Caged Wolf

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Chapter Fourteen: Crane

My arm still aches from where it was broken by a hungry omega even though Dusk just healed me. Normally the omega's know not to bother with me since they recognize that I don't belong with them, I'm not one of them. Today they got ballsy, they were testy and my arm paid the price for it. I run my fingers over the puckered skin that has scarred slightly from the depth of the injury just as my door opens. I loop up expecting it to be Dusk coming back to mention more to me but it isn't. Instead my eyes meet Hayley's and my blood instantly burns a little hotter through my veins.

"I'm already all patched up." I tell her not trusting myself to talk about what I really want to talk about yet.

She sucks in a bit of air as her eyes focus on mind and she closes my door behind her.

"I almost died today. I pissed off the wrong wolf and she burnt me to a crisp. She had every right to kill me since I lead her to a room where I was supposed to supervise the collar shocking her to death as punishment. Instead she healed me, I don't fully understand why. I know you are not monsters and what is happening here is wrong but still, I'm not sure how to feel about the whole mess." Hayley rambles out suddenly and her one hand moves through her hair as if to make sure this is reality and not just a dream.

"It is killed or be killed here Hayley, however, we are capable of recognizing when one does not deserve to die. You do not deserve to die and my sister, Dusk, knew that when she healed you." I explain and again I find myself wondering why I feel the need to have this human girl understand us.

I want her not to hate us, I want her not to hate me and that thought causes me to frown since I have never cared about a human before not in this way. Hell, I only thought mates could care for each other in this way, especially in the sense that I feel this pull to her like a mate should. A thought pops into my head and I chase it away because it can't be possible, it is unheard of for a wolf to have a human mate.

"Dusk, the Hellhound, is your sister? I don't sense a family bond between the two of you so how is that possible?" Hayley questions her voice both full of awe and suspicion.

"I was not a very good brother, I believed in the wrong people and it cost me my family. My sister." I explain as I turn my face away from her as my betrayal will always bring me to tears.

"Trusting the wrong people is dangerous." She states simply and I can tell those words have many meanings to them.

"I trust you Hayley when I really shouldn't." I tell her giving myself over to the truth that even though it will never happen between us, this human is my mate, my true mate.

Her eyes widen at my words and she wets her lips, the strongest urge to kiss those lips overtakes me again and I do my best to resist it since I've already given in once.

"You are an odd wolf Crane." She states as she looks me over taking me all in and I revel in the fact that I can sense she likes what she sees.

"Odd or human?" I toss out and this really grabs her attention as she looks at me.

I know I've pressed her so I give her some le-way as I allow her to stand in silence as she assesses my words and thinks about her next ones. I will her to give me some trust, I will her to see beyond the enforced beliefs. I will her to see the truth about us. I will her to see me, I never wished for something so badly in my life before.

"I'm drawn to you Crane, I have secrets the could cost me my life if they come out so I can't tell them to anyone, not even you, yet." She trusts me with these words as she looks up at me from where she stands and I try not to let my heart squeeze because she has let me in, she has choose trust me with even this bit of information and that is a big win in my books.

Her words let me know that I am not the only one feeling the mate bond even if we can never fulfill it. Somehow Hayley as a human has the ability to allow her to feel that she is my mate and I am hers.

"On day when you are ready to tell me everything I will be waiting." I reassure her and that seems to make her smile.

"Is your sister going to take you into her pack tomorrow?" She questions suddenly switching topics and I know she is done talking about whatever she is hiding from us all.

"She is, you know I don't know how it is possible since I've never heard of it before but Hayley I want you to know you are my mate!" I decided to tell her the truth as my words come out breathy for fear carries through me at my confession.

"I know Crane, and you are mine." She smiles at me without hesitation and that stalls my heart out for a moment causing me to forget how to breath and I see black dots before I catch myself.

Hayley just looks at me gauging my reaction that's when her words really sink in. I am her mate, she is claiming me as her mate and that means she knows about wolves and our ways. She understands them in a way that no normal human should. Even Noah didn't understand our ways this way when he was human. I don't tell her what I am thinking out loud because I get the feeling this is the secret she is keeping from everyone, she is secretly one of us and they can't know. A fierce sense of protectiveness surges through me and I won't let them hurt her, they can't find out until she is ready for them to. I'm about to say something when suddenly something attached to her wrist lights up and flashes. She let's out a large sigh and looks down at it angrily.

"I have to go Crane. You know the truth I can feel it, I don't even know if it is within me anymore to be honest with you. The thought that it isn't terrifies me because it will mean I can't be with you, it means I am truly not one of you and I'm not every going to be ready for that. However, I am ready to find out if I can be with you or not. I'll be back tonight, for now good luck today!" She tells me and then she turns and is gone out the door before I can say anything to her.

My heart is racing in my chest and I know that I need to talk to Dusk about this all, she'll know how to handle it but first I need to gauge how much she knows about this situation. If she healed Hayley than she probably knows what she is since she would know that the amount of blood she used wouldn't have been enough to heal her on her own. Today is the first choosing ceremony so I can't find Dusk and Noah until after that, but I will find them I will figure this out.

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