Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twelve: Hayley

Fear surges through me as this crumpled girl explodes with fire and rage. Noah can not reach her here so her flames are pure red and angry as they engulf me. Her eyes lock onto mine and all I can see are flames.

"You lied!" Dusk snarls, her voice sends shivers through my body, it's almost a demonic sound as it causes my form to shake.

I have to use all of my control to not let her see what I am hiding from everyone here, my biggest secret. I press myself against the wall as she steps towards me and her fire scorches me. Screams rip through my lungs as she nears me while my flesh burns. The pain is so intense I know this is the end for me, this is a terrible end. I didn't even want to be here or do this today but Joey convinced me, he convinced me that she was dangerous to everyone so we needed to get rid of her. My clothes, flesh, and hair burn and I can hear the door to the room rattling on its hinges. Dusk wraps her palms around my neck and I breath more flames, black spots dance in my vision. When I'm sure I'm dead she is suddenly her normal self, no more rage, no more fire, no more pain. Carefully she sets my charred body on the floor, her eyes meet mine and they are gentle and vastly green. She takes my hand in hers and I watch as spiderwebs of black run up her arms as my pain eases even more.

"Oh Hayley, didn't they teach you anything about Hellhounds. No, maybe you should brush up on your history here. You see a Hellhound tends to be emotionless yet, here I am unable to kill a liar. You remind me of myself, brave and driven by your beliefs that I killed innocent people so I am the big bad wolf. That is the reason you still live, plus I like you, or I liked you. But seriously, learn some history before you cross the wrong wolf..." Dusk continues on but I become more interested in the fact that she continues to take my pain away from me with a simple touch. This wolf is nothing like what we have been taught, she is nothing like the wolves Joey complains about. Dusk is no senseless killer like the wolves who killed Joey's family. Suddenly something wet drips against my crisp lips and automatically I lick and swallow as sweet forest taste swirls through me as my body feels amazing.

"Good girl. Drink up!" Dusk encourages and I open my eyes to see her clenched fist dripping blood into my mouth.

I should be disgusted by this, yet I can't find it in me to be. Dusk's blood tastes so good and my body is floating like I'm higher than I have ever been before. I close my eyes again and float in the sensations that are taking me. When the dripping stops I open my eyes and I look up to find Dusk who looks away from me, she stares up at the rocky walls around us. Moving I gasp when I find myself perfectly fine, there is no burnt flesh, even my hair flows over my shoulders as though nothing happened. She completely healed me, she healed my burnt form, who the hell is she? The door to the cave bangs open and Dusk stands moving to the far wall where her mate Noah rushes over to her pulling her into his arms. I notice his arms are bleeding as his knuckles are raw and split to the bone, I realize he must have knocked the door down to their room to get to her. I rest my head on the cool floor and squeeze my eyes shut as I try to figure out what I am feeling and what I am supposed to believe. Footsteps echo through the room as people near and then surround me. Joey falls to the ground beside me and drapes a blanket over my naked body, his eyes bore into Dusk's who holds his stare easily. The female leader rushes in to inspect me from head to toe to take in my healed form, she doesn't care that I'm okay she just wants this view of me for research purposes. Joey apologizes to me as Dusk and Noah sneer behind us, all the signs of the girl who healed me are gone as she stares our leader down..

"We are leaving now. Know that you have pushed my last button, I am the one and only Hellhound and if you try my patience I will burn this place to the ground with everyone in it and nothing can stop me!" Dusk snarls and her voice is full of so much malice that it shakes me to my very core.

"We own you, you little bitch!" Leader screeches and both Joey and I stiffen where we are as fear grasps us.

In the blink of an eye leader is smashed up against the cave wall with Noah's claws at her throat. Dusk stands with him her canines bared and her eyes glowing pure wolf. Blood trickles down and out of the white mask as our leader reaches into her pocket to press the button to shock them. Nothing happens. Both of the collars suddenly begin to glow and vibrate red as they melt down off of their bodies exposing their raw necks beneath. My mouth pops open, just as quickly as it happens Noah and Dusk are gone and our leader is on the floor furious. We remain quiet in this cave all trying to handle what just happened in our own different ways. When our leader leaves Joey finally speaks.

"I'm so sorry Hal, I shouldn't have pushed you to do this. I thought I lost you when we saw the flames under the door!" Joey says to me as he pulls me against his chest.

I don't resist, I just let him hold me close to him, I'm going to have to get used to it anyway since one day I will have to let him touch me.

"I'm fine Joey, she healed me." I whisper to him in a soothing voice as my mind retraces my steps through the events of the last couple of hours with Dusk.

"She healed you only after she nearly killed you!" Joey spits and his rage upsets me causing me to suck in a deep breath since he isn't going to like my words.

