Caged Wolf

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Dusk

Song of the Chapter: Superhero by Hayd

I wake up to a vigorous banging on my door and Crane’s voice calling in my mind giving me a headache. Peeking beside me I don’t see Noah, instantly I know something is wrong as dread sinks into my stomach. Searching within myself I find Noah but he is blocking our connection. When I push further trying to get inside of Noah like I should be able to, searing pain crackles along my head causing me to wince as I grab for my head. My door falls off its hinges with a loud thud as Crane comes into view on the other side breathing quickly as if he is panicking.

“Hayley, she’s hurt. They are coming Dusk!” Crane huffs out but the information makes no sense to me.

“Crane I need more of an explanation than that,” I reply as I continue to clutch at my aching head.

“I don’t have much of an explanation, all I know is that Hayley told me Draco is the key to everything and they are coming,” Crane explains trying to calm his breathing but not being very successful.

I drag in a ragged breath, damn it. I know exactly what that means, Joey did some more in-depth explaining but I had hoped we would have more time to figure things. I had hoped we would have more time to come up with a plan to fix things. I climb from the bed quickly dressing in baggy clothes even though it doesn’t matter if I hid or not anymore. Nothing matters anymore. I don’t know how to save my pack from what’s coming. I don’t know how to be the superhero that I desperately want to be, that I desperately need to be.

‘Everyone outside now, get into a defensive position. Our chipped packmates are coming for us and we need to be prepared to fight them. Draco is the front of all this, he is the one controlling them. It is paramount that we kill him if we have any hopes of saving our packmates!’ - I send out to everyone, everyone including Crane who looks at me wide-eyed.

“I think they have Hayley,” Crane whispers, his voice almost a sob as he moves with me.

I move quickly out of the bedroom and into the hallways. Wolves quickly join up with Crane and I following closely. I do my best to take note of who is here and who isn’t. Garth, Secora, Danny, Cassie, Lily, Tucker, Reaper, and a handful of other Wolves show up behind us. I notice Tucker’s red eyes and I know that Carl is with Noah, he is chipped too. I take in an intake of breath because I don’t know how we are going to do this, I don’t know how this ends. Soon we spill out of the caverns and into the clearing before the caves and the forest. Moving quickly we take up defensive positions behind the rocks and within the surrounding forest hoping to be able to surprise ambush our packmates and those who come with them if need be.

“What do you want us to do Dusk, how can we help?” Victor asks me as he comes up beside me where I crouch in the tall grass watching and listening.

I glance beside me meeting Victor’s eyes, I don’t want the humans to get hurt, most of them had no clue this was going to happen. I also don’t want to tell them are useless because this is their fight just as much as it is ours, not all of the humans stayed with us. Some of them broke off and returned to Colonel Chaplin, meaning there will be guns in this fight.

“Sicora, Garth take the humans up the cliff to the top and set them up in positions with good range, take Grant, his mate and a few of his closest Wolves with you. Prioritize protecting the humans if it comes down to it. Victor do you guys think you can take out the humans for us, do you think you can take out the Colonel?” I command my packmates before I question Victor needing to know if they can truly help us or not.

“They are traitors and what they are doing here is treason. We can do this, tell us who to shoot and we can do it.” Victor gives me a soldier's smile and I can’t help it.

I may not have known these humans for long but the notion that they are willing to risk it all for us makes my heart swell to new levels. I pull Victor into a quick hug not wanting to hurt him but needing to show him how much I appreciate him and his friends right now. We share a final nod before parting ways as he mounts Garth’s shoulders, they take off for the cliffs and I hope I’m not sending them to their deaths. Shifting I crouch down in the tall grass with Crane again before we continue to watch the forest. I don’t think they will be coming from the top of the cliff, in fact, I know they won’t be. They’ll be coming from some secret entrance, I know it. I can feel it. Even though Noah has blocked me out I can still feel small bits and pieces from him, he is still able to feed me information even if he doesn’t mean to.

‘They are getting close.’ - I send to everyone as I feel Noah’s presence growing closer and closer until I know they are here.

‘What about Hayley, I can’t lose her Dusk?’ - Crane tells me and I know he is just as terrified as I am.

