Caged Wolf

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Chapter Seventeen: Hayley

Crane sleeps away most of our time curled up together but, I can't sleep. I am so consumed with worry, I know they will be around to collect the wolves soon it is getting later in the night now. I need to do my round of sedation's so that they can pick up the wolves under my name. I start with Crane as I sedate him while he sleep so that he will not wake to the horror of being crated and moved, he will sleep right through it all to wake up in the caves. I should have left Crane's room hours ago but I make up some excuse as to why I'm here when the crew comes for him. The truth is I couldn't make myself leave him like this. I'm so worried, this place is full of lies and deceit. Moving the wolves could just be another lie we are told. For all I know they could really be killing the wolves off like they did the adults, it takes all of my composure not to run after Crane as they crate his sleeping form away. Crane twitches in his sleep and his face is no longer the peaceful mask that it was a few moments ago.

"Are you ready to have to live among the scum?" Joey snaps in my ears but I know his words are mostly empty as we have already discussed what will happen now, this conversation is planned.

"I'm not sure we're going to be safe among them!" I grumble and his eyes meet mine as they widen due to my double meaning.

"Should we try to convince our leader not to send us?" Joey questions but I hear his true question loud and clear.

"No we had best be loyal to the cause. Staying here in safety would be cowardly." I reply stiffly and set my jaws as if I'm proud of my words.

The white masks in the hall smirk as there masks shift letting us know they are believing my words. I figured he would be eavesdropping and I was right. Joey and I wander back to our room and pack up for our journey. Thankfully there are no bugs or anything here, the white masks trust us fully, today it pays off for us. A bunch of people pile into the small room and my eyes widen at just how many of us there are that want to help instead of hurt.

"Are we going to be safe among them?" A younger boy finally pipes up breaking the silence and the whole group anticipates an answer.

"We will be living in the main houses per pack via the tunnels beneath the cave. I can't be one hundred percent sure of safety when it comes to all of the alpha's but I do know we are safe living in Dusk's cavern home. That pack will not harm us, they will pick that place, I know it. The other alpha's respect her and Noah, we are safer there then we are staying here!" I call out and the group soaks up my words as if they were sponges, I even have Joey's full attention but his gaze is different than the rest.

"She tried to kill you, how can you be so sure we are safe to trust her?" Joey questions me and in that moment I can feel the weakness flooding from the group at his words, he just tried to undermine me and I know why.

So, Joey is pissed that I didn't tell him how deep in with the wolves I am.

"They are not monsters, they have humanity. Dusk showed me mercy when she healed me even though I deserved death. We do not deserve death, they will judge us on that and see we are not enemies!" I exclaim and I have reclaimed the group as they cheer.

Once we are packed up we are on the move to new hope. I glare a Joey once before I move to the front as this new world will set us free of the white masks. We as a group can help the wolves without punishment, we are heading towards safety. I am heading to Crane and a new life. Joey seethes behind me because I haven't told him everything but I'm afraid to lose him when he learns everything. So much has changed in so little time between all of us.

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