Girls Rule

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Chapter 2: The Dilemma


“Alpha.” The two guards said as they let me pass into the cellar.

“Let’s question this fool and then kill him. I don’t want him in here anymore.” I growled as I walked up to his cell.

“You and me both.” Zylen spat as we stood in front of him.

“Ahh. The leaders of the Luna Pack. Kind of weird that girls run it.” The rogue mumbled. “At least they are hot. Maybe I can get lucky?”

Colby scoffed. “As if.”

The rogue shrugged. “No harm in trying.”

“Cut the shit.” I growled as I stepped forward. “Why the hell were you on my land?”

“I come baring news that you might think is interesting.” The rogue smirked.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“What’s in it for me?” The rogue asked with a wink as he stared me up and down.

‘I’m tired of his shit.’ Ava growled before I let her take over.

Ava grabbed the bars and ripped the door off.

The rogue gasped and tried to scoot back, but Ava was faster.

“How about you tell us and I will make your death painless and quick.” Ava growled as she grabbed the rogue’s throat.

“O-okay.” He wheezed out.

Ava dropped him and she gave me control.

“Wanna tell us now?” I smirked as the rogue nodded his head quickly.

“I-I have some n-news on Alpha Deacon and T-The Killers.” The rogue stuttered.

My eyes went wide. “Did you just say The Killers?”

The rogue nodded. “Yes. They were last seen in Washington.”

“By who?” I asked as I narrowed my eyes.

“I-I don’t know his name. H-he’s a new alpha.”

“Now what’s this about Alpha Deacon?” Zylen asked as she and Colby stepped into the cell.

The rogue gulped and scooted back a little. “R-rumor has it t-that he is on his w-way here.”

Ava’s growl slipped out and everyone flinched.

“Kill him.” Ava growled as she pushed passed the guard and walked out of the cellar.

“What are we going to do?” Zylen asked as we stopped outside the cellar.

“We need double the patrol. I don’t want him on my land. He is ruthless and a selfish killer.” I said.

“I’ll let patrol know.” Colby nodded.

“Also get the ambush team Zylen. I want them ready.” I commanded as she nodded.

“What are we going to do?” Colby asked.

“Wait for an invitation.” I smirked as Colby and Zylen looked determined.


“I need more land for my pack.” I growled as I slammed my hands down on the map that was laying on my desk.

“I agree.” My beta, Gabriel, nodded. “We have grown since last year. The area is getting smaller.”

“Is there any land that is free?” My Third, Zane, asked.

I shook my head. “But there is a tiny pack next to us. They have a lot of land. Which I don’t understand because the pack is so small.”

“What pack?” Zane asked.

“The Luna Pack.” I mumbled as I circled their land. “We can easily take it.”

Gabriel nodded. “I’ll get the fighters ready. The alpha won’t go down without a fight.”

I scoffed. “She won’t know what hit her.”

‘I don’t think we should do this.’ My wolf, Blade, mumbled.

‘Why? You are always on board.’ I said confused.

‘I know that Deacon. But I just have a weird feeling about this. I can’t describe it.’

‘Maybe they have something waiting for us? Maybe they found out that we needed land.’ I suggested.

‘It could be. We just have to be careful. Something is going to happen.’ Blade said worried.

I laughed. ‘This will be a piece of cake. My fighters are top notch.’

“We are ready Deacon.” Gabriel smirked.

“Good.” I said matching his smirk. “We leave now.”


“Ace.” Zylen said worried as she walked up to me.

“What’s wrong?” Colby asked as she looked up at Zylen.

“We got this.” Zylen said slowly as she held out a piece of paper.

I took it and read over the words.

I growled as I ripped the paper in half.

“He thinks he is so tough.” I growled as I punched my office wall. “Get the fighters ready. I want everyone that can fight fighting.”

“What is it?” Colby asked.

I turned my attention over to her. “Alpha Deacon sent us an invitation.”

“What did he send?” Colby asked after she heard my sarcastic comment.

“Hand over my land or there will be war.” I said as I looked out the window.

“I’m tired of these little fuckers thinking that they can take our land.” Zylen said getting angry. “Just because we are a small pack doesn’t mean we can’t defend ourselves. I’m going to personally rip them all to shreds and fucking enjoy it.”

“We have to be ready for them.” I mumbled as I rubbed my temples. “We can’t let them get past the border line. If they do, it’s going to be harder to defend.”

“He has a giant pack Ace. How are we going to defend ourselves? I know we have some of the best fighters, but not compared to his pack.” Colby said worried.

“I don’t give a shit Colby.” I growled as she gulped. “The size of the pack doesn’t matter. It’s how the fighters fight and how they put their trust in you. We can defeat The Dark Knight Pack. Who the hell cares if we are small. We might be, but we have big hearts and I believe in my pack to defend their families. And I’m not going to let them fight alone.”

Zylen smirked. “There’s the alpha that we come to know and love.”

I winked at her. “You know it. Now let’s get everyone in formation. I want all ambush teams to be alert and get in their positions. I want triple the patrol and everyone who can’t fight in the safe houses that lead to the tunnels.”

“The tunnels?” Colby asked. “We are going that far?”

I nodded. “Those tunnels lead to a big area underground. I want everyone who can’t fight to go to those tunnels. This is a ruthless pack. I don’t want anyone who can’t fight getting harmed. Alpha Deacon is known for killing, so he’s going to kill whoever gets in his way. Let’s try to keep the casualties to zero, but I have a feeling that won’t happen today.”

Colby nodded and ran out of my office.

“Do you really think we can hold him off?” Zylen asked as she stood next to me.

I sighed. “I don’t know to be honest. But I need to have faith in my pack. What kind of alpha would I be if I didn’t and led my pack to their death? I have to try Zy. I can’t give up. I made a promise to my dad that I would watch over this pack and kill the rogues who took him from me.”

I looked over at Zylen as she put her hand on my shoulder.

“I hear ya Ace.” Zylen whispered sadly. “I miss my parents too. But I’m worried about this war. We might get destroyed.”

I nodded. “That is why I’m going to call our neighboring packs. Get their help.”

“Ace!” Colby yelled as she ran into my office. “He’s here.”

“What?” I asked shocked. “H-how?”

“I don’t know.” Colby whispered in fear. “He broke through patrol.”

I growled. “Get everyone to the tunnels now!”

Colby nodded and ran back out.

“Looks like we don’t have time to call. We are going to have to do this ourselves.” I growled to Zylen as we both ran out of my office.

“In case something happens. You’re my best friend Ace. I love you girl.” Zylen said worried.

I smiled. “Tell me after we win this war bestie.”

Zylen nodded, but she looked unsure.

I don’t blame her. But I know we are going to win.

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