Caged Wolf

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Chapter Three: Reaper

Song of the Chapter: The Reaper by All Good Things

My days in this place are always the same, wake up in a bed that isn’t mine in a dark room than contemplate who to kill for the rest of the day in between watching the fights. I hate this place, the room I’m in it isn’t mine neither is the bed for I don’t have either. I’m a roamer and have been ever since my father abandoned me, I don’t settle down in caves let alone rooms with beds in them. Before this all happened three years ago I was tracking the rumours of a legendary pack, I was tracking the idea of hope than I meet the white-eyes. White-eyes it’s what I call the grunts that work this place because they all wear white-contacts, rip-offs of my eyes if you ask me. I don’t know why the white-eyes wanted us Wolves but I do know they wanted me and the Hellhound the most, so far they just got me no Hellhound. I remember killing a large group of these workers and they still caught me, I never truly figured out how they still managed to catch me. Catching me was a mistake for them, I’m a killer, I don’t care who or what I kill. I simply kill because it makes me feel better and it’s all I’m good for, it’s my power after all. I run a hand through my tousled black and white-hair, from the top the colours create a skull on my head but it’s gotten long enough that it’s become a little muddled as hair drifts down into my eyes. If I were to ever find a scythe I could truly be considered the Grim Reaper. The idea makes me smile, a rare event. I pull myself from the bed, I’m woozy on my feet meaning the drugs they used to knock me out are getting stronger than they originally were. I glance at myself and sigh when I see they have me dressed in the typical white spandex type of outfit, white pants and an armless hoody. I miss my style of clothing, this style sucks. I’m back in my doorless granny suite which annoys me because no matter how many times I break out of here they always bring me back. They truly think they can contain me and it’s hilarious. I lash out beating my fists into the wall until blood seeps from my knuckles and I’ve created a small hole in the wall. Movement through the hole catches my attention but I quickly am distracted by the hidden door sliding open allowing a human dressed in all white and wearing white-contacts to enter my room. I snicker, haven’t they learned yet, how many people do I need to kill before they stop doing this and just leave me be? I move forward and touch the human with my open palm, they drop dead instantly. I move around them running down the hallway hoping to find something or someone useful, this is my daily routine. I don’t shift this time so I’m a smaller target to get shot at and for a while, it works, I make it farther than I did yesterday. Then it doesn’t as I feel the bite of a tranquillizer in my shoulder and fall into drowsy darkness that scares me. I don’t fully pass out but it’s enough that I can’t see nor can I move. I feel when they place a rope around me and drag me back to my room, I hear their laughs and it pisses me off.

“I heard the Hellhound has finally arrived here, think the Reaper or it will live?” A voice asks drawing me out of my pissed thoughts.

“My bets are on the Reaper, his touch literally kills!” Another voice laughs in response.

“I don’t know man, Hayley told me that the Hellhound can’t be killed by any powers. Remeber Hayley was on assignment to study the Hellhound so what she learned is probably true.” The first voice points and the information is interesting if I could find this Hayley person I could learn things about the Hellhound.

“Joey, Hayley also said that the Hellhound’s own brother killed her, I seriously doubt that powers don’t kill her if her own brother can.” The second voice points out as if the owner of the first voice is obviously stupid.

“Quiet both of you, this one isn’t fully under.” A third voice enters the mix, this one sounds older and gruffer.

Suddenly a prick stings my arm and I know I’ve been hit with another tranq, this one puts me under fully as my own memories take me away to the place I’m truly terrified to go. Damn this place.

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