Because Now I Want a Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 10

Rebecca arrived at the hospital thirty minutes later, still half asleep despite the anger swirling through her body!

“Rebecca dear, you made it!” Mrs. Vogel said.

Rebecca nodded and looked around. Spotting Felix she glared.

“Is something wrong dear?” Mrs. Vogel asked.

Rebecca forced a smile. “Nothing a good smacking won’t cure.”

“Oh, who’s getting smacked?” Bruno asked as he walked up. “Is it Felix? Oh, I have a better idea! Go fill his trunk with sand, or better yet you could...!”

“Bruno, sohn (son), be quiet. Rebecca and Felix can work out their own problems just fine,” Mrs. Vogel said

Rebecca just ignored them as she walked over to Felix. Grabbing hold of his arm and turning him to face her, she snarled, “Who do you think you are Mr. Man! You just call me up, and then hang up on me! I don’t think so you… you… you jerk!”

Felix stood there gaping at her, his mouth open, as she almost breathed fire at him.

Rebecca knew she looked a mess, with bags under her eyes and her hair all tangled around her head. She hadn’t had the pleasure of prettying herself up, no, she’d been too busy trying to leave without waking the household up. Her mom didn’t need to be up this early since she had to work today.

So, here she was, tired and a big mess, ready to skin Felix alive for being so rude!

Felix closed his mouth then but continued to look at her wide eyed. Then, suddenly, his eyes narrowed. He hissed, “You were the one who made it clear you did not wish to be here. What else was there to say?”

“Did you just hiss at...?” She began as her anger soared even higher. “Oh no you didn’t!”

Then she did something she never thought she would do to another person, much less the man she loved. She slapped him.

Felix just stood there, looking as shocked as she felt as he raised his hand to his cheek.

But, she was too angry to care, so she snapped, “You barely gave me time to wake up and be coherent, then you hang up! If that’s the way you’re going to be then… then forget you!”

Turning around, she walked out the door as tears flooded her eyes.

Felix stood there stunned, unable to move as he watched his Geliebte walk out the door.

“Um...Felix, you might want to go after her. We’ll let you know when the baby gets here,” Falco said softly.

Felix turned to look at his Bruder. In German he asked, “What...?” His voice cracked. So, he cleared his throat and tried again. “What just happened?”

Falco sighed. Then, in German he replied, “Why don’t you tell me. She seemed as if she was upset already when she walked in, and all we know is what we just heard.”

“I called her to tell her of the baby coming. She asked me why I had called her. I was hurt by her response and...I... might have hung up on her,” Felix answered, still speaking German.

“Oh, Felix.” Leo, who had joined them said. “You woke her up, and some humans have problems being awakened abruptly. She obviously didn’t have her wits about her, so you should have given her time, not hung up on her.”

“Nein (no), probably not. Now she hates me,” Felix whispered as he fought the urge to cry.

Leo sighed as he pulled Felix in for a hug. “She is your Beloved and you are bonded. She will not hate you, be mad at you ja (yes), hate, nein. Now go to her.”

Felix gave his Bruders a nod, then he walked out the door and down the hallway. As he walked he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, but he knew until he found his Geliebte and begged her forgiveness, it was a useless exercise.

Walking out the double doors at the hospital entrance, he looked around and soon spotted his Kitten’s car. Heading over, he found her inside hunched over the steering wheel.

He tapped on her window.

She raised her head up to look at him.

He opened the door, kneeling next to her, he whispered, “I’m sorry Kitten. I was hurt because you were not as excited as I was I suppose and... I’m sorry.”

She wiped the tears from her face and lay her cheek against the steering wheel while she gazed at him.

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have jumped you like I did or slapped you. I’ve never slapped someone in my entire life,” she whispered as she ran her fingers gently over his cheek. “I was just so mad that you hung up on me before I could say anything. I know that is no excuse though, so, please forgive me?”

Standing, he pulled her up and out of the car, into his arms. Burying his nose in her neck, he nuzzled her gently as he breathed in her earthy scent. “Always kitten, always.”

She gave a slight moan before asking, “Are you hungry Felix?”

“A bit,” he admitted. “As a vampire, I tend to need extra when my emotions run high.”

She giggled.

He lifted his face to look at her.

“Burns extra calories does it!” She said, her eyes sparkling with humor.

“Something like that I suppose.”

Saying nothing else, she tipped her head sideways, giving him access to her neck.

