Caged Wolf

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Chapter Thirty: Dusk

Song of the Chapter: Chlorine by Twenty One Pilot

I’m screaming and crying so hard it hurts when Reaper and Crane pry Noah’s body from my grasp. As soon as he isn’t in my arms anymore I know he is truly gone. I grab onto my brother and Reaper holding onto them like they are lifelines. My world is ending, everything is coming crashing down around me. Pain slices hard through my brain, my body goes numb and I lose all of my strength as I crumble into these two men before me. Noah is gone, Noah is dead. I stop screaming as the world spins before me. I think Crane or someone is talking to me but I can’t hear them, everything is just background noise to the emptiness that fills me. Absently I reach down to caress my baby bump and somewhere deep inside I know I need to get up, I know I need to go on. Noah asked me to be strong, but how can I be strong without him? How can I possibly be strong without my other half, without my mate? A breeze rustles the grass around me and seems to float through me, in my heart I know it’s Noah. My ear tingles as his voice vibrates in my skull, it’s like I can hear him saying it again, whispering it to me. Be strong Dusk, be strong. I sit up startling Danny who was crouched down beside me tear streaks down his cheeks. Lily is huddled tight in Cassie’s arms watching me so terrified. I take in a deep breath as everyone around me seems to hold their own. Around us other Wolves are crying, other Wolves are screaming, other Wolves are feeling the same pain I’m feeling. I take in another deep breath before I stand, all eyes turn to me looking for my guidance. I am still the alpha female, the Hellhound. I need to be strong for my pack. I stand turning once more to look at Noah’s body, I know it isn’t him anymore, not really. Crouching down I kiss my fingers before pressing them to his forehead.

“Goodbye my love,” I whisper before I stand and move away from him.

I’m glad Crane doesn't hover over me like I’ll shatter any moment, it gives me the strength not to shatter. I move until I’m in a spot where everyone can hear me.

“Gather the dead, we will bury them properly where they deserve to be buried. When you see the way out get out, I’ll follow closely behind you.” I holler out for everyone to hear me.

Heads nod and mourning Wolves do as I ask, the humans that are left help. I notice that Victor is among them along with a large group of his friends, which gives me a little bit of happiness. Turning I make my way towards the cliff.

“What are you going to do Dusk?” Reaper calls out behind me, he’s the only one who has staggered after me.

“I’m going to do what I’m best at,” I reply as I look at him, a great sadness settles on his face.

Blinking I give into my nature letting my eyes go Wolf. I throw my arms out and fire consumes me as my skin melts away until it’s just bone. Turning away from my pack mates I move with a purpose. I move up the cliffside with an unnatural speed, an animal’s speed. I find my way into the facility once more where I kill any humans left inside and burn everything to the ground. I destroy and kill exacting my revenge, fueling my animal. I do what I should have done in the very beginning to get us all out of here. Now I’m paying for it but I won’t ever pay for it again. My pack won’t ever pay for the human's fear again. I turn my head to the sky and let out the most horrifying sound I’ve ever let out, there isn’t any humanity in this sound, it’s all Wolf. As I destroy I target certain things causing a chain reaction of explosions that I know will work their way around and blow a hole in the side of the mountain where my packmates will be able to escape through. I didn’t lie when I told them I’d catch up to them, it just won’t be right away. I have some business to deal with before I go back to those who need me. I’ll return where I’m needed after I do what I was meant to do in the first place. I’m going to right this world.

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