Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Three: Noah

I scream internally as my jaws close around Dusk's forearm, I'm not in control. I'm hurting my mate, I'm hurting the one I love, I'm hurting Dusk! She socks me good once in the jaw sending me sprawling as a growl escapes my lips.

"Noah, you're stronger than this, you promised you would fight it!" Dusk's voice bounces around and I grab a hold of it.

It makes me feel a little stronger, a little more me. I urge her to keep talking, I practically beg her in my mind. I bite for the neck but she swats me away, I manage to grab a hold of her leg chomping down on it. Dusk howls and shifts as she bats me off her again.

I love you Noah! Please fight it! - Dusk begs me as she protectively shields her tummy from me as she kicks her leg free.

I push forward in my mind, I push for control but I don't get it. I glance around noticing Reaper dropping wolves and an idea pops into my mind, it's not a pretty idea, it's the only way to do this though. Dusk won't kill me and I don't want to kill her, I'd rather die than lose her. In this case I must do the right thing, Reaper moves our way and Dusk growls at him backing him off. She can't keep him away forever as he moves quickly and I'm the last attacker left. Please Dusk, say something again I beg in my mind. I beg her to save me from myself, to save herself, to speak.

Noah you need to come back to us please, I'm pregnant! - Dusk pleads and her words freight train me to the front, and into control.

Joy jolts through at the prospect that we are having a pup, joy is replaced by sorrow when I understand that I won't be there for any of the things fathers should be. I fall into human form at the same time that Dusk does and we collapse into a huge as I listen, listen for a the little heartbeat that we created. When I hear it I can't help but start to cry I want this so badly, I want this life with Dusk, yet, I can't have it. When my muscles begin to twitch and I begin to twitch I know I'm running out of time.

"You are going to make such a great mother, make sure you tell our child all about me, I want him or her to know who his or her daddy was. Make sure you tell them how much I love you and that I would have loved them with everything in me. Tell them I'm sorry I couldn't stay. I love you Dusk!" I tell her and we stay in each others arms as we both cry.

"You are going to be okay Noah!" Dusk tells me but I only squeeze her tight to me as I continue to listen to their heartbeats.

Please Reaper, do it before I hurt her and our child! - I beg in Reaper's mind as I begin to shake in Dusk's arms.

I love Dusk and cherish her as behind us a hand touches my shoulder and I kiss her one last time before I am gone. In death there is no pain, nothing. Sorrow rips through me as I float away from my body and away from this world. I was ripped from the life I should have lived because there was no other way, yet this hurts. It hurts knowing I will not be able to raise my child with Dusk, grow old with Dusk, and so many other things I looked forward to. I float away until I come face to face with two adults.

"You shouldn't be here Noah!" The guy tells me in a gruff voice and I recognize Dusk in him so this is her father.

"It's not your time!" The woman says and I recognize her as Dusk's mother now.

"None of you should be here!" Lora's voice reaches me and I see her standing between them now.

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