Leaning forward, he tangled his hands in her hair as he gently nipped at her neck. When the sound of her pulse caused his fangs to descend, he bit down and fed. Once his beast was beast was satisfied; he retracted his fangs and licked the wound shut.

Rebecca gave a contented sigh as she lay her head on his chest.

“I love you Felix,” she whispered.

“I love you too Kitten. So, am I all forgiven? Will you still marry me?” He asked her nervously.

She raised her head, a stunned look on her face as she exclaimed, “Of course, you’re forgiven! And what would give you the idea that I was no longer going to marry you?”

He dropped his eyes to the ground as he said, “Well, you stormed out saying ‘forget you’ and it sounded kind of... like it was over.”

“Oh Felix! I’m sorry I made you feel that way,” She said

He lifted his eyes to gaze in to hers once more. He soon found himself lost in them, and seeing nothing but love there, he kissed her!

Rebecca leaned in at the same time as Felix and allowed him to capture her lips with his.

He tilted his head, deepening the kiss, as he nipped at her lower lip.

Wanting more she opened her lips for his entrance.

His tongue invaded, and he tasted every inch of her mouth before backing away to let her breath.

Her head dropped back, and she panted for breath.

He didn’t stop though. He just moved down to kiss along her jawline, continuing down her neck as his hands slipped up under her shirt.

She moaned, “Felix, we’re in a parking lot!”

He grunted but pulled away all the same.

“I can’t seem to keep my hands off of you, Kitten,” he said before taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. “We should go back in before Bruno comes to get us.”

“Why Bruno?” She asked.

Felix chuckled and said, “He’d volunteer in hopes of catching us doing something, so he could annoy us with it. He’s such a child.”

“Hmm...yes he is. Do you know what he wanted me to do?” She asked as she laughed.

“This IS Bruno you’re talking about, so there is just no telling,” was his reply.

Throwing his arm around her, he turned her toward the hospital. They then began to walk.

“He told me I should fill your truck with sand,” she told him. “That was his first idea anyway, he said he had a better one. Your mom cut him off before he could tell it.”

Felix hissed and said, “He’s done that to me before! Annoying Bruder! He knows how much I hate dirt, yet he is always finding ways to get me or my things dirty!”

“Does that mean I’m going to be cleaning house twenty-four seven?” She questioned as he opened the door to the ER and let her enter first.

He just shrugged and said, “I suppose that depends on if you are a messy person or not. Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen your room, so I really don’t know how neat you are.”

“Ah...well....” She coughed a bit. “I’m not the neatest person, but I keep my room clean, for the most part. I’m not afraid to get dirty though.”

“He is!”

Rebecca and Felix both turned.


Felix smacked him upside the head.

“Hey! What was that for?” Bruno asked as he rubbed his head.

“That’s for giving her ideas!” Felix hissed softly.

Bruno pouted at Rebecca as he whined, “You weren’t supposed to tell him! You were supposed to just do it.”

“I’m not going to do that Bruno! Its mean, and I’d hate to have to clean up a mess like that, so I’m not going to purposely make someone else do it!” Rebecca scolded.

“Eh, fine, be that way,” Bruno said.

“Bruno, leave those two alone and stop scheming ways to annoy poor Felix.” Veronica said as she walked up.

Bruno opened his mouth to speak just as we heard the door open.

Everyone turned to look, and found Tobias standing there with a small bundle in his arms.

“The baby is here!” Mutter exclaimed as she and Vater went to have the first look at her.

“Everyone, I want you to meet Angelika. She’s six pounds, one ounce and twenty-one inches long,” Tobias said proudly.

Next, to go see the new baby, was Leo and Camilla.

Then, Bruno and Veronica.

After that was Falco and Kimberly’s turn.

Finally, it was Felix and Rebecca’s turn to see the baby. He could tell from the first look Rebecca was hooked.

Angelika was tiny and delicate with a head full of dark brown hair, just like her Vater, but her face was pixie like just like her Mutter.

“Oh, she is so precious Tobias, such a pretty little girl,” Rebecca said softly as she ran a finger down the baby’s cheek.

Little Angelika turned her head and opened her big baby-blue eyes.

Rebecca smiled, and the baby reached up to grab her finger. She was startled and exclaimed, “Oh!”

“She likes you, Kitten,” Felix murmured softly, yet his voice still drew the baby’s gaze.

“I believe she has found her favorites, she slept through the rest of us,” Mutter said. “Although it does not surprise me, since Tobias was always Felix’s favorite Bruder.”

