Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 5 : Family Plans

After roasting marshmallow, the family decided what plans they spend for weekends. Even, their favorite outdoor’s activities. “So, what shall we plan this reunion? Any idea?”

“Can we go fishing together?” Meadow raise her hand. Later, she places it back down as she explained. “I find it quite relaxing.”

“Sure, we can do that.” Vivian nodded, writing it down. “Anyone else?”

“Tanking?!” Winnie application, but continues. “Also, swimming and tubing?”

“Yes, we can do that.” She writes them down before she looks. “What else.”

“How’s everyone feel about board games?” Meadow wondered as she explained. “Cause, I bring some.”

“Oh, what games you bring?” Vivian was curious. “Are we familiar with it?”

“Some of them you’re familiar with,” she informed them. “Checker, Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Candy Land. But among them, Jumanji is my favorite.”

“Jumanji? What’s that?” Phoebe asked, curiously.

“Is it really a game?” Eddy added.

“Yes, and no.” she replied. “It was a picture book before it became a movie in the late-nineties. Before they decided to bring the game to live. Expected for a few things.”

“Like, what?” Stevie Clair wondered.

Meadow unable to answer. “Maybe you guys should watch the movie first, before I show you the game.”

“So, movies are in the list?” Eddy wondered, suggested the idea.

“Looks like it.” Sherry see her mother wrote it down. “Beside, mom put it in the lists.”

“Okay.” Eddy sighed. “Is that all?”

“Think so?” Vivian done writing. “Unless someone wants to add their own on the list for anyone to shared with everyone?”

No one speak, which clarify their answer. “Alright, we shall do these tomorrows morning. Now, everyone, off to bed.”

Without hesitation, everyone got up. And, head to bed. The lights turn off as Morpheus welcome them in his world of dreams.

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