Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Hayley

I meet Crane in his room in the evening after we successfully remove all of the collars from the wolves. Tonight is the night we get out of here, now that the wolves don't wear collars they can't be controlled so they are going to attack the facility. I wanted to see Crane before I have to report on how things are going and than tonight happens. As soon as I enter Crane's room he pulls me to him and kisses me, he is gentle like he usually is because he is so afraid of breaking me.

"Be careful today, I know it is just a meeting but still you are also looking for anything to tell you how to get the chips out of the wolves and that is dangerous!" Crane tells me as he holds me a little tighter and my heart clenches as butterflies echo around my chest.

"I'll be careful Crane, once we get out of here maybe we will finally have some time to get to know each other better?" I ask him to change the subject since my mission makes me nervous.

"Once we get out of here I'll cook you a proper meal and we can have a proper date night but for now, Hayley..." He starts and pulls away from me as he looks at me and bites his lip, "...will you be my girlfriend?" He finishes and his words have me smiling.

"Of course I'll be your girlfriend Crane!" I respond right away and he smiles one of the best smiles I've seen grace his lips so far.

"Good because I was slightly worried about Joey being a wolf now you'd change your mind about being my mate." He smiles at me and I roll my eyes at him while smacking him lightly which causes him to laugh.

I appreciate Crane's jealousy but I only have eyes for him even if Joey is a wolf now. Joey will always be my best friend once he wakes up, which Dusk promises he will today, but Crane will always be my mate. I step up onto my tipey toes and plant a kiss on Crane's mouth and he pulls me into a deeper kiss. We get caught up in the moment and both are shedding clothes before he finally pulls away from me smiling and I let out a sigh. I check the time and retrieve my bra and shirt from the floor.

"I'm going for a nap before tonight, come and find me when your done?" He asks and his worry is genuine in his tone so I kiss him again and then I leave the room and head for the main building.

The meeting doesn't take long as I tell them the lies Dusk and I came up with about the wolves are all progressing well, some of them have figured out how to remove the collars, etc. They seem to buy it until the leader grabs onto my hand as I'm leaving the room.

"There is no antidote or way to remove the trackers if that is what you are here for, besides you are too late!" She leans down and whispers in my ear as she smiles at me while fear shoots through me.

She drags me out of the room down the hallway until we are met by two big burly guards.

"Execute this one!" She tells them before she leaves us.

No, this can't be happening, I tell myself. I will not die here, I will not die here! I turn away from the guards moving quickly as I take off down the hall the other way just as they are pulling out their guns. Shoots ring off behind me as I push myself to go faster as my adrenaline begins to pump, this is fight or flight. I zig-zag down the hallways running right into the leader as we both go sprawling, I knock into her so hard that I must be going much faster than I thought I was. Pain rips through my calf as more shots ring out from behind us and the leader falls dead from a stray shot as the guards eyes widen realizing what they've just done. My heartbeats so powerful that it hurts against my ribs, my adrenaline pumps aching through my whole body, my muscles jump as pain settles into my bones. At first I think this is just a reaction to being shot but it's become so much more than that, being shot is just what brought this on. A scream rips from me as my body rips apart pain searing my every cell, bones move finding new places, fur spreads across my skin shredding my clothes. My jaw shifts and lengthens as my teeth grow sharp, my nails harden digging into the floor, as soon as it starts it is over and I know instantly that I am in wolf form. The guards get it together but, I am more dangerous than they are now and they know it as they drop their guns putting their hands up. I seize this moment to flee, they have no chance of catching me if they change their minds as I run with this new body. I run until I reach the underground forest and than I run until I reach the cavern home where I can warn them, I have to warn them! Wolves bristle at me and trail me as I pass them since I'm new but I don't stop, I run until I run smack dab into Crane who stands with Garth and Secora. We both tumble head over heels and when we land I'm back in human form. Crane stops mid-growl when his eyes meet mine and they widen.

"Hayley?" He asks in disbelief as he sniffs the air catching my scent with the wolf mixed into it.

Crane wraps me up in his arms squeezing me pulling me to him so that we can kiss and it's the best kiss we've had so far because he isn't holding back on me. I can match his strength no so he can't hurt me and he knows it. Dusk comes trotting up to us wearing a baggy shirt and sweat has settled on her brow from running over here. Instantly I can smell something off about her scent, my eyes widen at her as she shakes her head at me as if not right now please.

"I can't find Noah!" She gaps out and her voice is panicky.

"It's too late, there is nothing we can do." I state out and everyone around us stiffens when the ground rumbles with paws.

Dusk whimpers breaking my heart for her as Crane pulls me to him. We turn to the forest forming a wall of wolves but already I know more than half of us are missing. When Dusk moves in front of us wolves dart from the forest hackles raised and growls ringing through the air. The wolf form of Noah takes Dusk down and I'm in wolf form before I know it battling side by side with Crane as we fend off a large male and a tiny female who have eyes glazed over with red. Their movements are robotic and stiff, I can't believe this is really happening.

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