“What do you mean?” Felix asked. “I don’t remember that.”

“Ah, how quickly you forget my sohn,” Mutter tutted. “Leo was too bossy, and you didn’t appreciate his scolding. Of course, Bruno seemed to always find ways to annoy you.”

Rebecca snickered, “That hasn’t changed.”

“That is very true. Anyway, you just didn’t have much in common with Falco, but Tobias?” Mutter nodded. “Ja, in Tobias you found happiness. If ever I had to hunt you down for something I always went to him first, and that is usually where I found you. I remember you would go to ask him something, and when you got there you would end up picking up his room for him. Then he would politely say, “thank you Felix, now what may I do for you?”, you would then proceed to tell him the purpose of your visit. It was so sweet.”

“How did you...?” Felix asked, startled his Mutter’s revelations of things long forgotten.

Mutter chuckled a bit. “Because I followed you one day to see why you were always disappearing into his room. It made a Mutter’s heart glad to see it.”

Felix looked down at Rebecca, who continued to coo at the baby as she listened.

“Sir, I need you to take the baby to the nursery now,” a nurse said from the hall.

Tobias gave the nurse a nod and tried to leave, but the baby wouldn’t let go of Rebecca’s finger.

Smiling down at the baby Rebecca whispered, “You need to let the nurse take care of you sweet cheeks, then go see your mommy. I promise I will be back. I think perhaps I will go clean up my face a bit, so I won’t be so scary looking yeah?” Then she kissed the back of the baby’s hand, and just like that little Angelika let go.

“Yes, she has picked her favorites,” Mutter repeated.

Rebecca leaned into Felix’s chest and yawned. “I’m surprised she didn’t scream, because I know I look pretty scary right now.”

“How about I take you home to clean up a bit then we can go to breakfast,” Felix suggested.

“How about you take me to breakfast first, because I am starving?” Rebecca argued.

Felix raised an eyebrow. “Okay, as you wish.”

Rebecca frowned. “What are you implying Felix? Don’t you want to be seen with me? It’s partially your fault I look so rough you know! Keeping me out until all...” she paused to yawn, “hours.”

“Nein, I am not ashamed to be seen with you Kitten, but... have you looked at what you are wearing?” Felix questioned.

She looked down and he saw the horrified look on her face. She gave a little bit of a scream before she said, “I can’t believe I walked out of my house dressed like this!”

She had on a skimpy tank top with the words ‘I’m too sexy!’ on it, and a pair of short, shorts that were hot pink.

“Wow, I really was half asleep when I dressed in this! Maybe I should go and change before...” Rebecca yawned again, “before going to eat.”

“I fear if we do that you won’t get breakfast as sleepy as you are,” Felix commented. “Why don’t you call your Mutter and tell her you’re with me? I’ll take you home with me, and after you sleep a bit I’ll take you to get some breakfast.”

She sighed and rubbed her eyes. “I believe you’re right. I’ll probably go to sleep the moment I get in the car. I have to have different clothes though Felix, my mom would raise cane about me going out in public dressed like this!”

Felix chuckled, knowing she was right. Honestly, he didn’t want men to see those legs of hers anyway, so he was all for a change of clothes. So, he said, “Alright then, we’ll go by your house before breakfast. Hopefully by the time you awaken, your Mutter will be at work, and won’t see how you left the house this morning.”

She nodded as she once more yawned. Taking out her phone, she quickly called her Mutter and told her where she was and why. After hanging up she said, “Okay Felix, now mom knows where I am and won’t worry.” Then she held out her arms. “Carry me?”

Felix heard the chuckles at that around the room.

“Of course, Kitten,” he agreed as he picked her up and carried her to his car.

Rebecca was fast asleep before Felix even left the hospital parking lot, but then, he knew she would be.

He now had her home and was seated on the bed next to her watching her sleep. She was so cute.

Ja, her hair was a fright, all knotted and tangled, and she had dark rings under her eyes from lack of sleep but to him she was still the most beautiful woman on the planet.

His Mutter always said, “if you could look past someone’s outwards appearance and see their heart then you would know that person was special”.

So, ja, her outward appearance was that of someone tired and unkempt, but he knew the inside of her and there beat a heart of gold. He also knew that it belongs to him and soon her body would also.

Leaning in, he placed a light kiss on her forehead and whispered, “I love you.”

Then, he stood up, leaving her to sleep while he went to find nourishment for himself.

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