Caged Wolf

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Chapter Two: Noah

I snap awake suddenly and my body feels abnormally heavy as I lay on something soft. I blink a couple of times to rid myself of the spinning, when I can focus the first thing I notice is that I don't smell Dusk. I roll onto my side and I can tell even in this dark that she isn't here, I'm not sure where here is but it definitely isn't home. I sit up sluggishly and a light flickers on overhead momentary blinding me, my eyes adjust quickly and I see that I am in a bedroom that contains a dresser and an open bathroom concept off to my left. A door sits a couple of metres from the end of the bed I'm laying on. I notice I've been redressed in a type of white spandex pants and a hoodie with cut out arms.

Dusk? - I reach out with my mind but I don't feel our connection, my hand flash up to my throat as an electrical current vibrates through my body starting from my neck.

"What the fuck?" I mutter when the electricity goes away and my hands clasp around something metallic around my neck. I move from the bed into the bathroom where a mirror stands over a sink, in the mirror I can clearly see that I've been equipped with a metal collar. I growl and try to pry it from my neck but its skin tight, I focus and try to use my powers to freeze the metal and break it off but nothing happens. A hollow feeling digs into my gut as I realize I can't feel my ice flowing through me as I normally would. A tremor of panic shoots through me and I leave the bathroom and head for the door, I open it cautiously peering through it. On the other side is another room that seems to resemble what would be a living space as a couch is set out to face a flat screen TV that is attached to the wall. I take a step through the door and realize that it is more than simply a living space, off to my right is a kitchen containing a fridge. I pull the fridge open as my stomach grumbles at me, cool air carries the scent of raw meat as it washes over me causing me eyes to roam over the large chunks of various kinds of meats places inside. I reach into the fridge and carefully take what smells like a deer into my hands, juices and blood seep across my palms and down my arms as a deep hunger overtakes me. I can't suppress the animalistic urge as I mow down on the meat and savour the taste of fresh blood and meat in my mouth. I devour it all and am sucking the last of the taste from my fingers when the TV flickers on and causes me to jump and bare my canines at it. All of this foreign and unknown to me is setting my animal side off.

"Welcome wolf to the Back Forest Institution, this is the place where you will be safe and live out the rest of your life in peace and our care in order to keep the world and humans free from your violent nature. Battles will take place daily in order to learn who the Alphas, Betas, and Omegas truly are, once this information is verified wolves will begin to meet other who match their strengths in order to create mated pairs. Alphas will then have the opportunity to show off their skills in order to attract pack members and allow pack members to show their strengths. Packs will be formed by alphas choosing's and packs will be moved into a liveable space where the rest of your lives will be spent. Good luck!" A women with black hair announces on the television and I notice her black hair must be dyed because it is ugly compared to Dusk's.

This woman is trying to appear dangerous but the hair isn't natural, she is trying to be the alpha here and it turns my lips up in disgust. A growl escapes my lips as the screen goes black and suddenly the wall to my left becomes see through like a window. I move towards it and place my hands against the surface tapping and testing it, this is no window! This is a special kind of technology that allows me to see what is going on but it is one way, to those on the other side it would appear like a normal wall. I'm assessing the technology when suddenly something happens on the other side that makes me look up as I press my face to the wall to see. An elevator of sorts seems to come down from way up in the building, in the elevator is a wolf with thick fur the colour of a light bark, it's golden eyes flicker about. When it comes closer into view I can clearly see that the wolf has some sort of tag around its neck, a tag that has a big black number two printed on it.

"Two?" I whisper confused to myself as the elevator sinks into eye-level and stops so at least I know I'm on the bottom floor of whatever this building is I'm in.

The wolf steps forward off of the elevator letting it move up and away once again, then it prowls around the circular arena searching for whatever is to come. This wolf looks like this isn't something new to it so it has done this before, interesting. I watch as a panel seems to magically open from across the room and I can make out a shape in a completely dark room. When the shape steps forward my heart stops and I lean against the wall to support myself as my knees go weak. Dusk steps into the arena in wolf form as her black coat shimmers in the light and her green eyes sparkle with rage as she sweeps the room and finds the other wolf. I notice Dusk has changed, she is bulkier more muscular and she has a scar over her right eye like claws have swiped deep into her skin and she hasn't been able to heal. As Dusk clear the room the panel slides closed behind her and a tag sways around her neck with a big number one on it, the other wolf flattens its ears and bares its canines as she focuses on it and I can tell now that it is a beta, its stature is medium compared to Dusk who has always been huge in wolf form. Here she easily towers over this other wolf. When she growls the other wolf tucks its tail in between its legs and bows showing submission as it whines knowing that it is no match for Dusk. I watch as she yawns and then suddenly she is yelping as electricity jumps across her skin in big blue bolts and causes rage to fuel into her eyes along with fire but like me her powers do not come out.

