we close, Dad?” Meadow sound anxious. Only to received a laugh from her father.

“We are, Meadow.” Dylan respond. “See Aunt Vivian in front?”

Meadow did. As she watched Vivian wave at them. “I guess we’re here.”

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