Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Five: Hayley

Song of the Chapter: Heaven Help Me by RAIGN

I wring my hands nervously as I walk down the hallways that I once enjoyed, now they haunt me. My memories move around me reminding me of what things used to be for me here. The hatred I had for myself and the Wolves was insurmountable. Now things are so different, now I’m so different. Ghosts haunt me with every turn I take, ghosts of the emotions I once felt, ghosts of the people I interacted with. The biggest ghost is Joey, he was such an important person for me. My heart breaks a little in my heart knowing I’ve lost that person I once knew for good, knowing I’ve lost that guy who I could tell anything. I move quickly and efficiently towards the office in which I know Penny has been using. Taking in a deep breath I realize that I can tell her scent is fresh so she is here, I can smell her. Penny’s scent is sweet like a rose but holds a bit of tinge to it almost like a roses' thorns. It’s an interesting notion. Stopping I pull the shirt that I’m wearing up to my nose, I can smell my own scent thick like an ash tree mixed in with wild berries. Past it, I focus and I can find a scent that makes me the happiest I’ve ever been, it’s a scent that instantly has my heart beating wildly in my chest. This scent is Crane’s, my mates. Crane smells like fresh rain and smoky firewood, it’s a perfect mixture that hits my senses in such a delicious way. Taking in another deep breath I find Crane’s scent comforting as I move forwards approaching Penny’s office. I stop in front of the white door taking in my clean appearing surroundings before I knock on the door. Holding my breath slightly I hear a slight shuffling on the other side of the door, taking in another deep breath I smell a hint of blood. The blood sets alarm bells off in my mind and I force the door open as worry for Penny’s well being enters my mind. Penny may not be the best person but she is trying to do right by the Wolves, she is trying to better their world and the human's relationship with them and up until this point, she had been succeeding. The program had been garnering positive feedback from outside sources who had seen clips of what went on here. I enter the room immediately zeroing in on the dishevel of the room, the desk is flipped over and things are scattered about. In the middle of it all is Penny tied tight with ropes and electrical tape over her mouth, I move to her ripping the tape from her mouth.

“Watch out!” Penny cries but it’s too late.

The butt of someone's gun cracks against the back of my skull shooting black dots through my vision and causing me to fall forwards into Penny as I lose my balance. Reacting on instinct I roll with the loss of control and come up behind Penny holding the back of my head where I was cracked. Blood tickles my fingertips and I open my mouth baring my fangs at my attacker.

“So, you really are a Wolf after all girl. That’s too bad, I thought for sure you were just some weird wanna be faker.” Colonel Chaplin smirks from where he steps from the shadows.

I growl at him and launch myself forward, Chaplin points his gun at me firing off a shot that hits me hard in the arm digging into my skin. Instantly I know this isn’t any normal bullet round, this is a heavy-duty tranquillizer. Falling back onto my butt I pull the dart from my arm as Penny cries out against the tape. The drugs hit me instantly telling me this is a modified tranq meant for us Wolves, the Colonel has been busy.

“You were supposed to help us, not make everything worse.” I accuse the Colonel as I relax into a turned-over filing cabinet as the drugs take hold of me.

“I am helping you, I’m making those of you that I can into a powerful weapon. I’m showing mercy to those of you that I can’t use. I’m doing right by everyone.” Chaplin explains as he settles back on the overturned desk watching me closely.

“You of all people should have seen this coming Hayley.” A voice that I never thought I would hear again says from behind me and I try to turn my head to see him.

I don’t need to turn my head as he walks around into my view joining the Colonel at the desk. Instantly I can see the relation between them which helps all of this make so much more sense. Draco stands tall beside his brother, he looks as if he was never burned, I don’t understand how he can be standing here right now. He shouldn’t be alive, he should have died from his wounds over time. Unless, unless he’s had a Wolf heal him, but who would do that?

“Trying to peace out my survival?” Draco smirks at me clearly pleased with this reunion and how it is going.

“Who healed you?” I ask from my tired lips as I try to fight the tranquillizer within my system, it is strong but not strong enough to knock me out.

Through Crane and I’s formed bond I can borrow some of his strength, he gives it to me clearly sensing that something is wrong with me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t burst into this office any minute. If only, I know such a thing isn’t possible.

“Someone you are close to.” Draco smiles before another person enters the room moving like a zombie.

