Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 4: Introduction Meeting

“Phoebe, Eddy, Stevie Clair. You guys are out.” Vivian stammered as she turns to her grandchildren. “Come over and met Meadow. Or, should I call her by pen-name ‘Asteria Quail’ if you like?”

Speechless her grandchildren are, neither one of them speak or move. Until, someone walks and greets them. “Nice to meet to you three again.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss. Quail.” The three unison said, without realizing.

“Or, should we call you ‘Asteria’ instead?” Phoebe queried.

Meadow giggle at her response. “You might, but Asteria Quail is my pen-name. You guys can call me by my name if you want.”

Phoebe and Eddy acknowledge as they nodded. Expected, Stevie Clair. Staring at her favorite author, Stevie Clair remains silent. Which, got Meadow’s attention.

“Stevie Claire Jones,” she snap from her trance. Then, look back at her. “I’m glad I met you, S.C.,. You’re just a baby when I last visit. My, how you grow.”

“You’re a lot different from I imagine.” Unaware she spoke to her one of her favorite author.

Meadow blink, dumbfound. “If you say so, S.C.,.”

Now, realizes what she spoke and to whom. Shock by it, Stevie Clair became stunned and have no words to say. Thankfully, Meadow knows what to do.

“Well, someone told me I’m a peculiar writer.” She recalled from one of her colleagues. “Guess they were right.”

Meadow laughed. Unaware the expression in Stevie Clair’s face. “How, embarrassing?”

Back inside the Lake House, Meadow and her family tries to find their room. No later, Meadow found her temporarily room. And, begin to unpacked.

While she’s unpack, three curious kids followed and watched her behind the open door.

Meadow snickered. Fully aware she’s followed by her distant cousins as she walked inside. “If you want, I’ll let you three read my work while I unpack. Is that alright for you?”

Meadow heard their gasps. Then, walked to her carrying-bag she places on the bed and unzip.

“There you go, you three.” Meadow take out a couple of papers from her bag and hand it to them.

Overexcited they become, Eddy snatches the papers before his sisters had a chance.

Again, she chuckled. Never in her life, Meadow see the excitement her distant cousins as they fought over her work. As she watches, she remembers something. “Oh, I almost forgot.”

Meadow turn her attention back to her bag and bring three tin-box out. “I have something for you three.”

That comment caught their attention as they stop fighting. “I hope you three enjoyed them.” Meadow passed them each tin-boxes as she calls their name.

Phoebe got the red tin-box. The blue tin-box for Eddy. And finally, the purple one for Stevie Clair.

“What’s inside?” Stevie Clair was curious.

“Well, peel the tape off and open the led.” Meadow instructed.

With no hesitation, they immediately, peel the tape and lift the lid. To their surprise, it was full of sweets. Three cookie bars, different ones (A Date Bars, a Lemon Bars, and a Toffee Bars). And, three plain cookies (Chocolate Chips, Gingerbread (star-shape with seven different colored frosting) and Snickerdoodles), seven each.

“Wow, they’re delicious.” Phoebe comment. “Thanks.”

Meadow smiled. “You’re welcome. And, I hope they are.”

“Where on Earth did you get these?” Eddy agape. “It must costs a fortune!”

She chuckles at his response. “Really, Eddy? Does my baking look that good?”

Awestruck by her comment. They were aware that their cousin is well-known author but a baker as well. This is too good to be true.

“You made this?!” Eddy exclaimed. Only to have Meadow nodded.

“I surprise you, didn’t I?” Meadow smirk at them. “Tell me if you like them?”

Meadow return to unpack. Only to stop by her cousins.

“I didn’t realize you can bake.” Eddy stammer as he looks a way from the treats. “Are you a baker?”

“No,” Meadow chuckle as she put her clothes in one of drawers. “Well, not yet.”

“So, that means, you’re planning to be a baker as well.” Stevie Clair finally spoke. “But what about you’re writing? Are you still going to write?”

“Of course, I am.” Meadow closed the drawer. “Both writing and baking are my passion. Not to mention, my joy.”

Curious what her cousin mean, Stevie Clair closed the lid and shoved inside her backpack.

“Let me get this straight,” Stevie Clair tries to get her facts right. “You’re a writer, but you’re planning to be a baker as well?”

“You got that right, SC.” Meadow confesses as she stacks her books. But wondered why. “Is there a reason why you ask?”

“Just curious.” Stevie Clair answer.

Yet, her cousin got a feeling. “If you’re interesting, I’ll tell my reason.”

Stevie Clair didn’t speak along with her siblings. “PLEASE!!!”

“Very well.” Meadow sighed, deeply. “My grandma, your great aunt, want me to be a baker as well as I am to be a writer. So, we compromise for a moment.”

“About what?” Eddy asked.

“Well, when I was young,” she explained. “I was planning to be a writer. However, spending with my grandma, baking, she assumes that I should be a baker. And, my writing sure be a hobby. That’s why I’m taking baking classes. To keep my promise to my grandma.”

“You must be a devoted person,” Phoebe admired her. “Not just you’re writing but also your family and fans, right?”

