Caged Wolf

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Chapter Ten: Noah

"Run!" I desperately scream to everyone in the room as I can feel Dusk's agony bubbling over preparing to explode from her, hell I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm even struggling to keep it from consuming me. The wolves are smart as they flee, I throw an ice wall between us and them trying to block the coming white masks while protecting everyone. Six of the white masks don't get caught by my wall which is frustrating because I can't focus on protecting them as Dusk thrashes against my chest as I desperately hold her to me trying to cool the rage. Danny, Cassie, Secora, Garth, Carl, Tucker, and Crane are safe in a ball of ice to our side, I've even sheltered Hayley and Joey in ice against the wall. I can feel the moment my ice falls apart inside Dusk and she explodes fire with a scream that rips me through to my very soul. I close my eyes as I feel Dusk go slack against me as the anger is expelled out of her. When I scoop Dusk up against me I shield her from view, the ripped apart body remains behind us as Dusk is caked in blood from head to toe. The white masks who I couldn't protect were incinerated in her fire leaving ashes in there wake. Danny, Cassie, Secora, Garth, Carl, Tucker, and Crane sit in a puddle of water watching us wide eyed, my ice wall crashes down in a melted wave of water that soaks everyone. Eyes watch us in pure shock and awe, I'm moving with Dusk in my arms. Any other time being this chard and naked in front of this size of an audience might of embarrassed me but right now it isn't my main focus, no I move with a purpose. Our pack members follow behind me closely as the crowd parts for us with a new found sense of respect and fear. A white mask steps into my path and I let out a throaty growl at him, when he doesn't move I drop him with a squeeze of ice to his heart. No one else moves to stop us as I move out into the hallway making our way back to our r0om. I take Dusk's limp body moving her into the bathroom, she regains consciousness enough for me to help her shower, get clean, and dry off. She is distant as I help her into bed, I kiss the top of her head and that is when she finally looks at me.

"I'm sorry, I killed them, I could've killed everyone!" Dusk whimpers out and tears fall.

I climb into bed as I hold her running my hands through her hair, she cries to the point she exhausts herself.

"You did nothing wrong love, these are bad people!" I finally whisper to her as she begins to nod off in my arms.

Dusk kisses my cheek and then falls into a deep sleep. I lay there allowing her to cuddle me for a while before I pull out from beneath her arms and let myself into the other room. As soon as I join the others on the couch I scrub a hand through my hair.

"She okay?" Cassie asks as she rubs a sleeping Danny's arm.

"She killed them, she could have killed everyone. Don't get me wrong the white masks got what they had coming but that was a lot of power, what if they punish her for it?" Crane asks nervously and my eyes flicker to his as I see a protectiveness there.

"We won't let them hurt her, besides she gave them quite a lot to fear about her." I say as the wheel's work through possibilities and scenarios in my mind.

"At least every single wolf here respects the both of you now, lots of allies right!" Secora murmurs out but her focus is on Cassie who is slumping down against Danny's sleeping form.

"I'm sorry about your mom Cassie, and about Lora. They were good wolves. They didn't deserve this!" Garth says kindly to Cassie and she nods as tears pool in her eyes as she buries her face in Danny's shirt.

We all go silent as we are thinking, a yawn takes me as I used my powers a lot today in trying to help everyone.

"How did you keep Dusk from being shocked?" Secora asks me suddenly as she looks at me.

"I focused my ice all into the collar and the nerves it touched. I guess I froze the nerves or at least numbed them enough." I respond as I think back to trying to keep Dusk from being shocked on instinct.

"What happens next?" Crane murmurs the question and we all shake our heads in response.

"It's been a long day, I think we get some sleep and see what happens next." I yawn again as I get to my feet.

"Do you mind if we crash here? I don't have the heart to wake him." Cassie asks as she absently plays with Danny's hair.

"Yeah sure, Crane your welcome to stay as well since Secora and Garth have already crashed." I toss out as I move into the bedroom closing the door behind me.

I lay down and curl up beside Dusk wrapping her in my arms, my thoughts wander as sleep finds me. I wonder about Reaper, reaper's are rare and powerful, he is the only thing deadly to Dusk and I here and that keeps me on edge. My dreams are deadly, they are vivid, so vivid it actually scares me. I'm trapped in my mind as my body moves through this place, out into the free world again, I am in wolf form surrounded by others stuck in their minds like me. We scream in our minds, scream for help as our legs move without our command and carry us into a small suburban town where we see ourselves slaughter everyone until body parts are strewn across the roads and blood runs like a thick stream into the gutters. I lick my lips and taste the sweet taste of death as disgust rips into my mind and I scream louder. We all turn our heads to the sky howling, only our voices are not our own, they are robotic and controlled. We return to the building we came our of and I watch myself as I climb back into bed curling back up beside Dusk as I close my eyes. Then and only then does the nightmare end, peace comes over me and I am able to escape into better dreams.

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