We both don’t want to lose our mates, our mates that both happen to be in terrible positions right now.

If you can save her you do it if any of us can save her we will.’ - I do myself to reassure him but I don’t feel very confident and I know he doesn’t feel very reassured.

Suddenly they are on top of us as they step from the trees, I do my best not to bare my fangs as I see Noah standing right beside the Colonel. My heart shatters as I take in his glazed-over eyes, I try not to think about if he’s in there or not. Of course, he’s still in there. Masses of Wolves step from the forest around the Colonel, humans mixed in with them and I realize they have more Wolves than I originally thought. Fear swirls in my chest but I don’t let it out, I won’t let them smell it or know it. I won’t let myself die feeling fear. Crane takes in a deep breath when he spots Hayley’s limp form being dragged behind Draco. Draco, the sight of him causes bile to rise up in my throat. He’s completely healed, that can only mean he’s had alphas blood, Noah’s blood. I wonder if he’s become the very thing he hates, I wonder if that’s why he can control the others. I take in a deep breath opening my mouth as I take in his scent and I realize it’s not just Noah’s blood running through his veins, it’s mine as well. That’s how he’s in control, with our blood mixed in one body it creates the illusion of pure power. The Colonel also has someone with him, this body isn’t limp. I ache for Penny when I see her condition as she stands by the Colonel tape tight on her mouth and bloody marks all over her body, she’s been tortured.

“Maybe the Wolf was wrong, maybe the girl's message didn’t get to them. We don’t have any greeting party.” Colonel Chaplin states to Draco who narrows his eyes at his surroundings.

“I don’t think so, I think they are here waiting for us. I think they know they will lose this.” Draco replies confidently.

Suddenly the sound of a bird's call rings out from above, the birdcall goes all along the cliff top before coming to an end, it’s a signal. I remember Victor telling me about army signals, it means target acquired and the shot can be taken. I watch as the humans react but it doesn’t come quick enough. A gunshot cracks through the air, it rings across the valley before settling into silence. My eyes scan for the one who was shot, a smile crosses my lips when I see the Colonel’s crumpled body on the ground. A bullet hole is clear in his head, not even Wolf’s blood can save him, he’s already dead. I watch as Draco turns eyes widening as his mouth twists in horror. He crumples to the fallen Colonel and that’s when I piece together that they are brothers. That’s when I realize our mistake, but it’s too late. Draco opens his mouth letting out an angered wail of a sound and it’s a command. Our packmates shift emitting growls preparing to attack us.

‘Dusk, what do we do?’ - Danny’s horrified voice reaches my mind.

‘Survive, try not to kill if you don’t have to!’ - I throw out just as our packmates launch themselves.

Smelling us they attack us where we hide. Bodies slam into each other and jaws snap as we do our best to evade them and not wound them. Crane and I move quickly making our way for Draco and Hayley. Hayley’s limp form has fallen at the forest’s edge where Draco dropped her when his brother was killed. Penny’s form is huddled on the ground as she holds her head trying to make herself as small as possible and not be detected. Crane and I make our way right for Draco with Danny and Cassie at our backs. Reaper remains on the outskirts of things with the younger Wolves trying to draw them safely away from the fight. Crane and I make our way through the throng of fighting bodies killing a few of the humans along the way as we successfully make our way to Draco. Crane darts past me and towards Hayley’s body, I launch myself at Draco hoping his grief will distract him. I’m wrong. Draco moves with a speed on a Wolf can possess as he swings around and knocks me flying into the bushes with a thud, Noah’s Wolf form barrels past me as he tackles Crane biting his shoulder hard and drawing blood. Crane cries out before turning on Noah and evading his next attack. I can’t focus on them instead I focus on Draco as I try to scorch fire down his lungs, it doesn’t work. Noah and I’s blood in his system much have made him immune to my powers, this is going to be a dog fight. Draco turns on me claws extended, he won’t shift though and I’ll use that to my advantage. If he shifts it means he’s officially one of us and I know he won’t do that. I get up snarling at Draco baring my fangs before launching myself at him again this time sinking my teeth deep into his shoulder. In return, he swipes his claws down my cheek drawing blood. This is the fight for everything if I can just kill Draco than I can end this all. If I can kill Draco I can save Noah.

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