Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Crane

Song of the Chapter: I Like Me Better by Lauv

Hayley moves quickly heading out of the caverns and for the forest, I know she is set on doing this for us but I’m not ready to let her go yet. I can’t leave it like this between us, I don’t want her last memory of us to be something bad if it comes down to it. I don’t think Hayley even realizes how fast she’s moving when I have to shift to catch up to her as I tackle her to the ground.

“Crane!” Hayley tries to sound serious as she rolls beneath me but her tone ends in a hint of laughter.

I give her face a slobbering lick before I shift back to human form over the top of her holding myself up so I don’t squish her beneath me. Before she tries to remove herself from beneath me I press my lips to hers needing to feel that connection that I felt earlier, needing to know she feels it too. I need to know for sure that our bond has become cemented and it wasn’t just my imagination. I know it’s all real when I can feel her pleasure spiking in her body like it’s my own desire. Hayley deepens the kiss bringing thoughts into my mind that I had no plans of doing with her right now. This isn’t the right time for those kinds of thoughts but it’s hard to rid my mind of the curiosity about them. Hayley’s hands roam my chest and back causing me to groan at the feel of her fingernails running lightly over the material of my shirt. When I pull her lower lip into my mouth nipping it lightly she rips my shirt from my body. It is such a sexy move that I can’t help the growl of pure pleasure I let out. Trying to regain my composure I pull away from Hayley breathing deeply as I look down into her hooded eyes.

“If you keep doing things like that I’m going to want to try things Hayley, things that this isn’t the right setting or time for,” I whisper huskily as Hayley’s eyes meet mine, she pulls her lower lip between her own teeth almost rebreaking my restraint.

“What if I say I want to give it a try again, I want to try sex again. If this doesn’t work out Crane, if Penny is in on this then it could be our only chance. I don’t want to die regretting that I didn’t try this with you just because it wasn’t in a bed.” Hayley explains honestly, her breath coming out quickly.

My own breath hitches because I don’t want to think about the possibility of her dying and leaving me, the idea is mind-breaking.

“How about you just don’t die,” I reply my own voice quaking a little bit giving away how badly the idea affects me.

Hayley recaptures my lips with hers providing me with the comfort and reassurance that I needed at this moment. I don’t want to be controlling of Hayley, I just want to protect her even if it means letting her go to do this. Suddenly Hayley grinds against me causing my lower body to spring to life as I swear. I’m not a virgin but right now with the way Hayley is moving, I feel like I am. Hayley lets my mouth go as she lifts her shirt over her head exposing a vase of creamy skin and perfection. I try my best to be a gentleman about this but Hayley is making it extremely hard. Suddenly she rolls us using a strength that is new to both of us capturing my hands and bringing them up to her breasts to mould them as she groans. Touching her in heaven, it’s something I’ve never experienced before. We roll and touch and quickly shed the rest of our clothes as our passion takes over trying to rule us. We both struggle with being in control, it’s a fun battle that only serves with turning me on that much more. I don’t mind being the dominated one but I get such a rise out of Hayley when I attempt to dominate her that I can’t help it. Things are about to get heated as she pins me down holding herself above me ready to christen both of us, I stop her rolling her one last time. She growls at me trying to force us back into the previous position but I hold her where we are.

“Hayley, hold on a second.” I pant trying to gain some breathe to get the words out that I need to get out before we go any further.

Hayley goes still beneath me as she stops struggling in order to meet my eyes and let me say what I need to say. I take in a deep breath and pour it all out to her.

“This is probably horrible timing and I don’t want you to think it has anything to do with what we are about to do but I need to say this before you go, just in case. Hayley, I haven’t been able to resist you since the moment I met you and even though we both fought it we belong together. I want you to know that I love you.” I speak quickly my words running together with how nervous I am, she must be able to feel my heart beating a million miles a minute in my chest.

“Crane, I love you too.” She replies and with those three words my world is complete.

Putting our words aside we put our bodies together. Our parts match up before sliding easily together creating pleasurable moans from both of us. I let her take control in the way that I know she wants to as she flips us before pulling my upper torso up so that I can suck on her nipples in a way that I know she likes from the sounds she’s making. Hayley takes complete control as she flexes around me and rides me hard and fast. I’m doing my best to not try to dominate her but I can’t help it as my hands dig into her hips helping her rise and fall on me. When the time comes I impale her hard on myself causing us both to cry out each other’s names. We fall back apart in the grass panting and sweating heavily, or at least I’m sweating heavily. Hayley is beautiful, she’s beautiful in a way that no other girl is. She dominates me in such a sexy way that I’m surprised by it. I don’t mind letting my woman take what she wants from me and my body in order to please her, in fact, I get great pleasure from it myself. I roll over to her and press my lips lightly to her forehead as I crush her to me. I don’t want to let her go, I want to hold her here with me forever. I don’t ever want to leave this monumental spot. Yet I can’t hold her here forever.

