Setteprism Book 1: The Rainbow Dragon

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Chapter 8: The World of Setteprism

The sound of waves. The birds screeched. And, a gentle breezes. Stevie Clair slowly woke.

As she groaned, her head started to hurt. “Ow, my head.”

“Where?” She wondered. “An island? How far did I stray?”

Stevie Clair got up. But her legs feel wobbly.

She notices numerous plants that aren’t green but different color of reds. Even, the palm tree is red.

“What?” Stevie Clair puzzled. “Everything is red!”

There she walks. And, looks where she stands. “Even the sand!?”

Her head spin with so many unexplained answers. “Will somebody tells me what’s wrong with this world?”

Stevie Clair walked as she tried to figure where and how she got here. Also, why everything’s red?

“Maybe I read Meadow’s books too much times.” She assumed. “Yeah, must be it. Meadow’s words always transport the readers to different worlds. I wondered how she does it?”

Too busy through her thoughts, Stevie Clair is unaware what’s coming from behind.

“I wondered if I’ll find a native here.” Stevie Clair crossed her arms to her chest as looked up. “At least, the skies’ still blue. Everything around here is red.”


“What?” She turns and saw two crimson-colored knight, pointing their swords at her. And, like their armors, their blades and handles matches. “Who or what are you?”

“We’re the Crimson Knights, young lady.” First knight revealed to be male due of his voice echoes through his helmet. “We should ask you the same question, miss. Who are you? What business you have in Burgundy?”

“Burgundy?” Stevie Clair sound confused. Then, recalled something. “I’m in French?”

“French?” The second knight reveal to be another male. “Where in Setteprism is that?”

“Doesn’t sound familiar.” His partner shared his concern.

Stevie Clair even more confuses. “Setteprism? Where in the UK is that?”

“UK?” they unison said.

“United Kingdom?” She assumes they might figure what she mean.

“The seven kingdom of Setteprism aren’t united.” He informs her. “Well, five of the seven kingdom. Expected, Burgundy and Tanzanite.”

“Clearly, I think we misunderstood one and other.” she implied, massaging each side of her forehead. “Cause, I have no idea what we’re talking.”

“Agreed.” Again, they unison.

“That’s why we’re taking you to Queen Vermilion.“said crimson knight number 1.

“She might know.” his companion implied. But confused Stevie Clair even more.

“Who’s Queen Vermilion?”

“Lady Vermilion was the second wife our previous king, Russet.” The crimson knight explained. “And, the Step-Mother of Princess Fuchsia of Scarlet Rose Kingdom.”

“Scarlet Rose? Princess?” Stevie Clair sound even more confuses. “Am I in some kind of fairy tale or something?”

“A fairy tale, miss?” By the sound of his voices, Stevie Clair assumes she insults him and his home.

“Sorry,” she apologized. “I didn’t mean that way. But what you explain, it sound like something from a fairy tale or a fantasy book.”

“I’m assuming your world isn’t magical, I presume?” said the second crimson knight. “Cause, it sound like your is lacking of it.” They walked beside her.

“You could say that,” she agrees but farther explains. “But my grandmother say that Meadow has a unique imagination in her world.”

“Really?” The crimson knights sound intrigued.

“Yeah, it’s one of her reason why she wanted to be a writer,” she explained. “Heck, she’s well known. And, she has... This strange ability to transport the reader into her world. Like, she has magic, and she places a spell on her writing.”

“It almost sound like she has the talent as the Dixit Scriptor.” The second implied. “And, a gifted one.”

“Trixie Scepter?” Stevie Clair sound surprised and yet, shocked. She wondered where and how he heard her cousin’s first character series.

“No, it’s Dixit Scriptor.” he retorted. Then, explained. “An Oracle Writer, actually.”

“What’s that?”

“A sub-group of writers with the ability to see the future.” He assumed.

“Or, change the world.” His companion added. “In which, they believe.”

“You don’t say.” Stevie is intrigue. “Are they still here?”

“No, they disappear.”

“Really? What happen?”

“No one knows.” He implied.

“Some say they left Setteprism.”

