Caged Wolf

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Chapter Sixteen: Crane

A couple of weeks have passed and I'm still taking in what Dusk and Noah have said. The way I'm feeling is going to be utterly new for Hayley since she hasn't experienced anything wolf with hers buried so deep inside of her. I never thought I would find my true mate after I lost Fiona. Technically I still can't act on it but I'll be damned if I can't hope maybe it will work out like Dusk said it would. I head back to my room to change before I have to go and do one of the packs grueling workouts, I need to be strong for what is coming, I pull my shirt over my head and am tackling my button on my pants when I hear a small noise coming from my bedroom. I'm so deep into my own thoughts that I missed Hayley's scent in the room, it isn't until I bump into her coming out of my room that I recognize that she is here in my space again. She bounces off my chest and I catch her before she stumbles. When I'm sure she's stable I let her go even though I don't want to, her eyes flicker over me as they scan my bare chest and my half-open pants hanging from my hips. I don't call her out on staring at me, instead I simply smirk as it feels so good for her to look at me this way. When she blinks and meets my eyes again she blushes and it takes a lot of concentration to remind my lower body parts that that's not what she wants right now, I have to behave.

"You weren't in when I knocked so I went ahead and changed your bed sheets." She blurts out suddenly and goes an even deeper shade of red than she was before.

I take in a deep breath and inhale her scent, god that scent. She's standing so close to me that if I moved forward my lips could be on hers and tasting her, I really like the taste of her. Her eyes flicker to my mouth but she doesn't move and I know she is thinking about the stolen moments we've shared these past couple of weeks.

"They are moving you all down into the caves tomorrow, I just wanted to tell you and say good luck!" She murmurs but her eyes are still focused on my lips and I can feel the want coming off of her.

"Will you miss me?" I ask bravely and that catches her attention pulling her eyes up to meet mine.

"You know I will." She responds allowing a small smile to play on her lips and a buzz shoots through my blood.

"Good, cause I'll miss you too!" I smile and she steps closer as my body size engulfs her.

"We won't have to miss each other much, I'll be working in your pack home and providing feedback to the facility about your progress as a pack. Or in other words I'll be there to help with whatever plan it is Dusk has worked up." She says and she moves into me as excitement shoots through me that I continue getting to see her.

"This really isn't fair of me, I can't give you what you'll crave. I can't be the type of guy you need. I am a wolf and you have yours shoved so far down that you are practically human, I could risk hurting you!" I stumble out as she presses her body into mine and when she flinches a little I know my words have offended her but she needed to hear them.

"It's not fair to you either. I'm not the strong female wolf that you need Crane!" Hayley whispers to me and her words push me over the edge as fear creeps into my chest.

I crash my lips down on hers as gently as I can and her lips are so plump against mine. She opens up for me and our tongues intertwine. Her hands tangle in my hair and a groan escapes my lips, the urge to press her into the wall scrapes against my skull as the wolf within me begs me for more. It begs for what we have already experienced in the hallway that day. Her hands touch me and her body seems strong suddenly against mine as she moves us to the wall and lifts her legs to wrap around my body. She is in control over us now as she moves things along and slowly grinds against me. Suddenly I taste blood and I spring away from her with sheer terror digging into my soul. I realize my canines have come out and I bit her lip as my eyes glow with the need for her. I swipe my tongue over my teeth and force them to go back to normal. Hayley wipes her lip and blood stains her palm red causing me to turn away as remorse fills me.

"I'm sorry, I hurt you! I can't control myself." I whisper as I press my palms into my wall by the door as my blood still runs hot with the need for her and I need to calm myself down.

"Crane, it's just my lip, it's healed already." Haylay coaxes behind me but I don't turn to her.

"It's just a lip now but what if I hurt you worse? What if I didn't stop and couldn't control myself?" I growl out as anger and frustration flash through me.

"You wouldn't hurt me Crane!" Hayley says as he wraps herself around me in a bear hug that creates a new sensation in my chest, one I haven't felt in a very long time.

Noe one has held me like this since the day I got my parents killed. My mom was the only one who ever comforted me in this way, she was the only one who would comfort me. Now Hayley is doing it and I am breaking inside, I have to give her credit for being brave and some of the tenseness lips from my body.

"You are a brave person Hayley." I murmur as I allow her to continue to hold me.

"I'm not sure how things will work after tomorrow so I would really like to stay right here with you. We will just sleep but I need to be here with you!" Hayley says and the way she says it has me nodding before I even think about it.

We end up laying together in bed as I decide on skipping training, Dusk will understand. At first I lay away from her but she doesn't want any of that, she moves into me and I wrap my arms around her. Soon enough I drift into my first ever peaceful sleep here. No nightmares about my parents bother me, Hayley seems to ward them off. Blissfully I thank her for that as good dreams take me away.

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