"Joey she could have just let me die, she didn't have to heal me. It's the same as the other day Noah saved us by freezing us while she lost control and he didn't have to. They both choose to save us. Your not going to like this but the truth is, Joey, these wolves in here they are not bad, they are not monsters, they are the victims and we are the villains here. Don't give me that look, I know they killed your family but we killed there's yesterday, how is that any different?Does that make all of us monsters? Does that make me a monster?" I ask him seriously as I wrap the towel tight around my body and let him help me to my feet.

Silence passes between us and I let Joey think it through since I know this is a hard concept for him to understand, finally his eyes reach mine again and he sighs.

"No you are not a monster, neither are the wolves in here, not all of them anyways. What's happening here is wrong but what can we do about it now? It's too late Hayley." Joey tells me in a defeated and regretful tone.

"It's never too late Joe, we will find someway to help them. We have to or we will be no better than those wolves who murdered your family. We will have blood on our hands!" I insist and Joey seems to nod at my words as if they are sinking into him.

"Okay Hal, we will find a way to help them but, first can we go get you some rest you look beat?" Joey asks me concerned and I allow myself to feel the onset of exhaustion from being burnt alive and then my body piecing itself back together.

I nod at Joey since I don't feel like talking anymore, my exhaustion is about more than just what happened today, it is about this place and its about what it is doing to what is hiding deep inside me. Everyday my resolve to be human and only human shatters a little more as I feel like I am finally finding a family again. If it weren't for Joey and the need to survive than maybe I would give in and let my not so dormant wolf out to join the rest of my kind. I like to lie to myself and convince myself that I haven't shifted in so long that it is no longer possibly but I know I'm wrong because I can feel the wolf under the surface desperate to get out. Maybe one day I'll be able to let my true self show, maybe one day it will be safe and I won't have to worry about Joey hating me and not having a place to go. That day isn't today.

"Shit I dropped my flasher, I'll be right back wait here Hal!" Joey commands as he takes off running in the opposite direction leaving me in the hallway where we were walking.

I let out a small laugh at the prospect of waiting here for him naked except for a towel in a place full of people, screw that. I take off moving slowly down the hallway back towards our room. Suddenly someone comes around a corner in front of me and I get barreled over by a strong body.

"Fuck, are you okay?" A voice I very much recognize asks me as I pick myself up onto my elbows while my eyes find a masculine body leaning over mine and green eyes piercing me.

"I'm fine, just a bit dazed." I tell Crane honestly as he looks down at me with so much honest concern on his face.

"You sure, I totally plowed you over?" Crane asks me again as his gaze is intense on my face and a smile voluntarily plays over my lips at his genuine concern for my well being.

"Yes, I'm sure." I respond as Crane offers me his hand and helps me get to my feet.

It is at that moment that we both realize I am naked as my towel lays splayed out on the ground behind it where it flew when I feel the opposite way. Normally this would be a moment of pure embarrassment but I'm having a hard time feeling any with the way Crane is taking in my body as if he really wants to take a bite of me. His eyes have darkened and hazed as his gaze causes me to shiver and it takes in every part of home. I blink and suddenly he is right in front of me, he scares me and I stumble over my feet in surprise, of course I take this moment to trip over my own feet. Crane catches me as I slide forwards and my hands land on his chest to catch myself and he curls an arm around my back and places a hand on my back to steady me. His gaze falls down to look at me but I don't meet it as my hands take in the powerful feel of his muscles beneath them, I move my thumb slowly and his peck jumps at my touch. He returns the movement as his thumb trails a circle on my back that causes me to shiver again.

"You should tell me to let you get your towel." He tells me in a deep husky voice that catches my attention.

"Why?" I ask him curiously and uncharacteristically boldly.

"I'm having a hard time being good when you are looking like you really want me to take a bite out of you." He teases sexily but there is also a sense of urgency hidden behind it.

"I'm having a hard time convincing myself that I want you to behave." I respond honestly and my own boldness surprises me.

I gasp when he moves into me, he guides my body with his as he pushes my up against the wall, his hands find mine and wrap them around his neck as his head falls into the juncture of my neck. I can feel him inhale.

"Please tell me this isn't what you want. I'm dangerous Hayley, I could hurt you! I could break you with one touch if I'm not careful!" He says and his voice is pleading with me but his body is telling me something else as he comes alive when I put my hands into his hair and his eyes begin to glow softly.

"I don't think you would hurt me." I whisper in his ear and he groans against me as I kiss his neck and trail the kisses up and along his jawline, it's like a spell has come over me.

I'm way outside of my comfort zone but I can't find the normal amount of care about it that I would have.

"I wouldn't mean to, but I could." He practically whimpers to me and I can hear a whine in his voice.

This feels so right that the idea of him thinking he could hurt me actually hurts him, I can smell it then the fear wafting off of him, the fear of hurting me, the fear at the unknown. This is all new territory for him too, he is drawn to me and he isn't used to it. I can feel that he is curious about why he wants me so badly but I can also feel he is terrified because he thinks I am human and he can't have a true relationship with me.

