Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 7: Thunderstorm

Trying to fix the engine, Cal and Dylan get busy. Especially, the weather came and started to pour. Amount of gusts blow, making the waves stronger and faster.

“Man, this weather is bad news.” Cal huffed.

“Not to mention, the engine.” Dylan complained, trying to get the motor working. “The parts are getting wet.”

And, if it’s not bad enough, the currents become more brutal. The waves shoved as it shook the boat with great strength.

“Those waves are dangerous.” Cal inform him while helping. “They’ll can break a ship into two.”

“Yeah,” he agrees. “Thankfully, we haven’t lift anchor yet. Or, this boat will.”

Cal doesn’t want to think, but he’s worry about his family. Especially, his younger daughter. But assume they’re alright. And, safe inside with the others.

“Hope they safe inside.” Cal seems concerned. Cause, Dylan to look.

“Don’t worry,” He comforts him. “As long as they stay inside, nothing bad will happen to them. Okay?”

“For your sake, I hope so.” Cal is frightened, worry that something bad will happen to them. “I wondered what they doing?”

“Don’t know.” Dylan replied, concentration. “If I have to guess, try to keep everyone calm. That’s include the kids.”

Inside the boat, Eddy and Phoebe grow bored. With numerous waves, they wondered if the motor is fixed.

“I’m bored.” Eddy wailed, laying on the bed. “Are they done yet?”

“Nope, they haven’t.” Phoebe sneered, feeling bored. “Can we do something?”

The adults try to figured. Lucky, Meadow plan this. In truth, she’s planning to play with her sister when they leave. Now, she got no choice.

“Here you go,” Meadow hand them a pad called ‘Mad Libs’ and a pencil. “Not much, but it’ll help.”

“Mad Libs?” Eddy takes it. “What’s that?”

“It’s a phrasal word game.” She explained. “Flip a few pages and you’ll see.”

Eddy did, and notices a couple sentences are missing. Expected, some categories beneath line.

“See the categories?” Meadow smirked.

“Yeah, what’s it for?” He wondered, showing it to Phoebe.

“You see, it’s a two player game.” She begins to explained the rules. “One player asks the other of a specific word or category beneath lines without revealing the context for that word. And, once you’re completed, you can say it out loud. Like, you’re making your own funny comic stripes. Neat, huh?”

“I guess.” Eddy replied, turning to his sister. “Want to give it a try, Phoebe?
“Sure,” Phoebe retorted. “There’s nothing else to do.”

While Phoebe and Eddy give the Mad Libs a try, she went to mini-refrigerate. As she open, took a can pepsi as she open the lid and begin to drink before she slams the refrigerate.

“Thank you,” Bridget was grateful. “That’s really thoughtful of you. Wish we bring something for them to distract during these weathers.”

“It’s alright.” Meadow smiled, then got curious. “But where’s S.C.? Isn’t she in here with us?”

Bridget didn’t realize until now. “No, I haven’t. Maybe she’s at the bathroom.”

On cue, the restroom made flashing sound. Instead, of Stevie Clair, it’s her young sister. Which, they ponder, where is Stevie Clair Jones?

“You don’t-” Meadow didn’t finish, she joined Bridget as they run.

“I think we’ll almost done.” Dylan added, believe the motor is completed. “You better get ready to started the boat.”

“Got ya.” Cal nodded, carefully run to the controller. Unaware that someone was standing on the edge, fishing. Who’s unaware what is happening.

Near the edge, Stevie Clair continues fishing, even if it rains and tides are impossible to stand. But that doesn’t stop a stubborn girl from getting her own fishes. No matter how rough the weather is.

“It should be easy.” Stevie Clair implied while she reeled the fishing line. Only to found her bait is gone and no fish at the end of line. “Seriously? What did I do wrong?”

Furious she become, but ignored and try once more than she places her bait on the hook. And, swing the line to the ocean. “I better get some fish really soon.”

Stevie Clair feel her legs wobbling as she believes they tired and want to rest. “Cause, my legs can’t hold much longer.”

“S.C.!” a voice cried. Before she moved, her legs give up and started to slip.

Just as Meadow and Bridget got outside, it didn’t take them long to find Stevie Clair. Meadow tries to reach her, but someone beat her to it.

“S.C.!” Bridget cried, unaware what her action just did. As her daughter turns, she slips and fell into the sea.

“Stevie Clair!” Meadow run to the side. Not only she’s raising but she’s farther away. Shocked, Meadow doesn’t know until an idea came in her mind. “Where’s the Life Preserve?”

