Caged Wolf

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Chapter Thirteen: Hayley

I wake to my flasher glowing over my head letting me know I need to get up and go help somebody. I yawn and roll over, I'm surprised to find that I'm not as stiff as I usually am after healing. Quietly I climb down from my bed and do my best to dress quietly, it doesn't matter because Joey isn't in bed anyways. My heart picks up speed as soon as I realize my feet are carrying me down a familiar path, a path that leads to Crane's room. My pace quickens and I'm practically running to reach his room, when I reach it I come to a dead stop as it is propped open and voices are drifting out from inside. I press myself against the wall as curiosity eats away at me and I listen closely letting my ears drift towards the conversation so I can pick it up.

"You should really be more careful with training Crane, we can heal you with blood but if we aren't around than your arm would stay broken and you'd be at danger of being picked off!" A female voice I recognize as Dusk's says in an anxious caring tone.

"I'm just trying to survive this place Dusk, if it means I have to defend my strength against the other omega's and break an arm doing so than I will happily do it." Crane's deep voice responds and his tone is light full of warmth.

"You don't have to worry about that shit soon, once the pack creating starts tomorrow this will all be resolved and then we can focus on how to get out of here." Dusk tells him and her voice is raw in a way that I know I would probably never hear if I wasn't eavesdropping.

"So you and Noah came to a decision?" Crane's voice presses urgently and it is hopeful even though he is trying to disguise it.

"Yes we have, we have already talked to Secora and Garth making sure they are okay with it, besides we get first pick everyday and we all know that our pack will turn down other alphas without blinking!" Dusk sighs and I can almost feel them smiling at each other through the wall.

"I know that I do not deserve this so do not take it lightly when I say thank you! Thank you for choosing to love me rather than kill me, I really did miss you Dusk and I regret what I did every single day. This here and now, our bond it means the world to me!" Crane's voice comes out in a fully open raw tone as he lays it all out there.

His words cause my stomach to feel sick and I almost vomit with it. I thought Dusk and Noah were mates, why the hell is she here talking to Crane as if he were her mate when she already has one? My mind races trying to come up with a solution to this problem that will help it make sense when suddenly the door closes and Dusk steps out into the hallway. I don't have time to run or even so much as move before Dusk's eyes meet mine and she turns towards me.

"You don't look very good." She states simply at me as if me trying to help them kill her and her burning me and then healing me in turn never even happened.

"I thought Noah was your mate!" I snap out before I even get a second chance to think about what I really wanted to say.

I slap a hand over my mouth and my eyes widen but all she does is raise one eyebrow at me. She assesses me then and it feels as if she is looking into my very soul. Suddenly her eyes are glowing as she looks at me and it really feels like I'm being read like a book, and then she sniffs the air and a smile pulls at her lips.

"So I wasn't just imagining things, you really are one of us." She whispers as she looks me over again and this time I know what she is seeing, she is seeing the wolf within me coming out and surrounding me, she is seeing my wolf aurora like I can sense hers and feel the strength of it.

"Are you going to expose me?" I ask boldly and square up my stance ready to try and take her on depending on her answer and she looks at me actually laughing.

"No, I'm smarter than that. One of us working for them could work out for helping us find a way to escape this place. I can see it in you that you want to help us, you just don't know how. Figure out how Hayley. Until then you can be my inside girl, our little secret!" Dusk smiles at me then and her smile is contagious as I can feel a grin curl onto my lips.

"I can work with that, I've already been talking to some of the other workers here who do the same job I do and they know that you are not the monsters in this situation, they want to help. Maybe we can set up a meeting of all of those who want to help and you and Noah?" I suggest and my heart feels a little bit lighter in this moment because I'm starting to do the right thing, I'm starting to accept things about myself and in order to do so I need this she wolf and her pack.

"We will meet once the packs are formed and they move us into the cave. I want all of us wolves to escape not just my pack and I can only make that happen if we are all on the same page." She says honestly to me letting me on the fact that she knows information that she isn't supposed to.

"How do you know about the cave plan?" I ask her and she smiles brighter.

"You are not the only one who can eavesdrop." She replies back to me and then she turns to leave me where I stand.

"By the way, Noah is my mate but I love Crane like I love all the members of my pack. Him and I have a lot of history but not in the way you think. It is better if I let him explain but please do not think for one moment longer that Crane and I are mates!" Dusk growls at me and her voice is both serious and teasing as it slightly confuses me but I just nod at her and let her walk away.

Once she is gone I turn and head for Crane's room like I was originally supposed to. I already know I have no job to do because of Dusk but still I want to see him, maybe I can work up the courage to tell him the truth about me. The truth that now Dusk only knows partially of. She thinks I am like her and the rest of them but I am and I am not. It is true I am a wolf but I have been shoving my wolf side down for so long that I am no longer sure I am even able to shift because I can no longer feel the need to shift. Or at least I didn't until this moment and it shocks me, suddenly my world is turning upside down and I want to be what I have always pushed away and hidden. I want to be true to myself and I'm not even sure I can anymore.

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