Caged Wolf

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Chapter Three: Dusk

I follow a girl with dark brown hair and eye catching hazel eyes down a hallway towards what she calls a cafeteria. I'm sniffing the air intentionally since Noah's scent is here but it is stale when suddenly she speaks.

"I've been assigned to you so if you have any questions or need anything you are to talk to me and not anyone else." She says and she looks over her shoulder she goes to make sure I'm still behind her.

I meet her eyes with a cold hard stare that causes her to flinch and straighten, from the moment she came to collect me she has been afraid of me and it really doesn't suit her, plus it pisses me off. I'm used to being feared but still something about this girl fearing me rubs me wrong, I have done nothing personally to her. Sure over the last three years I've done some terrible things to survive and keep my pack alive but never once have I seen this girl before. We walk on in silence until we come to a set of sliding doors guarded by a set of tall men dressed in all white including their faces, they hold long sticks that jump with electricity. I reach forward and let the electricity jump across my skin and up to my collar which causes the guard to jerk away from me in surprise at my boldness.

"Funny you care if I touch your weapon and get shocked yet you let me wear this collar that shocks me." I reply in a carefree tone that causes the girl to stiffen beside me as she tries to usher me into the room and away from them.

I step through the sliding doors just in time to catch the girl apologizing about me calling him a tuff one. As soon as I step into the cafeteria I know Noah isn't here, even if I were to loo for him I already know because his scent is absent. This darkens my already poor mood and I move into the room. I step into line and automatically the server slops food onto my platter and I leave the line to go looking for a seat. All of the tables are packed expect for one table which seats one guy who everyone is giving a lot of space. I move and settle myself at the table only a few spaces away form him even though it is empty except for us, I'm angry and I'd love an excuse to take it out on this guy.

"You shouldn't sit there newby." The guy states and his voice is deep, gruff, and hollow.

"You shouldn't sit there." I repeat back to him and this causes him to remove his eyes from his food and look up at me, his eyes are the lightest gray I have ever seen, they could almost be white.

He stares for a few moments and I know my eyes have also garnered his attention, they catch everyone since this bright of a green is an unusual colour. I look away from him as I shovel food into my hungry stomach but I can feel he is still looking at me and now it is really starting to annoy me.

"Are you trying to annoy me?" I ask him and it seems to cause the wheels to begin turning in his head again.

That's when I notice he isn't wearing a collar like the rest of us and now he has my full attention. I pop over the table and settle in the seat right next to him which causes him to seriously flinch as I examine his neck with my eyes.

"I really wouldn't sit this close to me." He says but his voice isn't deadly or dangerous in anyway instead it is more terrified but not for himself, he is terrified for me.

"You aren't wearing one of these." I state as I prod the collar wrapped around my neck and continue to look at his empty one.

"They tried one on me it didn't work." He states as he continues to look at me looking at him, he is curious of me but in the same sense he is extremely uncomfortable.

"What do you mean it didn't work on you?" I ask him as I suck on one of my ribs and pull the juices out of it as I use my free hand to brush the skin of his neck just to make sure he isn't wearing an implanted one.

Suddenly his hands snaps out and grabs the wrist of my free and hand and his eyes widen as he looks from where he touches me to me.

"It didn't suppress my powers." He tells me and he seems to shake as he lets my wrist go, he also seems to be in a little bit of awe.

"Interesting." I respond as I use one hand to tilt his chin up so I can have more access to make sure he isn't lying.

His eyes just get wider as I continue to prod him like a pup. He finally throws my hand away from himself while flinching as he watches me with horror written on his face waiting for something. I sigh believing him and turning back to my meal. I can feel his stare on me again more intent this time and suddenly he shoots his hand out and touches my hand with his. He pulls his hand back and watches me again, then he places his palm open on my cheek and pulls away again watching me. When he reaches to touch me again I swat him away.

"I don't know what you are trying to do but it isn't working!" I growl at him as I finish off my potatoes and start on his uneaten ones.

When he doesn't say anything I turn to him and he is looking at me in total awe to the point that his mouth is even open a little bit. I quickly close if for him and turn back to eating his meal.

"Everything I touch dies, everyone calls me a Reaper." He says as if his words are supposed to have any great impact on me.

I do wince a little, I have heard of cases of Reapers, it's a horrible power to have, it is the power of death. This makes this guy like me he is a product that comes straight from death himself, that and the ghost, those are some of the worst powers I should know my moms sister was a Reaper.

"I've heard of Reapers, you guys are rather rare because you come straight from death yourself, I guess you and I have something in common." I say in a calm voice that seems to confuse him and finally it hits me, he touched me so I should be dead, his powers should have killed me.

I guess Lora really was right when she said as a Hellhound brought back from death being the strongest wolf alive I really am immune to all to all powers even if some can affect me slightly. Lora, the thought of her hurts me considering what our last conversation consisted of.

"Your a Reaper as well?" He asks me and he swallows causing me to laugh.

"No, I'm not a Reaper. I'm something much more dangerous apparently. What does the boss guy of this place call me, oh yes a treasure." I say more to myself than this guy and this causes him to look at me intently.

"You can call me Reaper, maybe someday I'll tell you my real name." He smiles to me and the smile suits him as he holds out his hand for me to shake.

"I'm Dusk." I tell him and from that moment on we are bonded and I have a friend.

