Caged Wolf

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Chapter Nineteen: Crane

I find a room to settle down in on the fourth floor as I slip under the covers closing my eyes. I'm about to fall off into sleep when my door opens and closes. I am instantly out of bed prepared to attack my intruder. I bare my canines and flick my claws until my brain starts working as I see Hayley's eyes widen when she turns to me causing me to drop my stance. I move to her crushing our lips together happy to see her, she runs her hands into my hair causing me to shudder with the way it feels. Carefully I pick her up and settle us on the bed side by side. Her eyes wander my face and an edge of curiosity comes off of her.

"Can... can I see you canines?" She whisper and her request surprises me.

I focus and slowly allow my canines to extend. Hayley gazes at them as she runs her hands down my jawline and cheekbone. I let out a low moan when she traces my features like this. Her fingers twitch and my control wavers as my eyes begin to glow causing her mouth to form a little 'o' as she simply curls into me. I inhale her scent to calm myself.

"I've never even seen my own canines before, there is so much I don't know about myself that I want to but, I don't know if I'll ever be able to." Hayley whispers and her voice if full of a sadness that hurts me.

"Can we trust the group of people you came here with? Are they allies?" I question her to take her mind off of the problem that is not solvable right now.

"Yes you can, they are good people who want to help!" Hayley responds and I want to push her on the matter since I'm doubtful but I decide not to.

We lay side by side quiet for a while, I'm restless even though I should be tired. I'm struggling to share her trust for the other humans here, her friends or allies as she called them. After all they helped put us in this place, why now would they want to help us escape? Why now of all times should we trust them?

"Do you want to meet them?" Hayley asks suddenly and my eyes widen at how well she was able to read me.

"Do they know about what you really are?" I ask her just so that I make sure I know what page we are on when it comes to talking to them.

Hayley shakes her head at me in a response and I nod that I want to meet them. We climb up off of the bed as she takes my hand leading me out down a narrow hallway, that I didn't even notice before. The tunnel twists down deeper into the cavern than any others we have explored, eventually we come out into a large room full of beds and people. I notice a small couch plus TV are tucked into a corner and take note that though we have no TV's they have given the humans access to one which could be useful. I can see a bathroom across the room and showers to my left, I try not to growl or look intimidating when all the human eyes turn to Hayley and I. Instead I take a step in front of Hayley to protect her from their accusing gazes.

"Hey guys!" Hayley calls enthusiastically behind me and she slips around me moving into an embrace with Joey who looks at me over her shoulder.

"Hals." He says as he smiles pulling her into more of a crushing hug than an embrace and I stiffen at the smell of hormones pouring off of him for Hayley.

I do my best not to snarl at them until Hayley moves back to my side and I can relax a little, this used to be so easy, once upon a time I could have mingled with humans without any of the anxiety that fills me now.

"What's the occasion?" A girl calls as she hops down from one of the beds and moves to join us, I feel the leader like way of her and conclude other than Hayley she is the alpha of the group.

My heartbeat picks up, I haven't been around this many humans in a long time, they could betray me, they could attempt to hurt Hayley. That thought makes my blood boil and I know I'd kill them if they tried to hurt her, my heartbeat races even more as a panicky feeling starts to crawl over me.

"Crane here wanted to know for himself if we want to help them, they have some trust issues understandably!" Hayley smiles at me and gives me a wink, I can't help but smile as the panic feeling becomes slightly subdued.

"We are done with the white masks and their lies!" The girl snarls out, the disgust for them in evident in her voice.

"They lied to us about your kind, you are not monsters!" Another voice hollers out and this time it belongs to a guy as I watch him nash his teeth.

"What is happening here isn't right and because of it so many innocent people have been slaughtered and will continue to be. We must do what we can to save the rest of you before it's too late and we wreck any chances for peace." Another wiser voice booms and this one belongs to an older gentlemen that surprises me, it has been so long that I forget sometimes all of our elders are gone and never coming back.

