Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 6 : Fishing Trip

“Good morning, everyone!” Meadow yelled as she raised her arms in the air. Unaware that she woke the entire family. “Man, what a lovely sight.”

“Do you have to yell?” Stevie Clair groaned as she rubs her eyes. “Everyone is still asleep.”

Meadow chuckled, softly. “True, but the colors in skies are more beautiful when dawn or sunset came.”

Seeing what she meant, Stevie Clair agree with her distant cousin. The colors in skies are beautiful, but wondered why they so important to Meadow. Is there a reason? “Can I ask why your interest in it?”

“Don’t know.” She simple answers. Which, irritated her. “But it’s just a feeling.”

“That makes no sense.” Stevie Clair rub her neck as she closed them.

“It doesn’t,” Meadow informed, still staring at the skies. “You simply have to said it, thought it doesn’t make sense to everyone. Until, you figure what they really meant.”

“Again, that makes no sense!” She snapped, growing tired of her cousin’s riddles and cryptic words.

“Watch your tone, young lady.” Meadow said, without turning. “You don’t want your mother to hear that, do you?”

Stevie Clair stop and realized it. “No, I guess not.”

Fear that her mother will find out and get scorn. Thankfully, Meadow foreseen without looking. “Don’t worry, I want say a word.”

She sighed in relieved. “Thanks.”

But Meadow didn’t stop. “Just promise your watches your temper next time, okay?”

“I’ll try.” She replied, knowing it might be impossible to do. Especially, for a ten-year-old.

An hour later

After breakfast is done, the Jones and the Taylor are getting ready for their fishing trip. Everyone seem excited, expected for one.

“Can I ask why we’re fishing?” Stevie Clair asked, annoyingly.

“It’s relaxing.” Meadow answered, adjusted her pole. “And, also enjoy the view. Not to mention, you guys can go swimming while we fish.”

“Is that why we’re at our bathing-suits?” Eddy wondered why they’re in their swimming-suits. “So we can swim?”

“Of course,” Meadow beamed at her respond. But confuses everyone what she’s wearing.

“Um, Meadow?” Phoebe seems confuses. “Why aren’t you’re in your bathing-suit?”

“Nothing serious.” She simply replied. “I’m just going to do some reading while I fish. That’s all.”

The younger group in Taylor family were confused. Why would Meadow want to read, instead of swimming? It doesn’t make senses.

“Why?” Stevie Clair asked, puzzling.

“No reason.” Again, she replied. “But I did notice a few people read while they fish. So, I decided to try it.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Stevie Clair don’t believe her. Why would someone read while fishing on a boat be so interesting? Wouldn’t it drop her book or pole to the river? Is this a joke to her? She doesn’t know.

“Really?” Sherry sound intrigued. “Is that something new for you?”

“Yes, it is.” Meadow admitted. “I even brought some interesting books with me for this trip. Want to see them?”

“Sure,” she acknowledges. “Why not?”

“Good,” Meadow beamed, bring out her books. Surprisingly, she brings ten. “Nice, huh?”

“Yeah,” Sherry’s impresses. Meadow bring five classic and five modern books. Nevermore by Neil Gaiman. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. The Stone Child by Dan Poblocki. Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Septimus Heap: Magyk by Angie Sage. The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers. And, surprisingly, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. “Nice chose of books you bring.”

“Thanks.” She smiles, widely. Then, an idea came. “Want to join?”

“Why not?” Sherry smile, wondered if Meadow don’t mind borrowed one of her books. “Mind I borrow the Golden Compass?”

“Go head.” Meadow was glad, but curious if Lori want to join. “Lo?”

“Yeah?” Lori turn her head, curious what she wants.

“Want to join reading while we fish?” She added. “I’ll let you pick one of my book if you want?”

“Sure, why not?” Lori agree, walking towards them. “Can I read The Neverending Story? I haven’t read that before. But it sound familiar.”

“Must be from the movie you watch,” she replied.

Lori nodding, agree with that topic. And, grab the book. “I’ll reading it.”

Meadow smile, then look at the kids. “Care to join?”

Stevie Clair couldn’t believe it, Eddy and Phoebe chose to read books over swimming. She doesn’t understand how her distant cousin manages to her siblings to read. It doesn’t make sense.

“How come you guys choose to read,” Stevie Clair asked, while she’s swimming. “Instead of swimmer in the water?”

“My friend watches this Mary Poppins movie,” Phoebe replied, holding a fishing pole in one hand and the Mary Poppins book in the other. “Also, I’m curious what the book has to say.”

“Same with Eragon.” Eddy added. “They say the movie is different from the book.”

Unable to control her feeling of annoys, Stevie Clair inhaled before she dive. While she swims, Stevie Clair wondered what kind of spell did Meadow uses. Besides her books, Phoebe and Eddy aren’t big fan of reading. So, how did she manage?

