Caged Wolf

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Chapter Nine: Dusk

That night we are so tired and happily wrapped up in each other that we sleep deeply, that is until when a knock comes at the door. I'm not ready to wake up, sleeping I almost felt at home. I could pretend everything was okay and everyone was okay, a knock comes at our door again and I wake with a jolt as anxiety bites through me for my pack, now that I have some of them back I can't help but feel more separated from those of them that I have only seen battling in the arena. Another knock comes at the door and Noah wraps his arms around me tighter as he snores causing me to growl at the knocking. The door opens and in comes the girl, she spies our naked bodies and goes red in the face. I bare my fangs at her in annoyance and the movement awakens Noah who looks up groggily, both annoyed we get up, dress, and eat breakfast since she does not lead us away and our stomachs growl. I make a mental note that the others left before we woke and anxiety shoots through my very being because they didn't leave willingly, as if Noah can read my thought he rubs a hand along my back reassuring me.

"As you have noticed your powers are back, however if you attempt to use them to hurt us then the collars will activate and reduce you back to normal harmless beings." She states in a cold manor and I raise an eyebrow since this girl is very different from the on that helped Noah and I find each other.

"Harmless." I snort the word out as laughter bubbles through me at the notion of us being harmless, even without powers I could rip her throat out if I wanted to.

"What's your name?" Noah asks her softly as he shoots me a glare because the girl has paled as if she knows what I was thinking.

Suddenly the door slides open behind her and the boy Joey steps into the room with us. His eyes land on Hayley and he instantly takes a protective step towards her, perhaps this Joey really does love this girl.

"Don't answer him!" Joey's voice snaps at Hayley quickly causing the mood to suddenly shift as it becomes obvious to Noah and I that Hayley does not enjoy being told what to do by this guy.

"She can do what she wants! You don't own her!" I growl and snap at him as I get up into his space and his eyes widen at me.

"I wouldn't dare get any closer, one press of the remote in my pocket and I'll drop you like dead weight!" Joey actually threatens me and it causes my blood to boil as the temperature in the room spikes.

"You dare threaten my mate, I'll snap you in half if you so much as look at her the wrong way!" Noah steps up beside me going chest to chest with Joey, though he is slightly taller so they do not go eye to eye.

"Now who's the one owning who?" Joey snaps at us, I blink at him and his words because Noah does not own me, nor do I own him.

"We do not own one another you fool, I love Noah and he loves me. We will kill anyone who dares threaten the other, that is what love is! Protecting one another, respecting one another, and so much more. You wouldn't understand that would you? You do not love, you hate!" I toss the words at Joey as Noah backs off from him and comes to me intertwining our fingers as he places a kiss against my forehead pulling me against his chest.

"You are right about one thing, I do hate. I hate your kind for murdering my family." Joey seethes and I can tell my words have eaten away at some protective layer he had wrapped around himself.

"Hayley, my name is Hayley." The girl steps up between us all garnering a surprised look from Joey and a pleased look from Noah and I.

"Hayley, we are Dusk and Noah." Noah introduces us as Hayley reaches out her hand to shake ours which we do so gingerly as not to hurt her even though there is a surprising strength in her grip.

We fall silent as Joey watches Hayley with a thundercloud of an expression on his face as she turns and leads us from our room. Something inside me feels a slight protective need for Hayley because there is something different about her than the rest of the humans here, something off about her scent, plus I know she will hear about this from Joey later. We are lead into a giant gymnasium style room full of equipment and wolves. The equipment is no ordinary exercise machines, no this is battle equipment meant to be used by us against each other, these are human weapons. I eyeball a girl using a spear, the sight earns a laugh from Noah and I drawing attention to ourselves. These people know nothing about being wolves, they do not understand the animal within them, the true power within their own souls that is far more dangerous than any human weapon can possibly be. Hayley and Joey lead Noah and I to an empty mat where they then step back leaning against the wall to supervise us. Eyes judge us as we simply spar hand to hand but we know what we are doing, I beat Noah the first time as I twist around him planting a kiss at the base of his throat. If this were a real fight I would have just torn his throat out causing him to die from bleeding out. Noah wins the next one as he places a finger with an extended claw over a major artery in my leg, and so on. Curious eyes continue to watch us but they soon grow bored of our sparing, they are more interested in their weapons. Noah relaxes on his elbows on the mat as the spear girl finishes up, I give the weapon a try as I halfheartedly throw it at a target, it lands square in the center of the target and the white masks watch us closer. The white masks offer us weapons and usher us to use them but we simply laugh at them, they truly know nothing. I'm starting to feel like we are in a hunger games situation. Suddenly the room goes dead silent, I look up to see why and a grin breaks out on my lips as Noah nuzzles my neck. Kiki has just entered the room with a group of omega's, she's a mess and uses crutches to hold herself up as she goes. I broke an alpha and made her into an omega, I feel no remorse over it. It feels both empowering and horrible. More wolves pour in behind them and circle around the mats, another alpha pair joins us at our mat and it symbolizes the promise of more battles. The pair sizes us up as Noah swoops in and kisses me as he nibbles on my bottom lip, we do not need to look at them, instead we feel their strength. From one sniff I can tell the male is a powerless white wolf while the little female has powers, I grunt and Noah and I both turn our attention to accessing this female as we try to sense her powers as she does the same to us. The way she looks at us tugs a smile to my lips as she sees us as a snack that she is about to chew on, they stand as the white masks move to our mat to watch, we stay seated. I close my eyes and focus on hearing her heartbeat, I can feel the click inside me when I understand what her powers are.