I focus on all the heartbeats in the room and all but one is truthfully steady, each beat is truthful but one. My eyes flicker to Joey and I scowl as I hear the lief in his heart. Hayley looks at me concerned as I know I have suddenly gone very deadly and they can all sense it. I step forward and the crowd parts letting me approach him, Joey doesn't cower or even flinch from as I get in his face. His scent is the only thing giving away his fear of what I'm going to do. I flash my eyes and suddenly Hayley wraps her arms around me, her touch clams my raging wolf as my eyes go back to normal.

"Please, Crane!" Hayley whispers against my back as her lips brush the back of my neck and I hear her loud and clear.

I take a step back from Joey and hear little gasps around the room as I turn to give Hayley a look that promises I won't hurt him. I just need to know why he lied, why he lied to Hayley. I turn back to face him again and he wears a sort of green look.

"Why are you the only one who lied? You are not here to help." I manage to question in a calm voice as Hayley rubs her thumb on the back of my hand.

"I didn't lie! I didn't lie Hal!" Joey states and then he looks at Hayley as he restates his newest lie.

"Crane can hear your heartbeat Joey, he knows if your lying. It would be best to be honest before I let him go at you and take it from you!" Hayley responds in a cold voice that has Joey flinching away from her.

It is obvious that Joey thinks he loves Hayley therefore he is doing the right thing for her but he isn't. Joey is here to spy on this group and us to take information back to the top. Joey is a spy who isn't here to help, he is here to hurt. Why, I'm not sure but, what I am sure about is that this information will break Hayley. I can tell she once loved this guy and here he is betraying her, betraying us. I can deal with him but maybe Hayley shouldn't know the truth, I don't want her to be hurting but I can't protect her from this.

"Maybe we should let this go until later." I suggest as my eyes meet Joey's and he blinks a few times over at me knowing my words have a double meaning to them, I will deal with him later when Hayley isn't there to watch.

"No, he has no right to lie to us!" Hayley demands and the growl in her voice shocks me.

It was a growl that we all caught and it causes crazy hope to bubble in my chest that her wolf is coming back out.

Suddenly I feel the anger leak from Joey and I brace myself behind Hayley as I press my body against her back hoping to save her from what comes next.

"Fine Hayley. I'm not a good guy but, I'm doing what I am for you. You are confused and tricked by this wolf, he is taking you from me. The leader was worried that there was a group of workers planning to help the wolves escape so after I named every last one of you we made a deal. I would come down here with you and slowly eliminate you to help move the master plan along faster in exchange for her to let you live. So, there it is I'm here to kill you all and help the plan move along without any interruptions! I didn't expect you would fall for one of them, especially not after you know they murdered my family, do you even know what your doing Hayley? This wolf can't love you the way you need to be loved, he can't even touch you without possibly hurting you!" Joey is rambling out in full blown anger not but he is cut short when Hayley's fist cracks into his jaw, it's a hard wolf punch that sends a burst of blood from his split lip. Joey falls back onto a bed looking up at Hayley astonished. Hayley seethes and I can almost feel her wolf here with us.

"You know nothing about me Joey! You don't know the real me and I never will be able to show her to you because you can't handle the truth. You can't handle that it was this place that killed your family with their mind control shit! You can't handle that I don't love you anymore and am moving on with Crane. You certainly can't handle that I'm a wolf like them even if I can't shift right now! You know nothing!" Hayley screams at him before she turns on her heels taking off the way in which we came.

I turn to go and then I turn back to Joey who rubs blood on his cheek, damn it.

"You can take him, we won't complain!" The leader smiles a wicked smile at Joey who goes white in the cheeks.

I grab him by the collar of his shirt and drag him back through the hallways. When he squirms too much I knock him out continuing to drag him until I have him back in my room where I tie him up and leave him for now. Dusk and I will deal with him later, for now I need to focus on finding Hayley.

I follow her scent and am surprised at where it leads me. I knock on the door and a very tired looking Noah answers it. Noah steps to the side allowing me into the room, Hayley sits wrapped up in Dusk's arms and the sight of that has me pausing since this is an interesting sight. Hayley cries in Dusk's arms and oddly Dusk soothes her, Noah looks at me with an I don't really know look.

