Caged Wolf

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Chapter Eleven: Dusk

The next day we are up early as Hayley and Joey lead us into one of those rooms with a pond in it. Noah and I try to speak to Hayley but she is diligent in ignoring us today. This time around we are not left alone in the room as a white mask that is built like a giant stands guard at the door. At first I think he is there to keep us in but we soon learn he is actually keeping the long line of wolves waiting to meet us at bay on the other side of the door. One couple is let in at a time and we have to listen to why they'd like to be part of our pack. Noah makes notes on powers and their stories while I simply listen to tell if they are truthful. The day is long and soon Noah is struggling to stay awake as his writing wavers while his eyes grow hazy, eventually I let him nap in my lap as we meet couple after couple, wolf after wolf. I grow impossibly bored making notes and soon I grow agitated as a killer headache is destroying my temple. Finally I recognize the headache to be a product of continuous small shocks from the collar wrapped around my neck, so this is my punishment for yesterday. I ignore it as best as I can until the headache turns into a deep itching ache that I can't help but wonder if they are turning my brain into mush. I desperately try to ignore it until it grows so bad that I itch at the collar as I push my head into my hands willing it to stop, to go away. With a deep shock to my very core the pain intensifies and I grind my teeth as I jump up running as I breath in deeply trying to center myself, trying to convince myself that it doesn't hurt, that there is no pain. I will not beg, I will not cry, I chant the moto over and over again in my head as I will not give them that satisfaction. At this point I have woken Noah, I can feel his anxiety for me as he can feel my pain as if it were his own. Noah nudges me trying to get my attention as he stops my run, I can't focus on him as my head is on the brink of explosion while spots dance through my vision. I curl myself up before him whimpering as I knock my head trying to explain to him, he seems to understand but he just wraps me up in his arms. Instantly the same numbness from yesterday spreads through me filling me as it eases my mind allowing me to take in a deep breath of a sigh of relief.

"The collar?" Noah asks me as I curl into him and the numbness that swallows me.

"They were trying to fry my brain through the collar." I sigh as I scratch at it testing it to see if I can break it.

"My powers can basically make it useless just in touching you?" Noah asks me curiously as he looks at the collar.

"As soon as you touched me the pain went away. I feel nothing now but a little numb inside." I whisper to him as I pull his mouth down to mine so I can steal a thank you kiss.

Now that I'm stable we have to continue on with this stupid pack business, so many couples come and go that I lose track of who they are. Names are not and never have been my strong suit. Noah stays awake holding my hand in his as we make it through the day as we go to dinner settling at a table to scarf down our food like mad wolves. A piece of paper is laid out in front of me with a pen and ninety-eight empty name slots that we are supposed to fill.

"Who do we choose?" I ask Noah in between bites of dinner as he rubs my side with one hand while eating with the other.

"Reaper, poison, wind, Sasha, Danny, Crane, Carl, Tucker, Lily." Noah fires out and we share a knowing look.

Noah and I look around the room sizing people up and trying to figure out who the hell to pick, we want them all really.

"Water?" I toss out at Noah and he nods so I add it.

Dinner goes slow and thankfully we get seconds as my tummy growls for more, finally we come up with ninety-eight wolves for the list and it goes a little something like;

1. Reaper, 2. Poison (Secora), 3. Wind (Garth), 4. Sasha, 5. Danny, 6. Crane, 7. Explosion (Carl), 8. Nature (Lily), 9. Water, 10. Tucker, 11. Speed, 12. Electricity/Storm, 13. Apacomancy, 14. Abjuration, 15. Creation, 16. Imprinting, 17. Dream Walker, 18. Growth, 19. Vortex, 20. Energy Absorption, 21. Acid, 22. Floater, 23. Aggregation, 24. Alleviation, 25. Compression, 26. Amortality, 27. Angel Soul, 28. Animation, 29. Atrophy, 30. Badassery, 31. Banshee, 32. Binding, 33. Blindsight, 34. Bloodlessness, 35. Bone Magic, 36. Botany Inuition, 37. Brain Drain, 38. Buffering, 39. Cache, 40. Camouflage, 41. Chaos Heart, 42. Climbing, 43. Covering, 44. Copy Cat, 45. Cutter, 46. Detector, 47. Disabling, 48. Division, 49. Locating, 50. Elasticity, 51. Doppelgeist, 52. Emotion Manipulation, 53. Teleportation/Jumper, 54. Hypnosis, 55. Light Generation, 56. Storybook Mimicry, 57. Reality Warping, 58. Reality Voice, 59. Enhanced Breath, 60. Sonic Scream, 61. Aura Vision, 62. 360-Degree Vision, 63. Omnilingualism, 64. Enhanced Memory/Photographic Memory, 65. Mediumship, 66. Retrocognition, 67. Baby Detection, 68. Dream Manipulation, 69. Ying and Yang Shift, 70. Vertigo Inducement, 71. Intangibility, 72. Petrification, 73. Paralysis Inducement, 74. Mind exchange, 75. Holographic Projection, and the rest are normal powerless wolves who are mates to the ones we choose.

Once the list is done Noah teases the back of my neck with his lips as I curl up the list and carry it back to our room with us where we set it away for now. Satisfied that I'm done Noah scoops me up and wraps my legs around him as he carries me to the bedroom where we spend time losing ourselves in each other. Time flies and we are about to drift off to sleep wrapped up in each other on the couch when a knock comes at the door, we dress rapidly just as Hayley enters the room.

"I need to borrow Dusk for an urgent female alpha meeting!" Hayley says and I can pick up on her heartbeat racing, Noah tenses behind me.

"Your heart races, do you lie?" Noah growls from my side protectively and I know that he doesn't like this, we don't like being separated especially not when they tried to fry me this morning.

"My apologies I just came form a walk with Joey, we had a disagreement about our upcoming marriage." Hayley rasps out and her cheeks brighten even more as pity digs into my heart for her.

Noah and I share a look, he kisses me hard on the lips before he lets me walk away with her. We go far until we come out into a type of cavern room that is empty.

"So what are you going to do about Joey, how are you going to tell him that you don't love him?" I ask her to break the silence that is building awkwardly as we wait.

She doesn't answer me but she looks at me with a sad face. Suddenly my head is steam rolled by an explosive pain causing me to crumple to the ground, in my heart I can feel Noah panic as he feels my pain. I can feel him start to rip at the door to our room to teach me but he is locked in.

"Noah!" I moan out and my eyes go blurry.

"His powers can't help you here wolf!" Hayley's voice whispers in my ears and I whimper even though I know this isn't what she wants to do.

"You lied! You lied! I trusted you and you have lead me to my death. I have done nothing to you!" I practically cry out as pain claws through my skull weakening me.

Hayley blinks but she refuses to meet my pleading eyes, this causes anger and fire to burst through me. I can only be betrayed and hurt so many times in this life. I am hated for nothing! I have done nothing to these humans to deserve this! I will be killed for something out of my control yet again! Those thoughts fuel my fire and I can feel it licking through my veins to explode form my pours as my neck becomes molten and melting. I am done, this collar will not control me nor will it kill me, I will not allow it to dictate my life any longer.

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