“You’re kidding, right?” She found it hard to believe.

“We should take a break.” His companion implied. “It’ll be awhile until we reach Scarlet Rose.”

“Agreed.” He nodded.

“Oh, good.” Stevie Clair is relieved. “While we’re taking a break, you two explain more about Setteprism and the Oracle Writers. Cause, I’m still confused.”

As they sit, the crimson knights and Stevie Clair became relieved. While they break, Stevie Clair’s mind still with a numerous question.

“So, are you two crimson knight going explain to me,” she questions them. “Or, are you two knight still exhausted?”

“No need.” The first one implied. “We’re continue.”

“Which one you want to understand, first?” The second said. “So, we can explain the other.”

“Let’s start with Setteprism,” Stevie Clair begin. “I want to know of this land. And, why there’re seven kingdoms?”

“That’s easy, miss.” he explained. “Setteprism is divide into seven land, thought it’s one land.”

“What are they?” Stevie Clair asked. “The Seven Land?”

“The Seven Land are the territories of the kingdoms.” he implied. As his companion clarified the seven name’s.

“Burgundy, Kumquat, Candescent, Malachite, Cerulean, Aubergine, and Tanzanite.” he finishes as his companion explains.

“And, ruling them are kingdoms;” he explained.

His companion continues on the kingdoms and where they located. “Scarlet Rose, Burgundy. Dawn Cosmos. Kumquat. Golden Lilies, Candescent, Emerald Gladiolus, Malachite, Azure Periwinkle, Cerlean. Violet Moonflower, Aubergine. And, The Midnight Bluestar, Tanzanite.”

“Peculiar names for the seven lands.” She implied. “But the kingdoms’ name are interesting.”

“Glad it please you, miss.” The previous crimson knight replied. “Next, I presume it’s the Dixit Scriptor. But prevent confusion, the Oracle Writer.”

“Yeah, you guys still have explaining.” Stevie Clair clarified. “What’s important about these Oracle Writers? Is there a reason why they call them Oracle Writers?”

“The reason is,” the second hesitated as he has no idea to explain. However, his companion does.

“They have the power to see future,” he answered. “Or, change the world.”

“What does that mean?”

“Rumors we consider the Oracle Writers has the power to change the world through their stories.”

“The power to change the world through their stories?”

He chuckled. “Sound confusing, huh?”

“Pretty much.” Stevie Clair admitted.

“Don’t blame you.” He stands up. “Let’s go. We got enough rest for now.”

“Agree.” His companion acknowledged. “Besides, we’re not too far from Scarlet Rose.”

“If you say so,” she admits as she stood. But was curious about the Oracle Writers abilities. The power to change the world through their stories? Stevie Clair think it’s interesting and yet, confusion. Do the Oracle Writers have the power? With their stories?!

She can’t decide it’s true or not. But decided not think anymore. Even if she goes back.

“Still coming with us, miss?” He snap Stevie Clair out from her mind.

“I have a name.” She shouted. “And, it’s Stevie Clair Jones. But my friends and family called me ‘SC’ for shorted.”

“Nice name.” He compliments it.

“Let’s go.” Stevie Clair walks passes them. “I want your queen to answer my questions.”

“If you say so.” he replied as he and his companion walked beside her. “And, besides, we aren’t too far.”

“I hope so.” She grumbled. “For your sake.”

True to his words, they reach the kingdom in no time. There Stevie Clair saw it. The Scarlet Rose Kingdom. And, it was a sight.

The kingdom architect is similar to Disney’s 1950 Cinderella and Return to Oz movie. Expected, the entire kingdom is red. But when the sun reflected its light, making the kingdom sparkle in crimson.

“It’s beautiful.” Unaware she spoke as she gazes at the kingdom. “I never see any so amazing in my entire life.”

“I’m sure Queen Vermilion will be please to hear,” said the first crimson knight. “But I’ll hurry. We can’t keep the queen waiting too long.”

“Right, of course.” She nodded, then followed. Curious wondered the queen of a beautiful kingdom is a benevolent and wise woman. But she’ll find out once she means the Scarlet Rose Queen.

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