"We smelt the blood and brought her in. Instantly she attached herself to Dusk and blabbered everything our, that's about as far as we've made it. Where is he?" Noah explains and then he asks me concern etched onto his face but he lacks his normal spunk, Noah is exhausted and I'm curious as to why.

"He's in my room!" I clear up for Noah who looks relieved that we don't have to hunt Joey down.

Dusk ushers me to her side and I settle beside her and Hayley on the couch. It takes some prodding but eventually Hayley trade's Dusk's arms for mine. As soon as Hayley is in my arms I feel warm, Noah lays on the couch the opposite way plopping his head into Dusk's lap where he passes out. Hayley slowly begins to calm but she won't meet my eyes and I don't blame her, she knows I can't let Joey go.

"Have you ever wondered about me and Noah, Hayley?" Dusk prods in a light tone and that perks Hayley's interest.

"A little." Hayley replies in a hoarse voice and in my mind I phrase my sister for being so good with people, I think it must be an alpha thing.

"I'll let you in on a little secret that not many people here know. Noah was human when I met him, his wolf was pushed down really deep inside of him but, when he came in contact with me and my healing blood it made him really sick because his inner-wolf was finally trying to surface. I had to bite him, he survived because he is strong, just like you are." Dusk explains as she plays with Noah's hair causing him to moan in his sleep.

"He was human?" Hayley asks in awe and Dusk flashes her one of her warm genuine smiles that she usually keeps reserved for Noah.

Suddenly Hayley tenses against me and I know she has a question she wants to ask yet, she's nervous, she has every right to be. I tense as this question could change everything between us, Hayley could view me as a monster for once. I give her a little squeeze and than I stand pacing as worry aches through me. Dusk watches me with a small smirk on her face as if she is confident about how this will go.

"Crane told me you and him have a long past, he told me he was lucky to be part of your pack and life. What happened between you two?" Hayley asks and the question makes my soul restless.

I debate leaving the room and going for a run, however, that thought is crushed by the look Dusk is giving me. The look is one of an alpha that is commanding me to stay put.

"When Crane and I were younger our parents had my jet black fur, so, when was born with pure white hair the doubt was seeded. The first time Crane shifted he had white fur making him feel out of place in his own family. Crane didn't believe that his fur was white due to a rare gene found only in twins, instead he gained fears, fears that he didn't actually belong in the family, that he wasn't actually my twin. A power hungry pack with pure white fur took advantage of Crane's fears and the alphas of that pack convinced Crane that he was their long lost son. They manipulated Crane and made him kill his own family, I gave him the scar he bares on his chest that day. I died and came back to life at the age of eighteen through a long process involving a girl that was my doppelganger and also Noah's girlfriend, she was killed. When I came back I thought I was the last of my kind, therefore I only had one mission based on revenge, but than I found Noah and my aunt Lora. Through them I learned that there were still many wolves of my kind alive, their wolves had just become suppressed with time. Soon Noah and I started to form a pack of those wolves. When the white masks came for us Crane had wandered back to our old house in the forest intent on letting the Hellhound kill him not knowing it was me. Noah and I followed him there, Crane apologized and was so defeated that I couldn't kill him. I realized that I had already lost my parents and brother once, I couldn't do it again. So, I decided I would rather forgive him and get my brother back. It has been a long journey but being in this place has helped us to becomes twins, siblings, and pack-mates once again." Dusk explains and she gives me a reassuring smile when she finishes, her words strike me to the heart because I am so lucky to have her as a sister, she is extremely understanding.

I stand so still now that I could be a statue as I watch Hayley who sits up stunned with silence as her thoughts spiral. The emotions coming off of her steam role me and the darker ones make my wolf whine as I tremble a little. My instincts begin to scream at me to run, I can't ignore them as I become overwhelmed. Hayley's emotions sting me and I need to go, I need to get away.

"I need to go for a run!" I gasp out and my voice is raw and ragged like I've been cut open.

I leave the room and don't look back, pain aches into my chest. I won't blame Hayley if she hates me, after hearing our story I would hate me too, after all I am the big bad wolf that caused all of this.

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