Caged Wolf

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Chapter Six: Dusk

All around me human howls echo from rooms and palms pound against walls. I show off a little flaunting back and forth giving the crowd what they want, me. I am the promise of power and raw strength because I will get us out of here, or at least that is what I have to believe in my mind. It is what I have to believe in order to find Noah! White masks come in and remove the unconscious wolf, another one beacons for me to follow it and I do as I keep all weight off my leg. Now that the battle is over I recognize that he actually has broken my leg in several spots and dislocated my shoulder. Pain bites through me but I refuse to let it show as I'm lead out of the room where I'm then ordered to shift. I shift and the guy who always is with the girl leading me in the morning appears, he takes one look at my mutilated arm and sets to work on slinging it for me.

"This wouldn't be necessary if you hadn't slowed my healing!" I snap as each little movement of my arm is painful.

"You people need to feel a little human, it let's you know how we feel and cope!" The guy actually snarls at me and I blink in surprise.

The girl who spoke to me before squirms in the corner drawing my eyes to her and making me notice that she is also in the room. She could have been a shadow if she hadn't have moved, I wouldn't have noticed her. The girls eyes are wide as she looks at the guy who still fumes until he is satisfied with his job. When he turns to leave he gives one last tug on his work wrenching my arm causing me to bare my fangs at him. They leave me alone quickly and exhaustion sets in.

