Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-One: Noah

Dusk was toying with Kiki, was, now she bombards Kiki who desperately tries to escape Dusk's rain of pain. Claws rip at fur and blood spatters everywhere as chunks of fur and skin cover the ground. Dusk's claws rip one of Kiki's ears to shreds while her teeth catch the other and she yanks. Carved scratches seep blood from Kiki's sides, teeth break as Dusk lands a head butt, bones hang from half a tail, and an eye is lost with one good bite from Dusk. Kiki collapses onto the ground and Dusk stops.

This is for the pup! - Dusk growls out for all to hear as she rips a claw up the length of Kiki's belly and gore pours out as Kiki gives a heave and suffers through the pain.

Surprisingly Kiki doesn't die from her injury right away and this provides Dusk with the opportunity to snap her neck. Dusk doesn't stop their though she continues to beat the body, she flails it about like a rage doll and I know something is wrong. I don't like this, this isn't Dusk, she wouldn't play with the body. I move towards her and her eyes turn to me and shock racks through me at the sight of a wolves eyes where her human ones should be. She growls at me and I physically whine but I move towards her anyway in a submitting position. Her nose twitches and almost like a switch has flipped her eyes change back to human, back to normal. Dusk drops the carcass that she held in her mouth in disgust and backs away from us wide eyed, before I can say anything she turns and takes off into the forest. I follow her closely and the pack moves behind us, I can feel Crane pressing at my mind from the room in the caves as he can sense something has changed.

Something is up with Dusk, this place is affecting her poorly! - Crane's voice comes to me across the valley and I can hear the pain there.

She has so much rage in her these days it's unnatural! - I reply as guilt digs into me over the situation that is occurring here.

We follow Dusk back to the house and I track her scent up to our room where Crane and Hayley remain outside of. I enter the room and she jumps up from where she was crouched in the corner. I open my arms and she moves into them as I hug her closely and feel her fear. This place is causing us both to lose ourselves, Dusk to her rage and pain, me to this stupid controlling chip.

"I...I lost myself. It's like I fell into a darkness that I couldn't get out of. It was like I was seeing through a haze." Dusk explains to me and I nod as I hold her letting her regain herself.

I can tell there is another underlying reason causing these strong emotions but it is something she isn't ready to tell me, she is too worried about me. I can handle that for now, I don't want to put more pressure on her right now. I just reassure her with my touch, I take in the smell of her scent and notice something about it has changed, something is different, there is more to it. I just tell myself that she will tell me when she is ready.

"Tonight we sleep, tomorrow we get the collars off and tomorrow night we escape!" I tell her and she looks up at me and nods.

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