“I promise I’ll come back to you.” Hayley murmurs against my chest, her breath feels like bliss against my skin.

“Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.” I murmur back, I don’t mean for it to sound harsh but I don’t want any promises right now, I just want Hayley.

“I’m going to keep it, Crane, I can feel my Wolf now. I can feel that power that I once lost and this time I know how to use it. I’ll use it when I need to and Penny nor the Colonel will expect it because they still don’t know if I can shift or not.” Hayley explains to me confidently.

Happiness aches through me that my mate has finally found herself again, I just wish it had been sooner. I wish I had more time with her before she had to face this. I wish all of this was under better circumstances, yet I can’t and won’t change anything.

“Can you shift?” I ask earning myself a beaming smile from Hayley, the smile is my answer.

Hayley isn’t going to show me she can because she wants to hold her best card back in case the Colonel has ears here or eyes watching us but I know she can, or at least she is confident that she can. I pull her to me kissing her hard as I’m so happy for her. It doesn’t take long before we go for round two, this time I take control as I corner her against a tree pressing her hard into the bark as I pummel my way between her hips trying to get as much of her as I possibly can. I hold out this time making her come again and again until I can’t hold back any longer letting myself shoot off inside of her. Fully spent I slide to the forest floor sweat beading on my hairline and a drop slipping down my back. Hayley presses a gentle kiss to my lips this time than she does what I don’t have the strength to do. Hayley retrieves her clothes and leaves me alone in the trees. The moment she’s gone the worry settles into me even though I don’t want it to, I want to believe that Hayley has this.

“So that finally happened.” Dusk’s voice comes from the trees behind me causing me to jump.

I grab my pants quickly sliding them back on, even though I’ve seen my sister naked and she’s seen me naked it’s still something I’d rather avoid. As Wolves we are naturally comfortable with each other’s nakedness but if we don’t have to be naked in front of each other than it’s more preferable.

“How’s Noah doing?” I press as Dusk moves from the trees settling down beside me on the grass, her nose wrinkled slightly and I know she can smell the sex coating this place.

“He’s not doing well, he isn’t taking any of this very well. It must be so hard for him knowing he isn’t in control, knowing someone else can make him do something that he can’t stop. He’s worried the dreams he has been having are actually real, he’s worried he’s been used a lot longer than we even realize.” Dusk replies honestly and it’s hard to hear.

When one of my alphas is in this much distress it’s hard on the entire pack. It’s hard for us because this isn’t anything we can combat, this is just something we have to run with leaving our hope and reliability with Hayley. It’s worse than I ever could have imagined if the Colonel has been controlling Noah to the point that the dreams he’s been having about attacking towns and killing innocent people are real. I can’t even imagine what he must be feeling, what he must be going through. Dusk already told me the idea that they were such vivid dreams was already extremely hard on him, if it’s true then it must be devastating for him.

“How are you doing?” I press looking at my sister now trying to read her.

Dusk pulls her knees up to her chest as she rests her chin on them. I know she’s been better, she’s carrying a huge weight right now that only her and I know. She’s wanted to tell Noah for a while now about it but she’s been waiting for the right time, now there is no right time. She can’t tell him because it will be added stress he can’t handle right now and she needs to protect herself and him. I move and put my arm around Dusk pulling her tight to my side just as her body begins to shake as she tries to hold back the sobs. She can’t contain them anymore as she breaks down against me and I let her. I know Dusk is at her breaking point, ever since this happened she’s been tested beyond any normal person capacity. We’ve all been tested but life has been especially hard on Dusk.

“I can’t take much more Crane, I can’t take much more. If I lose Noah I’ll lose myself. I won’t be able to keep myself together, I’ll fall apart and when I do that dark beast within me will come out. I’m not sure if that would be a good or a bad thing.” Dusk whimpers into my arm and I continue to simply hold her.

Right now Dusk needs a rock and Noah isn’t capable of being it, he is busy battling his own internal war. For right now I am my sister’s rock, and I will be for as long as she needs me to be. It’s the least I can do for her throughout this. I want to tell her that things will be okay, that she won’t lose Noah but at this point, I don’t know. I don’t know anything, nothing is solid. Everything is falling apart around us at a rapid pace and no one can predict what will come next for us. We need a little help and all I can do is hope that we get it.

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