I sleep restlessly that night as my arm hurts like a bitch. I roll on it at some point in the night dislocating my shoulder again, but not once do I cry out for help as I will not give these humans that satisfaction that they have weakened me, I must remain strong. Wake up time comes too soon and I don't get the chance to shower off last nights sweating from the pain in my arm, instead I dress and move out of my room. The girl is there waiting on me alone for once. I inhale her scent and am surprised at how I feel like I should recognize it from some where other than here, I noticed that the first time she was around but I can't place it. She takes one look at my arm and winces, I know it looks bad since I've dislocated it again. When she moves to touch it I growl at her in defiance.
"You should really let me rest that, it looks painful!" The girl murmurs as she continues to gaze at my arm.
"It'll heal." I respond in a low tone and her eyes flicker to mine.
"They'll make you do things on it like that." She seems to gasp out and she surprises me with her honesty.
"I will do things on a busted arm if I must, why is your scent familiar?" I question as I take in another deep whiff of her scent.
At my question she pales and then she turns from me and doesn't speak to me again. This girl won't even look my way until we arrive outside a door that I have never been to before.
"You are welcome!" She whispers for my ears only as the door opens.
I try to place her sudden kindness as I enter the room. Instantly I understand and gratitude fills me when my eyes land on Noah who has just walked in the other door on the other side of the room. Our eyes meet and his widen and then we are running to each other, instantly our lips mash as his hands are in my hair as my good hand caresses his cheek. When he pulls me into a hug I show the first sign of how badly my arm hurts with a whimper that causes Noah to pull back and look at my arm. He clenches his jaw at the sight of it so it must be worse than I can even feel.
"The food has been injected with stuff to keep us from healing, this won't heal for a while." He states in a growl of a voice as he examines my arm and hols me up will doing so.
"Bastards just want to make me weaker, I'm going to have to train on it today." I moan as Noah pulls me against his chest taking my full weight as my knees buckle and become weak.
I inhale Noah's scent eagerly and he kisses me again but this time his hands cup me as he bears my weight for me. I know what he is going to do and I let him, I trust him. I use Noah's chest for support as my vision spots when he pops my shoulder back into place, it aches worse than before but the bone feels more comfortable.
"Thank you!" I breath against Noah's chest.
Suddenly he pulls his shirt up and bares his chest to me as he nods his head sending me an invitation, one that I gladly take. I bite into his chest and his blood tastes sweet but, sharp in my mouth as I swallow sighing as my arm begins to heal as it should. When I know I've had enough to start the healing process I bite my lip and pull away as instantly the bite mark heals up on his chest due to a little bit of my blood. We settle onto the ground as Noah hols me in his lap as if I could disappear at any moment.
"I miss my fire!" I tell him and I produce the tiniest of flames in my palm, it glows red against my skin.
Noah places a snowflake in my hair that melts, we both sigh and enjoy each other's presence.
"I love you Dusk!" Noah says against my forehead.
"I hate being apart!" I whimpers as I turn my head up and into his neck to find comfort in him.
Noah kisses me and this time it isn't gentle or soft, it has a desperate tone to it that causes something to awaken a primal instinct that consumes me as I realize this could be the last time I see him. I flip and straddle him in order to deepen the kisses and when he makes a sound in his chest I know he feels it too. My hands pull at his shirt to remove it when he pulls away but not far away as our foreheads touch and he looks into my eyes.
"Are you sure about this, there are cameras?" Noah asks me gently as he pulls his shirt up over his head and my lips curl up as I hear the tell tale sound of cameras about the room.
"Let them watch, this could be the last time we get to see each other, I want to make it something to remember!" I say against his lips and he laughs against me in response.
It's decided as our kisses deepen and passion runs through me clutching me in it's desperate grasp as we try to hold onto each other forever. We shed all of our clothes and Noah covers my body with his and we make love to remember our love, we get as close to each other as we possibly can. We make love until both of us explode with the passion of it, we fall apart as we decide to use the pool in the room to swim off our sweaty forms. We then shift and run together as we play as if it is our last time together. As all good things do our time together comes to an end too quickly and the girl from earlier enters the room.
"Come with me please!" She beacons us both and once we dress we follow her that guy who hates us hand in hand.
She leads us down a bunch of corridors until we come out in a cave lit by a flicker of fire, once in the cave we wait and a bunch of people and white masks appear from the shadows. The leader steps up wearing a tell tale white mask that has red eyes and her fake black hair flows out the back.
"Why did we have to come to this again Hal?" I hear the guy whisper in the back to the girl I assume who's name is Hayley as she stands behind us forming a circle with the people surrounding us.
"Don't you think this could be interesting to watch a mating ceremony be performed?" I hear her response and it surprises me because she is supposed to hate us, they all are.
"Yeah sure, but why them, why these two?" The guy asks and this seems to frustrate her though he doesn't see it.
"Seriously Joey, isn't it obvious, these two are by far the strongest wolves. That can only mean that they should mate, they belong together and will make the strongest pack and have the strongest pups. They are intended to be together!" Hayley explains to this guy Joey and he seems to understand this answer.
"Oh so they are intended for each other, if the two strongest wolves mate than they produce a strong bloodline. It will be like you and me when we marry and have children someday since we are paired for each other as well." Joey tells her and this answer seems to strike her in a way that only Noah and I can feel, she isn't happy with talking about that and it makes me curious as to why.
"Let's make this quick, get as much research from it as you can since these two are true mates this ceremony will be different from the others, more powerful!" The leader turns from us for a moment and talks to the white masks behind her who all have their own tools to take information from this, she is lying and I don't know why.
I'm not sure how I feel about having a mating ceremony because they want to have research on it but, in the same sense I'll take what I can get at this point. If they want to mate Noah and I then so be it as long as they recognize that I am with Noah forever and never to separate us again then I'm not going to complain too much.
"Welcome to the mating ceremony! Do you accept each other as mates?" The leaders asks us through her mask making her voice sound more metallic than human as she takes our intertwined hands in hers.
My first instinct is to yank my hand away from her and growl at her for thinking she has the right to mate us but I don't instead Noah and I both speak, "We do.".
"This next part will be excruciating, the wolves before you have not handled it well but, it is necessary to fulfill the bond. You will be allowed to heal instantly afterwards!" The leader says and her voice comes off as pleased, pleased because she is going to cause us pain, she really does hate us but in a sick twisted way because she also wants the strongest of us for something.
I shiver when I notice Scar in the back, so many horrible things have happened to me with him, so many terrors.
Suddenly with a hard shove we are pushed into the flames behind us, as soon as the fire touches my skin it burns harder and I feel alive, that feeling seeps into Noah who is protected from the flames by my immunity through our bond. He is immune to their pain as much as I am and that clicks something within us fully solidifying the bond, to my surprise the red fire slowly turns to a blue flame all around us and we both smile. Noah watches me as I breath in the beautiful flames that I have missed so much, flames seer through my veins and moves to my shoulder where an aching sensation settles as it heals my arm completely. I think to myself if I burn the fire a little warmer I could melt our collars off, we could escape, we could be free.

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