A Jumper! - I send to Noah right as a whistle goes.

Instantly the male is out of play as Noah freezes him in place. The heartbeat jumps around from spot to spot and I wait until I get the pattern, I open my eyes as a wicked bit of my induced heartburn causes her to crumble into view on the floor eyes wide and mouth open in agony.

"Gotta do better than that to be a Jumper." I smirk as I kick a knife away from her splayed hands.

Noah and I turn away bored as the whistle blows ending it, I let my grasp on her go from my hold and she rushes over to her ice cube of a mate. I flick my wrist and the male falls into a puddle of water. We battle all day for our audiences and every time we easily win even with the minimal use of our powers. Not a single power can match ours together, not even water as Noah freezes a wave that comes crashing at me, I blast it into fog and annoyance grips me as I step through it and thwack two heads together knowing two alphas out. No alphas can match our powers, the only person here whose powers are stronger than ours is a friend. A friend who happens to be a Reaper, a friend who I can sense watching in the crowd. Noah and I laze cuddling on our mat as alphas continue to battle around us, I nuzzle Noah's neck as blood spills around the room. Suddenly Danny comes bouncing across the room along with Cassie, they are followed by Secora and Garth, as well as Carl and Tucker. Carl pulls Noah up and away from me as he drags him into a man hug that has us all grinning from ear to ear. A feeling comes over me when I spot Crane coming our way and anger flares through me as I see he is bruised and beaten. I pull him into a hug as he joins the group, I can feel Hayley's eyes digging into my back.

"I'm glad to see you brother." I whisper to him as we hug and he squeezes me a little tighter, I can feel warmth spread in me because even though this is a terrible situation it is bringing us all closer.

"Have you seen Lora?" Danny asks me as he looks around the room as Sasha settles into his side.

"No, I haven't." I say as I think about it, in fact I haven't seen any adult wolves since I've gotten here.

Beside us Crane tears up and he can't hold it back as they stream down his face and he leans on me.

"They labelled all the adults as omega's and stuck us all in one big group in one big room, they pushed us hard, they broke us over and over until some could take no more. We had to battle with each other for food, water, and more. I did my best to help Lora and Cindy to protect them, I tried to provide for them even though I know they hated me for it. They called the adults old liabilities, they killed them all off in front of us. One second they were all alive around us and the next they dropped like flies as the collars melted their brains. I tried to heal them, I tried everything I could but they were gone!" Crane sobs as he falls to his knees dragging me with him as pain ripples through him causing him to gasp for breath.

Danny cries out in pain as he falls to the floor clutching his heart. All around us wolves fall and are crying, they heard Crane. Numbness spreads through me as it sets in that Lora is gone. I try to deny it since I didn't feel her die in the pack bond but the truth is I wouldn't have not in here, not with the collars working the way they do. Lora is dead, she has to be in order for Crane to be this broken. Angry fire blasts through me and threatens to explode outwards as I sag back into Noah who has knelt down behind me. Before anyone can react I'm flying across the room and I have Scar in my grasp.

"Did you kill them, did you murder them?" I cry at him in agony as I dig my claws into him causing him to groan and laugh.

At his laughter I rip his mask off so we are face to face and I can read it all over his face, he did this, he was there, he was part of it and he enjoyed it. I'm in wolf form before I know it and I'm ripping him apart, voices yell behind me and an alarm blares above. I'm aware that my collar is zapping me but Noah's hand on my back seems to be numbing it, blood is everywhere and screams echo through my head. I fall back into human form as I continue to rip the mangled mess beneath me apart as I hear my voice screaming at it, "You killed her!".

I'm aware of bodies running at me as my wraith builds and I whirl on them as my fire consumes my body engulfing me. The agony and despair I'm feeling is too much, I can't handle it. I can't control myself as anger ripples through my every fiber, they killed my aunt and Cindy. They killed the only women I could trust through everything, they killed her because she wasn't good enough for them, they killed her!

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