Caged Wolf

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Chapter Eight: Noah

Of course they ended up splitting Dusk and I back up as we headed off our separate ways. I am lead to the cafeteria where upon entering all eyes turn to me as usual, actually paying attention to the room I notice there are new wolves huddled around each other. A smile reaches my lips when I find Secora curled up on Garth's lap eating and Danny is smiling at Cassie beside him. I go to them, but of course as soon as I sit down the damn female who has been pestering me settles down beside me, I move and she stays across the table from me her eyes on something behind me. I turn to find all eyes on Dusk who saunters my way with a sexy sway, she smiles at me and I smile back. Dusk surprises me as she kisses me on the lips and settles on my lap, she is radiating alpha vibes which causes Secora, Garth, Danny, and Cassie to smirk and hide their laughter. I allow Dusk to help herself to a bite of my food and I put my arm around her as I nuzzle her neck enjoying how right this feels. Another guy settles down beside us and nods at Dusk who returns his nod and then turns her eyes back to all of us letting us know with one look that he is with us, I'm curious about him but I can't think too hard on it right now since something is about to go down as tension crackles to life int he air.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" The female across from me practically growls.

"Oh I'm sorry did I forget to introduce myself, I'm Dusk. Is she with us?" Dusk smiles enthusiastically at the girl and then she asks us as we shake our heads no.

I can't help but laugh at the danger beneath her words.

"I'm Kiki and that's my mats lap your on!" The female growls as she stands and leans over the bench.

"Sorry darling, uh Kiki, was it but Noah here is my mate. Anyways I'm hungry and your not worth my time. Be right back babe!" Dusk counters and she whispers the last part to me as she plants a possessive kiss on my cheek and hops up to get food.

I watch Kiki scamper after Dusk who fills her tray up with food, when Dusk turns Kiki slaps the tray from her hand and the room falls silent around us. Dusk snatches a falling rib into her hands as she chews on it while looking at Kiki bored.

"I am an alpha too bitch, Noah is mine!" Kiki yowels like a little girl.

"Oh you are sorry, I thought you were an Omega, I didn't think a fight would be fair to you, I still don't." Dusk starts off as he nose twitches sniffing the air causing Secora's snickers to add to her cruel touch.

"You sure your not an omega?" Dusk asks after a few moments and Danny whistles and laughs.

A couple of guys including the red haired one gather around me in interest at the show that's taking place.

"You gonna step in man?" The red head ushers to me and I simply laugh.

"Why would I? My mate can handle a pup!" I laugh out and they all laugh at my joke, I even earn a giggle from Dusk as she makes her way back towards me.

"I'm an alpha, and I'm your mate!" Kiki snaps as she rushes around Dusk and settles on my lap.

I'm about to remove her and toss her across the room for touching me when Dusk shakes her head at me. I let Dusk prowl over and next thing I know Kiki is up and out of my lap as she flies across the room hitting the far wall with a loud thud. Dusk kisses me on the lips and I steal a bite of her apple as she settles back down with me satisfied with her show. The guys disperse as they think the show is over but I know better, a voice that I barely catch crackles over the speakers above.

"Le them go at it." The voice laughs and I know what this means as Kiki seethes with rage her muscles twitching as she stands.

"Get away from my mate." Kiki screams and Dusk doesn't even bat an eyelash.

"He's my mate not yours." Dusk simply states and Kiki comes rushing at us.

Dusk throws a punch from my lap and cracks Kiki right in the nose sending blood gushing everywhere. That doesn't affect Dusk as she flings her around away from me, Dusk stands a little away from us now as she waits for Kiki's next move. To both of our surprise Kiki attacks me as she digs her teeth into my leg dragging me down, unprepared I growl in pain but that doesn't keep my from feeling the exact moment Dusk loses her control. I look up to see her skin ripple and I fling out my arm shoving the table away from her with some help from Danny and the new guy just in time as Dusk falls into wolf form growling. The growl is low and hums through the room causing all the wolves to tremble, Kiki desperately tries to hold onto me but Dusk rips her off me with ease.

"Dusk don't!" I holler at her but it falls on deaf ears as blood lust and anger are swooping through her green eyes.

Blood splatters everywhere and on everyone as Dusk rips Kiki to pieces. The floor beneath them becomes a slick puddle of red and Kiki starts to look like a mutilated piece of meat, I'm sure Dusk is going to kill her when suddenly she pulls away and looks at me with blood staining her muzzle and teeth. She turns the full length of the room daring anyone to step up and take her on, but no one moves. Satisfied she comes to me and let's me lean on her as my leg throbs but heals slowly. I pet her scruff proud of her ability to not end Kiki, I know the she-wolf deserves it but we all need to be on the same side in a place like this where everything is against us. I don't have to look back to know that Kiki isn't getting up to come after us she is a mess on the floor being attended to, this gives me comfort to scope up the nearest apple as we leave out the door and go into the hallway. Guards and medical masks come rushing by us, the moment Dusk is shocked her eyes roll back in her head and we both go down. Quickly I throw my body over Dusk's and our pack forms a wall trying to keep any violence from occurring, to our surprise they move on past us seemingly happy that Dusk is out. I scope Dusk up despite my injured leg and carry her back to my room, we are all weary as we enter and close out the events that just occurred. I settle Dusk down comfortably on my bed and then I re-enter the other room where wolves litter the couch and floor. The TV blares to life in front of us.

"Tomorrow training begins to root out the top wolves and begin the formation of packs. Once packs are formed you will be free to live your lives out happily in a wooded area provided for you in the caves around us." The TV blares before it finally flickers back off.

"Them let us live happy lives, there has to be some twisted catch behind it." Dusk's voice comes from behind us and I'm turning my head to face her.

She stands naked from shifting back and her eyes burn like coals at the TV. I pull myself into a standing position as my eyes roam her body hungrily. As if he heat of my gaze sparks her fire blue and red crackles over her skin as my own ice races across my skin and next thing I know I have my lips on hers as I move our bodies back to press her into the wall. I should care that we have an audience but it's like a spell has come over me, I'm on fire and she's the only thing keeping me from burning. She's my air, I can feel her passion and her love running through my veins. I touch her arm and ice races along it sending a moan through her. Suddenly it makes sense our powers are back, I laugh against her mouth as she bites my bottom lip sending sparks along my tongue that have me moaning. Moans come from behind us and I know the others are engaged in each other as well, only the boy stands out in my peripheral vision as he settles against the far wall and closes his eyes. It's strange that he doesn't have a mate, I make a mental note to ask Dusk about him later. Right now I'm too focused on grabbing her ass and pulling her around me as her hands pull my shirt from my body. I need her so badly and my ice aches through every inch of me, her fire licks across my chest sending jolts of pleasure to my very core. I touch places with my ice that have her moaning so loudly that I know more people must hear us. Her hands work my pants off and I carry her to the bed kicking the door shut behind me. Once on the bed we slam our bodies together and puffs of snow and blue flames follow our every movement. We are full mates now and nothing can take that from us, no one will ever take this moment from us. Our love is forever and powerful, we are forever and powerful.

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