Caged Wolf

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Chapter Four: Hayley

I walk down the tunnels quickly as Joey catches up to me and we leave that female wolf and the male wolf far behind us in her room. Something about that she wolf terrifies me but, it also excites me and when she talked to me I wasn't ready for it, I also wasn't ready for the truth to have come from my lips in response to her questioning me. Finally Joey catches up to me matching my pace as his fingers find my arm and he pulls me to a stop.

"Hayley, don't let her get to you she was just upset that we interrupted her time with her new fuck buddy!" Joey tells me but his words don't register with me the way he wants them to.

In my heart I can feel that there was nothing sexual going on when we walked in there, those two wolves are not mates and never will be, they are friends who understand each other in a way that no other does.

"I can't believe I told her that she wasn't scary!" I gulp and a little bit of nervous laughter bubbles out of me.

"They don't have to be scary Hayley, they are monsters and we have the means to contain them!" Joey smiles at me and I try not to balk at him.

"Do you really believe that, that they are monsters?" I ask him and he gives me a weird look like I have asked him an insane question, besides I've never not believed they were monsters.

"Of course I do, they have killed innocent people!" Joey growls at me and I turn away from him as we continue walking back to our room.

"I guess that's true." I reply in a small voice and then the conversation falls away as we walk into our room, it's a closet of a room with bunks in it.

I know well be upgraded to a better room when I finally claim Joey as my pair, it's what we are after all paired. In order to work here with Joey I had to put down that we were compatible for each other on a form, at the time I loved him so I had no problems with the idea of being paired, now it's a different story. We remain silent as we get ready for sleep settling into our separate bunks as the lights go out. I sigh and that's when Joey speaks again.

"They killed my family, you know that." Joey reminds me quietly as his voice is pained.

Joey has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. The day his family was killed is a day I will never forget, but it is a day I will never forget for the reasons that I shouldn't be. I remember the wolf attacking us on the camping trip but it is not the wolf itself that sticks out in my mind, it is the red crazy look it had in its eyes. The wolf was white and red with blood but the eyes never changed, they were always red and wolves should not have red eyes, nor should their eyes look haunted beneath that red as they beg for help as if the actions taking place were not something they could control.

"I do." I whisper after I shake the memories from my mind.

We drift off to sleep as the memories come back to plague me in my dreams. I dream of the thing I never told anyone about that day and I will never tell anyone about it ever, I sleep restlessly.

A flashing of a red light above me wakes me and I roll over groaning. Why do they have to let them do things through the night? I grumble to myself as I climb out of my bunk and dress as Joey snores away in his bunk. I let myself out of our room and walk down the dimly lit tunnels towards the place that I need to go. Every room is equipped with a light on the door that will flash the colour of the person assigned to it, my colour is red so I find the one room that is flashing red. I let myself into the room and find myself stopping dead in my tracks. I wasn't prepared to ever see that guy again, it's the same guy that I couldn't quite sense his strength, the handsomest boy I have ever seen in my life. I am almost frozen as I take in his beautiful bare back as he leans over a counter working on something in front of him, when he turns to look at me his eyes meet mine and I'm surprised at the dark green colour of them. His eyes remind me of the girl I saw earlier today. Our gaze holds each other for a few moments until he clears his throat and I remember how to breath.
"Are you supposed to be here to help me?" He asks and his voice causes my body to vibrate with the deep, gravelyness of it.
I remove my eyes from him and allow myself to take in his bare chest as he is turned to me. My eyes wander until I find where his hands are pressed against his ribs holding a bloody cloth over his skin. I move quickly as I step forward intending to tend to his wound. The guy flinches away from me when I reach for the bloody cloth and I glance up at him as his eyes meet mine again.
"I'm not going to hurt you." I tell him in a breathy voice.
"You couldn't even if you wanted to. Why should I let you help me? If you stopped putting injections into our food to remove our healing abilities we wouldn't even be here talking right now!" He growls at me while his eyes are hard and cold as he looks down at me rising to stand his full height.
I gasp sucking in a breath as I take a step back from him trying to understand how he knows the truth about the injections, we do it to see who is breakable and who is not. As my mind works I ignore his dodging me as I get my hands on that cloth that has started to seep blood down his stomach. My hands touch his bare skin causing him to come to a dead stop, he looks at me in such a way that has heat shooting up through my veins causing my cheeks to flush with red. Finally he allows me to remove the cloth from his skin to see the wound, I try not to flinch at the angry, bloody claw marks that trails down his ribs as my eyes wander it to look for signs of infection or internal injuries. A pang flashes through me and I spare a brief glance up at him.
"Do not pity me." He says but his tone isn't strong or cold this time, instead is is defeated.
I don't say anything to this I just set to work as I stitch his wound and bandage it up for him properly as he leans against the counter behind him and remains silent not showing any true signs of pain. When I am done I run my hand over the bandage once more trying to ignore the zing that goes through my body as I do so. Before I show that touching him is affecting me I turn to leave but he reaches out to grab my arm stopping me, I don't flinch even though I should.
"Thank you..." He says but trails off because he doesn't know my name to thank me.
I contemplate if I should tell him my name, he is a monster, a patient and nothing more so I should not! I should feel no need to tell him my name yet, here I am wanting to tell him so badly. Why do I want to tell? It would be so wrong for me to do so, Joey wouldn't do it.
"Hayley." I whisper before I can change my mind and question why I have done this to myself.
"Thank you Hayley, I'm Crane." He replies to me instantly as if he didn't notice my hesitation to respond to him.
I turn back to him and our eyes meet yet again allowing me to know that he can see right through me as if he cant read what I'm thinking.
"You should be more careful Crane!" I tell him in a tone that is almost a whisper as I walk to the door.
"I shouldn't have to Hayley, I shouldn't have to fight other people to survive. I should be given the chance at a happy life like all others should be!" He says and his voice is strong again as he says these words but it is still not cold and for some reason that excites me.
"You deserve nothing for killing innocent people!" I spit out before I can really think about my words and the impact they will have on this guy who could kill me with one touch right now if he wanted to.
"Killing innocent people, is that what they've drilled into you here?" He questions me and it's as if the idea confuses and bewilders him.
That idea haunts me as I run from the room. I slow my pace as I round the next corner and push my back against the cool cave wall to catch my breath. I should shove Crane from my mind, I should forget his words, yet I can't. His tone is ingrained in my memory, his bewilderment has me so confused yet, it also makes something drop in the bottom of my stomach. Maybe we are wrong about these wolves, maybe they are not monsters, maybe they have never killed anyone? I gasp in a deep breath as something clicks in my mind, mayve we have been lied to?
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