Caged Wolf

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Chapter Fifteen: Dusk

By now we have met almost all of the pack mates we have picked and we've learned about their lives before this place. Every wolf we have meet has known my legend, they all respect Noah and I since they know what we were doing before we were brought here. Today was the first ceremony to pick on pair of mats and as a pack we agreed on who to choose since he was in the most dire situation. When we called Crane's name today all eyes were on him since many believed him to just be another omega, no they view him differently. Every wolf here knows who Crane is and what he did, they also know that we respect each other and are as close as we were before because Noah and I picked him first. Crane has become a member of our pack and our pack-mates have come to accept him as they would any other, this place really has changed us already. As the pack files out of the room Crane holds back and he paces around the room as he runs a hand through his hair over and over. Finally when everyone has filed out he meets mine and Noah's eyes from where Noah snuggles me on the couch.

"All right don't wear out the floor, take a seat and talk to us!" Noah commands as Crane continues with his pacing, at Noah's words Crane automatically takes a seat and gives a huff.

"Promise not to laugh?" Crane murmurs after several more moments of silence.

"Promise." Both Noah and I say at the same time.

"Alright, so, um, how do I treat a human?" Crane bursts and his face blushes bright red.

"How do you mean?" Noah asks prodding for more as he and I share a knowing look since I filled him in on Hayley earlier.

"I mean like, I like this girl but, I don't know how to work things like that with a human..." Crane trails off as he looks between us and blushes all over again.

"Human emotions are basically the same as ours, just without the wolf. However we are much stronger." I start off and Crane seems to grab onto my every word.

"Strength makes sexual things next to impossible. Kissing is okay but you can't lose control at all or you risk hurting her. If you are one hundred percent sure you can be gentle than you are okay but humans are fragile and they break easily. Sex is off the table all together!" Noah continues to explain for me and Crane continues to nod while I think of mine and Noah's first kiss when I bit his lip.

"Does that mean that it's not possible for her to like me in that sort of way?" Crane asks softly as he looks away from us.

"She can want sex, she can want you in that way but if you were to act on it your strength would kill her." I explain and his eyes widen.

"So technically it's unfair of me to pursue her because I couldn't give her a normal relationship?" Crane questions and an air of sadness wafts off of him.

"Technically. But if she wants you and you want her than perhaps even the smallest relationship is worth it. Hell, it worked out for Dusk and I so anything is possible!" Noah tells him positively and that boosts his mood.

We all share a small laugh over the topic and then Crane gets up to stretch and leave. I don't want to let him leave yet, I'd like to call him on his bullshit for being a member of this pack and not telling us everything.

"We know she isn't a human Crane, she is a wolf like us, she is a wolf who has shoved her wolf deep down inside of her. So far down that it might be gone forever but she is still one of us no matter if she can shift or not. Her strength will return to her and you can have a normal relationship, just give it time." I start off in a tone that suggests I'm feeling a little betrayed but in the same sense I understand.

"You really mean that?" Crane asks us as he turns back around with an ounce of surprise.

"We do!" Noah smiles at my brother and he beams back at him with a new hope in his eyes.

We share a group of hugs and than Crane leaves us to go and do some training to get ready for when the rest of the pack joins us.

We've decided we are all going to squeeze into this little room for now and the closest rooms around it so that we can attempt to be a proper pack even though I'm sure they have a plan for us that will happen before than. Noah yawns and I take into account how tired he has been lately, it is almost like he isn't getting any sleep at night. I've been sleeping rougher and rougher lately but I can't figure out why, just the same as I haven't been feeling well.

"Who ever thought your brother might fall for someone who is in a similar situation as you and I were when we met." Noah murmurs and he kisses my neck and teases my skin with his lips.

My thoughts are quickly side-tracked as Noah nibbles at my neck and moves my shirt so that he can nibble down and along my collar bone. I move my head allowing him more access as a small moan comes from my mouth. He skims his teeth along my skin and nips deep enough to draw blood at the same time that he sucks at the wound so it will heal but leave a hickey like mark. Wolves don't normally get hickies or have marked skin because of how quickly we heal so this is one of the most possessive actions a wolf can take to create a visual mark.

"Noah!" I moan when he does the same to the other side of my neck and he chuckles.

Slowly he works my shirt up and over my head as he runs kisses along my skin. Pleasure aches through me and I rip his shirt open giving me his bare skin.

"Dusk." His voice comes out hoarse as I stand and shimmy my pants from my body.

His eyes roam my nakedness and he skims my hip with his fingers. I tremble and unbutton his pants as they slide down over his hips. When he steps out of them our lips come crashing together and his hands tangle in my hair as I run my claws down his chest. He pulls back and his eyes bore into mine.

"I love you and all your beauty Dusk!" Noah smiles as he looks at me and brushes his thumb-pad across my cheek removing a lost eyelash from my skin.

"I love you too Noah." I smile as he kisses me again and this kiss is a deeper kiss that spells out Noah's hunger for me.

I smell a strong waft of dominance from him as suddenly he pulls away from me and gives me a mischievous smile. Before I can react he has me flipped around and bent over.

"Is this okay?" He asks me before he enters me.

"Yes." I rasp out and then he moves causing a new feeling sending us both through bliss as we lose ourselves in each other.

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