Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Dusk

Noah slumps into me and his heartbeat goes silent, his head slumps onto my shoulder and tears poor from my eyes. Noah's death hurts more than anything I have ever felt before in my life.

"Noah!" I wait as I squeeze his lifeless body to me and pray for him to not really be gone.

We were supposed to be happy, we were going to have a family! I'm pregnant with our child and how he is gone, Noah is dead. My mate is dead, the love of my life is dead. My Noah is gone forever. I wail again and let everything I have pour out of my body. A hand touches my shoulder and I lash out as I cradle Noah against me wishing this was a bad nightmare. If I could just wake up everything would be okay, Noah would be okay. I don't wake up because I am awake and this is real.

"Noah, Noah, Noah." I repeat whimpering as I do so.

My heart aches and I feel empty. My soul hurts and I'm missing something in me.

"He's gone Dusk!" My brother's voice reaches my ears.

I whine at his words whimpering because I know Noah is gone. I know he isn't here anymore but I just can't let his body go, it's still my Noah. Slowly fingers pry him away from me and I don't fight them. I'd be fighting for a corpse, it's not Noah, not anymore. Noah is dead, this place they killed him! This place stole him from me. Sobs rack my body until I'm empty. Suddenly arms close around me but they mean nothing to me, they aren't the arms I want around me, the arms I want are gone forever. I whine because I feel so empty, so, so empty. Then like a flash of lighting pure anger and hate bloom and blossom deep inside of me, I grab a hold of those emotions welcoming them. An overpowering urge comes over me and I want to kill them all, I need to kill them all. I need to make this place suffer, I need them to feel my pain. I'm fading away in my mind and I allow myself to go, nothing is more important than death, nothing. I stand as all eyes turn to me and voices echo around me but, I am not human, I am the Hellhound and I am fucking mad. Dusk is gone and I am born, I will kill everyone and anyone in my path. I close my eyes and breath, my new form takes place as I am both human and beast in my heart. I have become the ultimate tool of destruction, I am death as I always was supposed to be.

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