“You guessed.” Meadow smiled. “I am very devoted to my work and fans. Not to mention, to my family.”

Astonishes by her words, Phoebe and Edward remain still until Meadow say something. “Aren’t you three going to unpack?”

Snap her distant cousins. “You don’t want your Mom to find you and learn you haven’t unpacked yet.”

Without a sec, Phoebe and Edward immediately, rushes out of the room. But Stevie Clair remain where she stands.

“Won’t it be hard for you?” she wonders.

Meadow turn as she was surprises that one of her cousins still here.

“Well, yes and no,” Meadow answer. “But it doesn’t stop me from doing what I love the most.”

“I see.” Stevie Clair avoid connected as she turns her head aside. Which, give a concern expression to Meadow.

“Is something a matter?” she sound worried.

“It’s nothing.” Stevie Clair replied. In an instant, she turns and left.

Unaware she gives her cousin a worry expression as she watches her leave.

Nighttime came, and everyone is settled. There, everyone meet at the living room. Later, they introduction themselves.

“Dylan. Platt.” Vivian greet before she hugs them. “How are you two?”

“We’re doing okay.” Platt replied. “How are you, Vivian? Is everything alright to you?”

“Yeah, everything is fine.” She smiles, chuckled. “Still struggling at work, though.”

“I see.” Platt chuckled. “Same with my husband. Even, though our older is a well-known writer.”

“I can tell.” Vivian smirked. “Which, reminds me, where’s your oldest?”

On cue, Meadow appear to them. “Hey, Aunt V.”

“Meadow, here you are.” Vivian giddy. “I wondering where you disappear to. Did you meet Cal and Bridget yet? I already know you met their kids, but I need to be sure that you met their parent yet?”

“That’s why I came to you,” Meadow begin to explain. “Have a clue where they at? I need to speak with them.”

“Why? Is something a matter?” Vivian sound concern.

“Yes and no,” she answers, confusedly.

“What do you mean?” Even more confuses than concern.

“I thought their kids would love to roast some marshmallows outside.” She lied. Aware of her relatives’ concern, making an excuse to have a word with Stevie Clair’s parent. “Not to mention, stargazes. Don’t you think?”

“Can’t see why not?” Vivian doesn’t seem to notices. “But why you need Cal and Bridget?”

“Need help with the bonfire.” Meadow answer before she explains. I don’t have enough experience yet.”

“What are you talking about, Meadow?” Platt seem confuses. “You have plenty experience.”

She sighed, deeply. “True, expect it’s my first time in the lake house. Not to mention, where to set it.”

“Oh, I see.” Platt completely understand. “Is there anyway we can help?”

“No!” Meadow exclaimed, realizing what she did. “I mean, the Jones were here early before us, not to mention, we had a long drive than them.”

“She’s right.” Vivian agree. “It was more than a two hour drive for them. I’m sure Cal and Bridget would love to help. I’ll ask them.”

Before Vivian could leave, Meadow grab her shoulder. “Also, I was wondering if you could help me to get the marshmallows, chocolate bars and the graham cracker for the bonfire.”

“Of course, dearer.” She walked away. And, met two adult who sat at the crouch. One clean-shaven male with mustard-colored hair, and the female has honey lockets. Which, she assumes to be Cal and Bridget.

Once they stand from the couch, she watched them leave. Thankfully, she had a chance to speak with them before the bonfire.

“Looks like everything ready.” Bridget stated as she stacks a few final twigs. “Got the sticks, honey?”

“Got them.” Cal answer. He places them on the folding table, then saw someone coming. “And, look who’s here, with the tray of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars. Our well-known writer in the family.”

“Very funny,” Meadow snicker. Then, places them next to the sticks.

“Meadow, you don’t need help.” Bridget smile, as she places her hand on her hips.

“I don’t mind,” she relied. “Also, there’s something I wanted to talk you two. In private.”

“Really?” Bridget sound surprises and yet, interested. She crosses her arms to her chest. “What do you want to discuss?”

“Your youngest daughter, Stevie Clair.” Meadow expounded. “I’m assume she doesn’t want to be here. Are I right?”

Bridget sighed. Cal shook his head, disbelief.

“I guess our youngest met you while you were unpacking.” Cal assumed, as his wife rubbed her forehead.

“I should have figured,” She groaned. “I know my children wanted to meet to one of their favorite authors, but I didn’t expect that.”

“It’s alright,” Meadow smile as she understood. “I’ll do the same if one of my family member is a well-known writer.”

They sighed in relief. “Thank God, you’re an understand person.”

“Same here.” Bridget agree with her husband. Later, she asks. “So, what are you doing with her?”

“Don’t have a clue,” Meadow grin, weakly. “Might need an advice or two. If you don’t mind.”

Bridget and Cal stare at each other before turning their attention back their distant-relative. And, said; “What do you want to know?”

Meadow gently sighed. Before she speaks, the front door was open as they heard the children’s laughter came. “Maybe later.”

“We understand.” Bridget replied.

“It’ll wait.” Cal said, as he places a few marshmallows in a stick. “Get your stick, kiddo. It’s time to roast some marshmallows.”

The children laugh as they run and start roasting their marshmallows.

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