I didn't come here wanting any friends because I would only end up fighting them but if I'm being honest it feels nice to have someone to talk to here and Reaper is talkative with me, he tells me all that he knows about this place and how long he has been here. When dinner is over I'm hesitant to tell Reaper about who I really am but I could use an ally as I could see all the way the guys were looking at me like I'm a piece of meat, besides he makes a good friend and he can help me look for Noah and my pack. We walk down the hallways in silence and I follow my scent to come back to my room, Reaper has followed me and I'm not sure what he is expecting when I stop outside of my room where the door appears and slides open.

"I know you have a mate somewhere here Dusk, I can sense it don't worry that's not what I was thinking. You are the first person I have met that I have been able to touch ever and I would like to consider you a friend, plus I might make a good addition to your pack when it comes time to finding them since my powers are pretty intimidating." Reaper smiles at me and I am surprised at how much he picked up from me in just the past couple of hours.

"Come in then." I tell him and he follows me into my room letting the door close behind us.

Reaper heads right for my couch and switches the remote to the TV on as they continue to replay today's fights. I see myself on the TV and I have to look away, I won't lie and say I hate these fights because I don't but I don't like hurting these wolves for no purpose. I have to do it to get to Noah but they are all in the same boat that I am. We are all in this place together and it should be us against this place, not us against each other hating each other for our ranks.

"This fight, the black wolf this is you isn't it?" Reaper asks me as he looks from me to the TV and back again.

"Yes that's me." I reply as I lean against the counter and he looks over at me raising an eyebrow that lets me know it's my time to explain what I've been keeping from him.

"How much do you know about the Hellhound?" I ask him first to start things off and so I can gage just how long of a story this is going to be and how much detail I need to include.

"I know the whole prophecy, the Hellhound is a wolf reincarnated by death and the wolf goddess themselves. This Hellhound was brought back for two purposes, revenge and peace through rebirth. Hellhound's are much rarer than even Reapers are and much more powerful than any normal wolf which is why its such a big deal that one is.... oh shit!" Reaper suddenly cuts off his explanation as he looks over at me and I can read the dawning all over his face.

"I'm the Hellhound, Reaper, or at least I am the fire one anyway. Being a Hellhound is what makes me immune to your powers." I smile at him and suddenly a large crazy grin plasters across his face and I can tell he is not used to being generally happy.

"Damn I'm friends with the Hellhound. I've heard so many stories about you, before all this happened you were changing the world. You were taking down the white wolf pack that was in control and you were rescuing and giving wolves like me a pack and a place to call home. You were a game changer Dusk!" He explains and I'm surprised in a good sense to know that there is no awe in his voice now instead there is pride, he is prideful that there was someone like me in the world saving it and changing it around.

I'm smiling when suddenly my door opens and two humans dressed in white walk in, they do not have covered faces so I recognize the girl as the girl who was assigned to me but this boy is unknown and it causes my lips to turn up into a snarl. Their faces go blank and they are supposed to look drawn but I can tell that they were just smiling and laughing, the girl meets my eyes and I raise an eyebrow at her. The boys eyes catch my attention as they are yellow.

"Training begins after breakfast tomorrow and then fights continue, are there any questions?" The girl asks in strong voice and I smile because she is braver than she was this morning.

"Are you two dating because you seem braver than you were this morning?" I ask trying to unnerve her and it seems to work as she balks at my question.

"Us We are paired!" She stutters out with a surprised expression and the boy looks at her intensely as if her words have dug into him.

Reaper and I exchange a look that says we both caught the boy looking at her like a wounded deer.

"Why are you bolder now with us monsters then?" I ask again and the girl pales as the boy seems to give me a hard glare for putting her on the spot.

"It couldn't be because she is starting to see that we are the victims here stuck in these cages of a place for unknown reasons. The world will never have peace now that the humans have turned against us when all we wanted was to live together equally!" Reaper mocks behind me and both of them suck in deep breaths and exchange a look.

"You are not scary." The girl slips out and the boy jerks back from her as she says it giving her a very hard look as if he wants to hurt her which causes me to frown.

"I don't hurt those who do not hurt me!" I say as I step into the girl and boys personal space and they stumble back from me out the door and away.

Reaper and I share a laugh as the door closes behind them and we continue on watching videos and discussing our lives outside of this place. I describe my pack to him, as well as Noah, and all that has happened to me under the boss while Reaper simply listens. I tell him everything and there are parts that make him smile and there are parts that don't, the major thing is that he takes it all in as if he is enjoying my story and he can see it all happening before him as if he were there when it all happened.

"Noah and your pack sound amazing!" Reaper finally sighs after I am done talking and I can hear a bit of loss behind his words and I know what he is feeling immediately.

"You are not alone anymore Reaper, you are not an Omega you are a part of a pack, you have alphas that will love you and pack-mates that will charise you and one day you will find a mate like the rest of us, I have no doubt of any of this!" I say to him and he looks at me surprised that I see exactly what he is feeling and I know exactly what he has been missing in his life.

He pulls me into a grateful hug and we fall silent all discussion done. In silent agreement we watch more videos until we are ready to sleep, when that happens I move to my room and Reaper cozies up on the couch. My heart feels a little lighter when sleep finds me, I have a little more hope that we will get back to my pack and that I will get back to Noah. We will come together and get out of this place and find a better life somehow.

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