Caged Wolf

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Chapter Five: Noah

It feels as though months have passed now since I last saw Dusk in person rather than on a screen or through a wall. Everyday we fight and fight for the right to find each other again. I have seen the other members of our pack in fights as well, we are all here somewhere we just need to find our way back to each other. Crane has been here fighting as well, he was labelled as an omega and that thought is something that always makes me laugh even if Dusk had forgiven him I think it's something he deserves. Secora and Danny are settled on my couch as we wait for the next fight to begin, they have been settled on my couch since the moment we found each other. Danny sleeps on blankets in the corner while Secora has claimed the couch. I was worried they would attempt to punish us for such actions but no one has come to tell us that we can't all live together yet, so they probably won't. I'm currently working hard at the stove trying to cook up some steaks that were placed in the fridge, dinner tonight was some sort of fish that was disgusting. Secora and Danny fall silent from the conversation they were having to listen to an announcement booming over the TV.

"All wolves, this is an important announcement, this is the last fight, tomorrow is the beginning of the mating ceremonies. Wolves will be paired in rooms to mate and pairs shall be tried out and switched if it is not working. Once all wolves are paired the pack process will begin!" The usual female announcer states and it causes me to curl my lip up because this is the leader of this place, she is still trying to be alpha and it rubs me wrong.

Secora and Danny are beaming and even I feel more hope digging into my chest, tomorrow I could find Dusk, we could be reunited and we can begin to work to get out of here.

"Oh shit!" Secora's voice pulls me from my hope filled thoughts.

They are watching as two wolves step into the arena and prepare to face off. The black one we recognize instantly as Dusk and when her eyes find us we know that she knows we are here. It is the other wolf that has Secora swearing, it is the red haired wolf, the boy who has been boasting that Dusk shall be his mate now that they know she is a girl. This red haired wolf gave me a run for my money when I fought him, he defeated both Danny and Secora and all other wolves, he is our biggest competition. This will not be an easy fight, I turn the stove off the steaks done and settle on the couch watching, this is a fight I will not be able to tear my eyes off of as worry digs into my chest. I do not doubt Dusk's strength but I do worry about her pride since this is a wolf that fights dirty. A boom comes from above and the dance begins. We watch as they circle each other, Dusk is the bigger wolf of the two of them, they dance and snap as they bite each other neither landing anything good. The fight continues on for a long time this way neither one of them gaining or losing any ground against one another, not until Dusk claws the red wolves face drawing blood. This infuriates the red wolf causing him to be more calculated and desperate to get a good hit in. I watch Dusk's eyes to see she is growing inpatient to end this because she is thinking, calculating the risk of something.

"Don't dot it." I whisper when I figure out what she is thinking, it's almost like in this moment we are connected again, I can hear her thoughts and she can hear mine because her eyes flicker to mine as she smiles.

She makes a move taking a step and the red wolf see it, he falls right into her trap as he makes his move. I watch as his teeth clamp down on Dusk's leg snapping it in his jaws causing a mixture of anger and heat to ripple from the arena but in his confidence he has missed what is truly going on. This wolf thinks he has won, it almost appears that he has, but then it is over. Dusk clamps down on his neck digging her teeth into his skin deep enough to draw blood which causes the red wolf to whimper and thrash in her grip. They continue this way him thrashing with her leg held in his jaws and her clamped down on his throat until finally he falls limp in her jaws. Dusk drops him like the dead weight he is as she hobbles around the arena allowing herself a triumphant howl. The room thuds to life as we bang against the walls like peasants cheering for their gladiator, we are not the only ones, everyone is pounding against their own wall, everyone cheers and we can hear it. The humans can hear it and I'm bot sure what that means for us. I don't know if they will take this as an act of rebellion or if this new worship of Dusk will scare them and they will punish her for it. I fall quiet as the building continues to roar around me and Dusk walks around the arena holding her head high and prideful.

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