"You couldn't." I whisper wanting him to know that I am more than human but I don't think he hears me as suddenly he loses his control that he was holding onto and he presses into me as his lips come down on mine, the world falls away around us.

His kisses are like promises, promises of a future with me and him, him protecting me and loving me, they tease me and entrance me. Suddenly I can feel him against me and my body reacts without me telling it to as I lift one leg so that I can grind against him, he helps me out by lifting me up and pressing me into the cavern wall which slices into my back but I ignore it. We move together and I begin to shudder as he pulls responses out of my body that I never knew were possible and I do the same to him. I let out a gasp as my world shatters and he groans against me sighing my name. He sucks in a deep breath as his head moves up until he is resting his forehead against mine, he is looking at me watching me trying to understand something within me.

"We need to talk about this, plus I'm curious as to why you were roaming around in a towel." He says seriously and then his tone turns playful as he teases me about how he found me.

I'm about to respond when his nose flares and his eyes narrow, he moves quickly as he retrieves my towel and wraps it around me. Crane then steps away from me leaving my space and suddenly I feel at a loss without him close to me. I want to step back into him but Joey comes running around the corner and his eyes land on us.

"I told you to wait for me Hals!" Joey says to me as he steps into my space shadowing me as if he is trying to protect me from Crane which makes a small smile play on my lips.

"I'm naked and in a towel in a very public place, I wasn't standing around waiting for you Joey!" I respond in an annoyed tone and Joey smirks.

"Don't remind me." Joey whispers to me in a playful tone as I know he is thinking about my body, he has never been quiet about his want for me.

I can't help but glance up at Crane noticing his usually light green eyes have turned into dark thunderstorms as he glares at Joey and I even see his claws pressed tightly together in his fists.

"What is he doing here?" Joey asks me suddenly as he looks up past me at Crane who has put even more distance between himself and us.

My mouth opens and then I close it as I scrape for an answer as to why I am standing here with a wolf, but only the memory and sensations of what just happened come to my mind.

"I ran into a gorgeous girl in only a towel on my way to training and I thought it would be in her best interest that I wait with her since some of us wolves would have control issues when it comes to such a beautiful woman!" Crane explains and his words are like daggers that he is trying to rip into Joey with, but I can't help but smile at them as not only does he call me beautiful he also calls me gorgeous all in one sentence.

"Oh well, thank you." Joey says as he puts a hand on my back outside of the towel and I know it is his way of marking me as his because he isn't stupid he can sense the danger in Crane and he feels as though that danger is on his claim on me.

In a sense it is but I move forward away from Joey's touch as it just doesn't feel right. I am not his to claim. Joey is not the same guy that he once was, he is not the guy I loved and he won't ever be again if he thinks he just owns me. He should know by now that I am one of those girls you have to work for, or at least I thought I was until a few moments ago when Crane shattered that. I should feel like a whore as he leaves Joey and I but I don't, instead I feel satisfied but also anxious because I don't want him to leave me here with Joey. I like his presence around me, I can always feel when he is close. He isn't close anymore as he leaves wandering down the hallway away from me.

"What was that about?" Joey asks me in a slightly amused voice.

"I bumped into him on the way back to our room and fell, he helped me up and was apologizing." I tell Joey as honestly as I can making sure to leave out the steamy make out session that just occurred.

"Oh, that was nice of him." Joey sighs but I can read into him and I can see that he feels threatened by Crane.

I try not to smile at the idea since Joey has no clue who or what I really am and if he did he wouldn't understand when I tell him that he isn't my mate. Not in the way he wants to be anyway, once upon a time I believed he was, but now I know he isn't. I'm pretty sure I know who really is and the idea both terrifies and excites me. My mind flickers back to Dusk healing me and I know that I need to find a time to confront her on what she now knows about me, she would have sensed it in me as I healed even before she gave me her blood. She knows and that idea takes over my mind and a deep horror settles into my gut, the most dangerous wolf in this place knows what I really am. Weirdly enough I get the feeling that she won't tell anyone, she seems to see something in me that no one else does. Thoughts of her haunt me as I continue on back to our room with Joey at my side. When we reach the room Joey's flasher goes off and he lets out a bit of an aggravated huff but I sigh inwardly as it means I won't have to come up with another excuse as to why I'm not ready for what Joey wants. At some point I'm going to have to tell him the truth, but if I'm being honest with myself I'm afraid what he'll do once he finds out. He kisses my cheek pulling me out of my thoughts as his eyes look at me worried and then he turns going off down the hall to do his job leaving me to my thoughts. I let myself into our room and dress in a pair of pajamas, I then crawl into bed and almost instantly fall into a peaceful, dream-filled sleep.

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