While Stevie Clair swimmer beneath the water, Meadow continues her reading as she fishes. But her mind wanders, Meadow look at the kids and wondered what stories they had picked.

“I’m surprise that Phoebe and Eddy chose to read,” Meadow was still amazing. “Instead of swimming in the ocean with their sister.”

“Well, I’m not.” Winnie informs her older sister. “Especially, when they want to know one of their favorite authors.”

Meadow chuckled, softly. “You might have a point.”

Winnie notices the tone in her sister’s voice and wondered what’s wrong. “Is something a matter? You sound depresses.”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Meadow replied, hesitatingly. “Its just... I don’t know. Don’t you think it’s unfair.”

“That S.C.’s elder sibling spend with you instead of her?” Winnie commented, without looking at her older sister. Surprise Meadow. “Again, I’m that obvious to read?!” She exclaimed, giving her sister a frighten stared.

“Depends,” Winnie smile, mischievously. “Do you want me to answer truthfully or not?”

Stevie Clair swim in the deep in the ocean. Meadow argue with her sister, but keep a calm in a boat. And, tries not to scare the fishes.

Though everything seem fine to the Taylor and Jones family. Expect, that their peace and quiet was disturbed.

After the argument with her sister, Meadow notices most of the clouds are turning gray. “Is it me or the clouds are changing?”

On cue, Stevie Clair emerge from the deep and climb on the boat. She inhaled, then exhaled. Repeatedly.

“Boy, that’s a good swim.” Stevie Clair was relieved, grabbing and wiping herself with a towel. “And, the water feel nice.”

No one was attention, busy looking at the clouds. “Seems rain is coming.”

“You might be right, Dylan.” Vivian agrees. “But a small one, I believe?”

“Could be,” Meadow concurred. “Even the small rain cloud can be the biggest and dangerous ones.”

Dylan and Vivian got to admit, they agree. “Well, if the weather turns bad, we might end our fishing trip a lot sooner.”

“Agree.” Meadow nodded, then turn and saw Stevie Clair walking. “Oh, S.C., you’re back. How’s your swimmer?”

“It’s fine.” She replied, murmuring. “Like, no one care.”

“Well, next time, don’t swim too far.” Meadow implied, looking back at the clouds. “I don’t like looks of those clouds. It could be trouble.”

“Fine, whatever.” Stevie Clair grab her bag and start heading inside the boat. “I’m going downstairs a minute for a drink.”

“Alright, sweetie.” Vivian response, praying that Meadow’s belief isn’t true.

Sadly, Meadow’s prediction came, a loud thunder got their attention. But lucky, they manage to gather enough fish for everyone’s barbecue dinner.

“Looks like we enough fishes for tonight.” Lori replied. Thunder sound shook them.

“And, not a moment too soon,” Meadow added, study at the cloud before she put her stuff away. “Better head back.”

“Agree.” Vivian putting her fishing rod away. “Come on, everyone. Time to go.”

Without any questions, the Taylor and Jones get ready to leave. Everyone but one. Stevie Clair came, along a fishing pole in her hand.

“What are you guys?” Stevie Clair seems confused. “Aren’t we still fishing?”

“We were.” Phoebe explained, saddle her bag. “But the weather change. There’s a thunderstorm coming.”

“Plus, it might rain.” Meadow added, tucking her book inside.

“But I haven’t fish yet.” Stevie Clair complain for not having a chance to fish for herself.

“If you want, you can have one of mine.” Meadow offered. “I think I caught a bit too much for myself.”

“Thank but no.” Stevie Clair declined. “I’ll catch my own fish to eat.”

“Nothings wrong of sharing.” Bridget implied. “And, no one is to blame. Besides, we gather fishes for everyone to eat so no worries. Okay?”

Everyone agrees. They starting the boat but haven’t trouble start it.

“Something wrong with the engine.” Dylan expounded, opening the lid and check the problem. “It’ll be awhile until we fix it.”

“How long?” Vivian wondered.

“Don’t know.” He replied, scratch his head from behind. “But we’ll be here during the rain.”

“So that mean, I’ll get my own fish.” Stevie Clair glowed, now had the chance to fish.

“I don’t think so.” Meadow explained her reason. “Those clouds are moving really fast. And, neither of us bring our coats for this weather. Best stay inside where’s it warm and safe.”

Before Stevie Clair response, everyone agree and went inside. “Also, I still have enough books to last us until Dad and Cal are done. Plus, I need your results on the stories I made.”

Phoebe and Eddy smiled, running towards their favorite writer. Meadow smirked. “So, how is it? Which one seems promises?”

While they chatting, they were unaware someone became bitter towards a certain writer. And, the attention her sibling is giving to her.

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