Caged Wolf

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The wolves have been captured by humans and separated! They must return to each other no matter what happens. Crane finds his true mate in this terrible place as time ticks and lives are lost. Dusk and Noah's pack have been captured by humans that are referred to as the White Masks. The wolves have been separated from each other in a facility built to find the strongest wolves of them all! The pack must find their way back to each other before lives are lost. Crane is grouped in with the Omega's where he struggles to survive the unimaginable! Hayley is a girl who was hired for her 'gift', really she came for ulterior motives. One such motive includes her long time best friend and wolf hater Joey, who she also happens to be paired to. Hayley and Crane's worlds collide and they can't help but notice the intense attraction between them. How long can they last before they finally realize what they mean to each other?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One: Hayley

It's been three long years since I started this job, three long years of people coming into these facilities but never leaving. I shouldn't call them people I should call them animals, demons, or monsters like the other workers do yet I can't. I step out of the way just in time to avoid being run over by two big burly men rolling another batch of stretchers down and away into the tunnels. I move quickly through the corridors and away from he living units, I'm running behind as I move to the cavern wall and tap a code onto a white stone, the stone flashes green and than the cave wall moves allowing me to take a flight of stairs up. I'm winded when I reach the top and I still have to follow another set of corridors before I reach my destination. I reach the room just as I can hear the trucks rumbling up the long driveway outside. This is the last batch of wolves to be brought in, the very last of them out their terrorizing us humans, they also happen to be the bosses prizes so they have been travelling around with him in comas for the past three years. I slip into our typical white outfit and slap a medical mask over my face, I am the only one who doesn't wear a complete set of gear for this, I can't wear gloves or a full mask it would prohibit me from being able to use my ability. I'm pretty sure the only reason they kept me here is because of this ability, I'm unique they say, an asset, it's all because I can categorize the wolves. I know which wolves are the strongest and which are the weakest, I usually just pretend to hold their hands when really I can sense it within me. I put a collar onto the wolves that are labelled, also by me, with numbers. Number one stands for alphas, number two stands for betas, number three stands for normal pack members, and number four stands for omegas. We categorize them this way so that when they get into the ring we can match them up with other wolves of even strength so that we can really test them and find out who the strongest of them is. The collars serve three purposes, they stop wolves from being able to talk telepathically, they prohibit them form using their 'powers' as I call them if they have any, and they keep the wolves from shifting or changing forms without our permission. This way we can truly route out the strongest from the weakest.
"Hayley cutting it a bit close weren't we?" The head of this institution and the boss of this whole operations wife says to me and I meet her black eyes nodding.
She, her husband, and their ring leaders are the only other ones who don't wear the standard uniform when they aren't our on mission. It if for this reason that they stand out amongst us, the wife has dark black hair that matches her black eyes because she truly is one to be feared. I'm pulled away from my thoughts as the stretchers begin to role in. Each stretcher is brought to me and I label the wolves lying asleep on them. Most of these wolves are pack-mates, this was a pack with a strong bond. I don't say those words out loud because it is information that would only bring more pain on these particular wolves, instead I keep my thoughts to myself as I work. I'm wheeled in two separate sets of beta pairs, I can tell they are mates but I say nothing out loud. Finally I am down to the last four wolves, the first one wheeled in is an adult, her eyelids are scared over with claw marks and my heart clenches.
"Don't feel pity for them Hayley!" The wife hisses in my ears as she reads the emotion on my face with ease.
I nod and simply place a collar around her neck, all adults are to be marked with a number six, and move onto the next one. Next comes a handsome boy, probably the handsomest I have ever seen. This boys jawline is prominent and his white hair is striking. I feel an instant pull towards this boy as he looks so serene and peaceful where he lays, I reach out a hand and brush it along his forehead pushing hair back from his eyes where they are closed.
"They look normal like this don't they? It makes them seem human, but the truth it they are animals, monsters beneath the façade!" The boss, Scar, tells me as he steps up beside his wife.
I ignore Scar's words and try to focus but this boy is hard to read, he feels powerful but there is so much guilt clouding his strength that I can't place it, I tag him and move on but his tag will bother me and end up haunting me later. The last two stretchers come in together and I am flooded by strength that pours off of them without me even touching them. There strength sends me to the ground as my hands shake and sweat breaks out on my forehead as vomit settles on my tongue.
"Hayley?" Scar asks in a sugar sweet voice.
I stand and at this point I'm shaking horribly as I tag them quickly and hope the feeling goes away but it only intensifies.
"I can't be around them, they need to go, the strength is pouring off them in waves, it's like there is a brick wall and I can't get through it it's suffocating me! I've never felt power like this before! These two are the strongest I have ever felt, I can feel it physically without even having to touch them it clouds the air!" I babble a little bit and I hope my point gets across as I try to put distance between me and these two wolves.
"What did I tell you sweets, his girl is special she took two darts to go down Shan, two! She is my treasure!" Scar tells us and my eyes widen, the darts are specially engineered in order to take a wolf down with one hit in a matter of seconds, they are perfect, or at least they were perfect before this girl.
I am drawn to the girl so I move to her and briefly touch her skin, I can't move away now as I look down at her. This girl has hair that is night black and it rattles my bones because it is a scarier shade than even the bosses wife. Suddenly my wrist is being squeezed and green eyes are glowing in my face as she is sitting up and baring her canines at me. The collar buzzes to life as Scar hits his wives emergency button but this girl doesn't go back down right away, her eyes dig into mine like she is looking into my very soul. Electricity burns into me and I open my mouth to scream, suddenly it stops as her eyes roll in her head and she drops letting my wrist go. The reality of the situation hits me, I just went eye to eye with a wolf who was able to wake up from the darts, my wrist aches and instantly it goes black with bruises where her fingers held me.
"Damn, that happens a lot!" Scar smiles smugly.
I stand and work on my bruised wrist as my eyes watch them roll her away, I can't stop looking between her and the two boys. I keep watching her specifically even after she is gone and out of my sight, I can feel her still in my soul such power, it's like she left something in me with that look, some feeling that I will never be able to escape. I try to shake it off and turn my attention to the handsome boy who I was drawn to and I imagine his jawline, I wish he was human. Why do all the good looking ones have to be monsters?
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