Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 3: Asteria Quail

The Taylor family got out of the van, carry their handbags before they grab their suitcases.

“We’re here.” A woman with tan skin and auburn pixies hair walk out as she stretch her body. She dress in a white jacket, red tank-top and white parallel pants. And, black high-heels. “So, how long are we staying?”

“A week or two,” A guy with a decent haircut for his gray-hair. Wearing a gray shirt and dark gray vase, and black pants. Which, matching to his black sneakers and coal-gray socks. And, his black Wayfarer glasses. “Give or take.”

He walks around the van as he open the other door. An elder lady comes out from the van. Her hair tied into a bun. Besides, wearing a sweatsuit, she looks friendly and fragility.

“Careful, Mom.” He tries to help his mother out of the van. “Selene, get Mom’s walker out of the van.”

Another woman appeared, later she run to the rear of the van. She wore a floral design shirt, brown pants and tan loafers. Tied her locket in a French braid. And, open the doors.

Selene take the walker as she set out before she gives it to the old lady. “Here you go, Mom.”

She places the walker to her mom. “Thank you, sweetie.”

“Careful, don’t hurt yourself.” Her son takes his mom’s arms as he holds her. Then, help her walk.

While S.C., Phoebe, and Eddy put their stuff away. They heard a car coming. There they look out the window and saw a grayish-blue van as it park behind their Grandma’s vehicle.

“I’m guessing the Taylor family are here.” Phoebe responded as she looks outside the window. Then, stare back at her siblings. “Should we meet our favorite writer?”

“Heck, yeah.” Eddy shout as he drops his stuff to the bed. Before he left, Eddy turn to his back and said; “Move it, slowpokes. Or, will miss our chance meet her.”

Eddy left the room.Unaware that his sisters are laughing, thus shook their head as they walk out of the room.

“I wondered what stories our distant-cousin is writing?” Phoebe got curious.

“Depends on which one?” S.C., stated. “Novel? Trilogy? Or series?”

Again, they laughed. As they walk downstairs, hoping that they will spend time with their favorite author for the entire trip. Not to mention, a sneak peek of her work.

Outside the house, Vivian came out of the front door. There she saw the Taylor coming from the van as they gather their stuffs. Excited she is, Vivian walk to them as she waves to get their attention. “Hey, you guys made it.”

“Hello, Vivian.” The old woman smile. “It’s good to you. How’s everyone doing, my dear?”

“Well, Cal and Bridget got themselves a hint of trouble,” Vivian explain. “But they got here before you guys. And, I believe the rooms are pick for this summer.”

“Is that so?” She snickers. “I hope there’s enough room for one more family.”

“I’m sure there’s enough for everyone, Aunt Adrianna.” She exhaled. “But I’m positive everyone is sharing their rooms with each other.”

“I hope so, Vivian.” Adrianna sound amused. “If not, there’ll be a problem.”

“Don’t worry, there won’t.” Vivian assume but her thoughts on somewhere. Or, to someone. “So, where’s Meadow? I’m dying to meet her again. And, ask how she’s doing. Plus, her writing.”

“She still writes her stories.” A young woman’s voice appear. She has a platinum with neon green highlight and a pixie haircut. Dress in green-and-black stripe, with dark green short shorts and black tights underneath them. And, brown leather boots with thin laces.

“Winnie, how are you?” Adrianna greets her as she got curious. “Where’s your sister?Is she still in the van?”

“Not yet.” She chuckled as she continues. “She’s now awake. And now, she’s gather her thing. So, it’ll be awhile.”

Adrianna grin as she finds it funny. “Oh, poor girl.”

“Don’t you mean, poor Meadow?” She made a funny comment. “She’s hasn’t got herself ready yet. And, she’s the last person inside before us.”

“Not funny, Winnie.” A second female voice comes. She has autumn-colored hair, braid but messy at the side as a waterfall. With a black shirt with long-wide sleeves and purple layered skirt. And, wearing black ballet shoes. Plus a dark violet satchel around her arms as she carried a black writing pad to the other.

“Meadow, is that you?” Vivian became surprise. She nodded as she replied. “My, look at you.”

While Vivian compliment on her relatives, they’re unaware of three people came from the house. “That’s Asteria Quail?!”

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