Caged Wolf

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Chapter Seven: Hayley

Joey has gone still beside me along with everyone else as the wolves stand int the fire. The red flames now flicker blue and grow with each inhale from the female Dusk, her eyes flutter in pure joy and flames bounce in her pupils, it has grown almost too hot to bare. The Hellhound, the most powerful wolf shifter to ever exist stands in front of us and now we know who she is, though I have always known. The more curious and pressing matter is this guy Noah who remains immune to the flames as joy and happiness bounce from him to Dusk. I knew they had that true wolf bond the moment they came here, they can feel each others emotions, they are the most powerful beings yet, what are Noah's powers? Suddenly my question is answered as snowflakes burst through the air and rain down on us, I catch one and see the fire reflected blue in the white flake. Their powers are mixed and complementing each other, finally the mating mark in shape of a paw and claw mark trails on their shoulders and they flicker into wolf form as they turn their heads to the sky and howl's vibrate through us as the fire goes out. My insides thrum and I push it away as Joey looks at me as if he is watching my reaction to all of this. Dusk and Noah stand in human form intertwined in a kiss, a kiss that has my mind flicker back to Crane yet, another thing that I push away. When they break apart they gaze out and around at us and a voice whispers in my mind that they could gut us all here and now if they wanted to, even with the collars on. Our leaders go to fill them in on the mating but they both silence them with one look which is not something either of them are used to, it is clear even to us that they already know what it means to be mated, they understand it better than we can. The ceremony is over and we have to separate them, Joey takes Noah to the cafeteria and I take Dusk back to her room for now. We walk in silence out of the room as their is too much emotion running through us all at what we just witnessed, the walk back to her room is also silent, that is until we reach her door.

"Thank you." She says to me in a soft tone that digs into my heart, kindness is not something I ever expected from this she wolf.

"It was the right thing to do." I reply and I should walk away from her now, I should leave but she wants to ask me something and I am curious as to what it is.

"Why go through with being that guy's pair if you do not love him?" Dusk asks me and her question catches me completely off guard, I expected her to ask after Noah.

"Do you love your mate?" I counter her question with my own as I try to come up with a response that she will understand, if I'm honest I also want to find a response that she will approve of.

"You know I do, you have since the moment we came here I can feel it in you." She responds to me and she is right, I do know that she truly loves him as he truly loves her.

"Joey and I have been friends forever, as kids we always joked and our families always joked. I think at one point I really did love him but then his parents were killed by a wolf and he took a scary turn for the dark, he got involved in things like this place and I couldn't let him do it alone in fear it would destroy him. Now they just label us as being paired for each other and Joey still believes in it, maybe I can love him again." I respond openly not holding anything back from her because it feels so good not to lie, it feels so good to get this off of my chest.

"That's why he hates us so much, I'm sorry for his loss. Not all wolves are good, those who are bad leave the rest of us with a horrible reputation. Don't lie to yourself though I can feel it, you are different, you won't love him again, he won't make you happy. Not in the ways the guy your heart truly wants will." She tells me and she tells me a truth that I wasn't ready to admit to myself.

Her words hang in the air and I am tempted to say more since she is easy to talk to but I really shouldn't because if Joey finds out he will be upset with me and if the leaders find out than she might harm me or punish me for it. With those thoughts in mind I turn and leave Dusk to enter her room, instead I feel her watch me until I am out of sight and her words dig into me as I retreat. Joey is already in bed when I reach our room and climb into my own bed but I can't sleep I am restless. Her words eat away at me.

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