"Fight!" A voice booms slightly muffled by the wall between me and them.

Dusk lets out an agonized howl as she refused to fight the weaker wolf before her and thicker streaks of lighting swirl across her skin as her howl intensifies. Suddenly images of her fighting dogs pops into my mind, images of her being beaten and bruised and than cared for when she had no fight left by a man enrages me. More images flight through my head and I know Dusk is trying to show us what has happened to her, she wants everyone to know what she has been through since we slept. The other wolf gives a whimper and then lets out a snarl in desperation as it gives in and lunges at Dusk who side steps it, she continues to side step it refusing to fight until the lightning causes her to stagger and go down on one knee. In the moment I catch her eyes and I can see the resolve there shatter as she lunges and catches the other wolves throat in her jaws, she doesn't squeeze her jaw shut snapping his neck nor does she draw blood. Instead she holds her jaw tight enough that she causes the other wolves air way to be closed and he can't get air. The male beta's body goes slack in her jaw and then and only then does she let is body slide to the ground. There is a boom and then suddenly screens flash to life on all sides of the arena, the screen has slots with pictures of wolves. Dusk's picture slides to the top with another one as a zero shows up beside it. The other wolves picture is moved and a number is added beside it. Dusk's door opens back up so that she can return to the pitch black that she came from but before she does so she turns and he eyes look directly into mine and I know in this moment she can feel me here, I know that she can sense me. Dusk stays motionless staring at me for what feels like eternity before she turns and vanishes. Even once she is gone I stay and watch as the elevator is lowered back down and the unconscious wolf is rolled onto it by two people dressed fully in white. The elevator raises back up out of sight, more fights like this continue on for hours and I watch for hours but nothing truly matters to me other than the way each wolf fights, it is obvious that in order to get Dusk back I need to be at the top of the standings with her or else I need to find another way to get to her. Finally the fighting stops and a bell rings overhead. The TV goes black and suddenly a door that didn't exist before slides open in the kitchen wall. A boy with hair that could be described as a beach blond colour steps into the room wearing all white, his eyes meet mine and I'm surprised at the yellow colour of them, plus the hate hiding in that colour.

"Dinners, breakfasts, and lunches are served in the cafeteria at the same time every day, all wolves are expected to attend. Follow." The boy tells me blandly as he continues to meet my eyes boldly.

"What if I don't feel like going?" I ask him directly and he seems surprised at my voice almost as if he didn't expect me to be able to talk at all.

"You are expected to attend or you are punished." The boy states a simple reply to my question but I can sense the venom behind the word punished, he wants to punish me, he hates me.

I let out a small frustrated growl at this notion and then I smirk at the boy as I step up closer to him and he stands tall against me, he is about my height so we can almost stand eye to eye.

"Why are you here?" I ask him as we stand toe to toe and I can smell he is irritated by my need to talk to him.

"Each wolf is assigned a personal escort and cleaner who shall attend to their needs. I have been assigned to you Noah." He says shortly with me and he even seems cross about this.

"You just lied to me, why are you really here?" I ask him as I hear his heartbeat pick up and jump slightly with his words, he isn't lying that this is his purpose of being in this room, it however is not his true purpose for being here.

"You monsters killed my family, I want to see you pay!" He spits out at me with such malice that I almost flinch but I know this time it is the truth.

My anger spikes in my blood at being called a monster and I push past him walking out into what opens up to be a hallway along a stone wall. The guy follows me out and leads the way in silence which is fine for me. I'm done talking, instead I observe, we walk by an empty white wall but I know the truth now behind this wall are other rooms hidden by the weird doors, inside those walls are other wolves. Inside one of these walls is Dusk. My hopes rise at the thought of seeing her in the cafeteria. I follow this guy until he leads me to a large opening that has a door with two guards posted in white armed with long poles that jump with electricity, they wear masks of white so that we can't see their faces but they sure as hell can see ours. The guy leaves me here to enter the room alone, it is built exactly like my school cafeteria was, there is a long line of wolves being served food on platters and there are tables with benches to be seated at, I take a deep sniff of the air and check for any scents that I can recognize. By this point all eyes are on me as it is obvious that I am the last one to enter for dinner and that makes me symbolic. Eyes narrow at me and I can tell it is not the typical entrance being last makes me a status, actually it shows my status, it reads loud and clear to the others that I am an alpha and I am very powerful. I move forward as eyes continue to watch me until I enter the line for food, once I've entered the server ushers me forward and my platter is filled with food before all of those who were here before me and this causes me to clench my teeth, they are sure making a point to single me out. I turn with my now full platter and that's when I catch the eyes of familiar faces, Danny and Secora are seated at a table in the far corner of the room together and they don't look directly at me but I catch the subtle nod that Danny is ushering me over but trying not to make a big deal out of the fact that we recognize each other. I make my movements indecisive as if I don't plan on sitting with them, I am simply making my way through the crowd looking for a good spot to sit until I come to them and then I plop down in a seat next to them.