Meadow searches and searches until she finds it hanging outside the wall. With no moment to lose, Meadow tosses the Life Preserve in thin air. Thankfully, Stevie Clair manages to grab it.

“Hold on, S.C.!” She shouted as she run. “Dad! Cal! Start the boat!”

“Something a matter, sweetie?” her father replied. Curious what his older daughter doing.

“We have a man overboard.”


“Stevie Clair Jones.” She immediately answers with a frightening stare. “She’s slip and fell into the water!”

Cal was shocked to learn that his youngest daughter had fallen, possible drowning.

“Did you do something?” Dylan wondered. “Prevent her from drowning?”

“I toss the Life Preserve to her,” she quickly answers. “But it won’t hold her long, especially in this weather.”

“Okay,” Cal replied. “We better-”

A small explosion appear as the motor caught their attention.

“Oh no, not now.” Dylan cried as he searches problem. “This isn’t good.”

“What happen?” She asked.

“The parts are damages.” Her father retorted. “We head for shore and replace them.”

“What about Stevie Clair?” Bridget join in. “She’s still in the water. Don’t tell me, we’re going to leave her out in the sea!”

“We have no choice!” Dylan shouted as he begins to explain. “If we don’t replace them, we’ll be stranded in the sea.”

After hearing Dylan’s explanation, Cal and Bridget has no choice but to leave their youngest daughter.

“Don’t worry,” Meadow tries to comfort them. “Once we’re at shone, we’ll called the coast line. They help us find her.”

“You’re right.” Bridget smile at her. “They can help.”

“You two better get inside.” Cal implied while he tries helping Dylan fixes the motor. “And, tell the other what happen.”

“We understand.” Meadow take Bridget’s hand as they moved. “Come on, Bridget. We have to tell the other.”

As they watch them headed down, Cal and Dylan worked on fixes.

Back inside the ship, Meadow rush as she searches for a radio. While she searches, Phoebe and Eddy stop as they notice Meadow strange hurry.

“Is Meadow okay?” Eddy whispered. “Cause, she’s acting weird.”

“You’re not to only one.” she softly retorted. “Should we ask her?”

Eddy nodded. But someone beat them as they someone talking to her.

“Meadow, what are you doing?” Winnie got curious as she watches her sister wrecking around.

“I’m looking for a radio.” Her older sister answered.

“Why do you need a radio?” She sound confuses, but soon regret for asking.

“Stevie Clair Jones was outside, and she fell overboard.” Meadow explain without hesitation.

Shock to heard what happen, Phoebe and Eddy run.

“Is she okay?” Eddy demanded. Along with her sister.

“She isn’t drowning, is she?”

“She’s fine.” Meadow responded. But can not lie to them. “For now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is my sister is okay or not?”

“She is, I throw the life ring to her.” she explains while she continues to search for a radio. “But she won’t hold long, not in this weather.”

With no time to spare, Phoebe and Eddy jolted up. And, ran where the radio is places.

“Meadow! Over here!” Eddy yelled.

“Oh, good. You found it.” Meadow jolt up as she rushed and turned it on. “Hope they answer.”

After the radio is the turn on, Meadow begin speaking in code. Repeatedly.

Carried by the tides, Stevie Clair remain in attaches to the life-ring that her tosses to her. But it wasn’t enough. It can hold until neither the storm stop or that the rescues will come.

“How much longer must I hold?” she wailed. “My arms are getting tired.”

The sound of thunder clashes, startled Stevie Clair as it woke her. “Plus, this is boring.”

While she drifted, an enormous wave appear as it overshadowed her. There she stared with terror in her eyes. “This is not good.”

The enormous wave clash to her as she sank beneath the sea. As Stevie Clair rises, she loses the life-ring as the waves pull it away from her.

“Glad, just glad.” she huffed. “That’s all I need.”

Stevie Clair begin to swim as she tries to reaches it. But the waves continues pushes it.

“You got to be kidding?!” Stevie Clair sound annoyed. “Can’t this girl take a break?!”

She continues to swim until one of her arms touches the ring. But something happen, her legs suddenly stop as she feels the pain in them.

“Not good.” She realized. “Not only my legs, but my body as well.”

Fear came into her eyes as she started to sink. Very slowly.

“This can’t happen to me.” she gasped. “Not yet.”

The thunder clashes, giving Stevie Clair a fright. She looks up as something caught her attention.

“What’s that?” she wonders as she wears herself out. “Is it my imagine?′

She closed her eyes as drifted into the ocean.

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