“No, Noah,” I whisper as Noah comes to a stop beside Draco who slaps him on the back like they are old buddies.

Noah’s eyes are vacant and glazed over as he moves robotically. Clearly he isn’t in control of himself right now and that kills me. It breaks me to see this strong person reduced to this mechanical zombie being controlled by these evil people. His eyes flicker to mine almost as if he can hear me but he can’t do anything about it. It hurts me, even more, to think that he is in there seeing all of this and not being able to do anything about it.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask trying to stall for time so that I can formulate a plan in my mind.

“Isn’t that already obvious. I can use these soldiers and send them into war zones, streets, gangs, anywhere I want and have them do anything I want without worrying that I will lose them. I’ve been handed an indestructible army, you really think I wouldn’t make use of it?” Draco replies his voice dark as his brother smiles beside him.

These guys really are sick, they are even more twisted than John was. Beside me, Penny squirms wriggling so that she comes beside me. Her eyes briefly meet mine and I see pain, sorrow, and determination in her eyes. Instantly I know Penny hasn’t got anything to do with this. Penny is just a pawn who has probably been left in this room since the moment Draco was healed and would come after the chip plans. Penny’s only fault was holding onto those plans.

“What are you going to do with those of us you can’t control?” I press even though he already previously mentioned his plan for us.

“I don’t need you, you are useless if you have your own minds. I’ll use my new soldiers to destroy you.” Colonel Chaplin responds wickedly licking his lips as if the meer idea gives him sick pleasure.

“There’s one part I don’t understand, how are you controlling the chips?” I push them hoping that in their confidence they will answer and give away the one thing I need to know.

If I at least get the information from them I can relay it back to Crane who can share it with the others and give them a chance to survive.

“That’s my favourite part. Using John’s blood mixed into my system with the blood of the two alphas I was able to coat a chip in it blending it all together giving me the complete vibe of an extremely powerful alpha. Even more powerful than Dusk and Noah themselves. Because I give this vibe I can communicate with Noah directly, in controlling him I can control any others who are chipped successfully.” Draco happily explains providing me with the information I need to know.

Closing my eyes I concentrated on finding Crane in my mind, on finding that connection that I know all of the Wolves have. Once I find it I latch onto it as I picture the words in my mind as I send them to him. I send him the one thing he needs to know to be able to stop all of this, the one piece of key information.

‘Crane, you need to kill Draco. Draco is the key to everything, if you kill him you might be able to stop this. Killing him might mean saving the others. Crane, they are coming, Crane, I love you.’ - I send out in my mind.

Opening my eyes I almost jump out of my skin when I’m met directly with Noah’s glazed ones. I know instantly he has heard me call out to Crane and tell him the information I’ve sent him. Noah’s hand shoots out grabbing me by the neck and hauling me up as his fingers squeeze tightly. He lifts me straight off the ground as his claws begin to dig painfully into my neck, I scramble my fingers locking onto his hand but unable to break his hold.

“She told them.” Noah’s voice comes out sounding empty and it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Fury leaks into Draco’s features and Noah’s fingers draw blood from my neck as my windpipe is cut off and I gasp trying to drag air into my lungs. I continue to gasp until my vision begins to spot and my brain feels fuzzy.

“Enough, this isn’t the right punishment for her, let’s take her and Penny down to witness the beginning of everything. Once we have Noah kill Dusk we will be able to take control of the other Wolves, they will submit willingly.” Chaplin tells Draco who lets out an annoyed groan before nodding in agreement.

Noah drops me to the floor where I collapse gasping air back into my aching lungs. A headache slams into my mind blurring my vision with its power as I drag air back into my body. Penny screams as Draco crouches down in front of her, tears stream down her cheeks but her eyes remain defiant. I can’t imagine what he’s been doing to her, I know before all this they were an on again off again couple before Penny changed. I’m sure that upset Draco more than anything and he made her pay for it, or he intends to make her pay for it. Draco runs one hand down the side of Penny’s cheek before she can jerk away from him. He uses his other hand to grab onto her chin roughly making her look at him, when her eyes meet his he punches her once, twice, three times before she goes unconscious and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. I’m still trying to breathe again. Just as I get my breath back Noah kicks me in the ribs hard causing me to scream and bundle as I try to protect myself. I’m not very good at it and my lack of experience in self-defence is my downfall as Noah’s foot connects with my temple and blackness falls over me. I lose consciousness.

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