"Have you seen Cassie or Garth?" Danny asks me casually as he twirls his fork in his potatoes.

"No, this is the first time I've been outside of that bloody room they stuck me in." I reply to him and I notice that his fists shake slightly and I can see Secora is trying to hold it together but tears are pricking up in her purple eyes.

"This place works like a system, we are ranked and when they match us up it will be by those ranks, if we rank high then there is a good chance we will find the others!" I tell them in a reassuring voice and Secora moves over closer to me for the comfort I am providing.

"We saw Dusk in the arena earlier, it seems that we have to fight and win to rank high. These collars make sure we fight!" Danny says as he shifts his eyes up to a TV in the corner replaying highlights from fights today.

"They also fog our powers, I can't even feel mine right now!" Secora whispers under her breath for our ears only.

I'm about to say something when a conversation from a couple tables over catches my ears, from the loud way the group is talking it seems they are all arrogant enough to be alphas or betas at least.

"That black wolf will be a true contender, he's damn large and had no problem against his opponent today. I'll look forward to taking him out in the ring and showing the women here who exactly is top dog!" One of the wolves boasts and I can pick him out from the others for his distinctive red hair and how he is built like a tank.

Secora lets out a laugh and it causes their eyes to shoot to our table and they all look at her, most of them don't look directly at her instead they take in her body and it disgusts me. I want nothing more than to bare my canines at them but that would get me in trouble so I settle for flashing my eyes at them when they look at me. I give them my best don't ever do that again smile which I know is damn intimidating. Secora nudges me with her elbow and that is the only thin that pulls my intense gaze off of those wolves.

"Thanks for that, I wish Garth was here he would have ripped their eyeballs out for going over me like that!" Secora jokes and it causes me to smile cause I think about Garth.

"I'm sure he would." I reply as I think of how protective Secora and Garth have always been of each other since the moment Dusk and I rescued them from the hospital together.

Suddenly someone drops onto the table beside us and tries to catch my gaze, I ignore whoever it is and focus on Danny who looks up from his food between me and this new person and it causes him to swallow hard. The girl clears her throat and finally I turn my attention to her only to be meet by the stare of a girl who is sucking on a rib In what is supposed to be a provocative manner.

"It's obvious you are the strongest male in this room, I'm the strongest female so I think we should fuck and mate!" The female says to me and her voice instantly annoys me with how high and squeaky it is, the room falls silent expect for the sound of Danny choking on his dinner.

"No." I say without even looking at her and I can smell a small tinge of anger roll off her and suddenly I have the urge to flee from her and find Dusk, this female gives me really bad vibes, not in a fighting tense but in a mental kind of way.

"Playing hard to get, I like that in my alphas. Come on I promise I'm not the submissive kind in bed!" She actually pouts at me and I throw up in my mouth and end up swallowing it hard.

This time I meet her eyes when I say, "No, your not my type and I'm not interested." and it causes her to huff and push her chest out in an attempt to make me look at her body which isn't happening.

I turn away from her and back to my dinner, that's when voices circulate from the other males in the room.

"Damn, that dudes harsh." One voice whispers and I'm glad I want them to respect me and not throw themselves at me.

"How am I not your type? Is it my breasts are they too large for you?" She asks me in a mocking tone and it is obvious she thinks she owns me and has some right over me.

Me rejecting this girl is not what she planned, she wasn't expecting it.

"I like my women strong, and sweetheart there isn't anything strong about you."
I reply automatically and I know my words are cruel but I really don't like this girls persistence and I'd rather she just fuck off now.

Intakes of air come from around the room and my words cause the girl to look at me with a challenge in her eyes that I don't like. She steps up from the table but she doesn't go away instead she leans down and whispers for all to hear.

"Mark my words big boy when the time for mating comes around you'll be mine and you'll be screaming my name so hard because I'll be rocking your world with my strength!" She growls and then she stalks away and I grip the table as I try to keep myself steady, this girl is seriously messed up in the head.

"There is something seriously fucked in that girls head!" Secora says in a disgusted voice as she stuffs in the rest of her dinner.

"Dusk would snap her like a twig." Danny states shooting me a smirk that causes me to smile as we finish off our dinners and discuss all we know about this place and what has happened to us since we all last talked trying to establish a rough time frame.

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