Because Now I Want a Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 2

Felix Vogel had gotten up that morning in a bad mood!

The night before he had come home to find Bruno had cooked dinner and had left a mess! Dirty cookware on the stove, in the sink, and dirty dishes were left on the table.

Usually, Bruno’s Geliebte (Beloved) Veronica would clean it up, but she had been feeling unwell. So, the mess had been left because Bruno couldn’t be bothered!

Felix had given an annoyed hiss as he stared at the mess that was their kitchen. Bruno knew how he hated messes of any kind and had most likely left it there on purpose. He was probably thinking it would be funny to watch Felix explode in reaction to it. As it was, Felix had barely kept from beating Bruno to a bloody pulp!

Then this morning Felix had found yet another mess. This one was in the laundry room where Bruno had washed a load of clothes and forgotten to put them in the dryer. The clothes were sour and would have to be rewashed, probably twice because of them having such sensitive noses!

Oh, and let’s not forget the mud on the back porch. Felix had wondered where that had come from since there had been no rain for days!

He’d been ready to tear his hair out and had left the house before he tore Bruno’s out! He had decided right then to find a home of his own! He’d already talked to a realtor and put a down payment on the house he thought he wanted. Today though, today he’d call her about seeing the house.

Even with all the “Bruno” drama, he’d somehow managed to make it to work just in time to greet the first customer of the day.

He was shocked, surprised, and elated to find she was his Geliebte! He was the only one of the five Vogel boys who hadn’t met theirs, and now he had!

She was beautiful.

Her hair was long, down to her waist long, and a shiny inky black! He loved it, especially since all his Bruder’s Geliebte’s had red in their hair. Although he had no problems with red heads, he much preferred the darker color.

The fates know what I like after all, he’d thought. He had to admit he was a bit worried that fate would think all the Vogel boys should have red haired women!

Her eyes were a bright sapphire blue and had a look of intelligence about them. Her lips were full and pink, so kissable, and her complexion rosy.

She had surprised him when she had begun talking to him in German. So, surprised, in fact, that he had completely missed how dirty her hands were until Bruno had pointed them out!

For some strange reason though, it hadn’t freaked him out like it normally would have. Looking up as he had gently cleaned Rebecca’s hands with the wipes he kept under the counter, he’d seen the shocked look on Bruno’s face.

Bruno had been expecting Felix to flip his lid over it, yet he hadn’t. Nor did Bruno get the chance to say anything about it because the bell over the door jingled letting them know they had customers.

So, Felix had taken care of them while Bruno left, after giving him one last puzzled look.

An hour and a half later Tobias walked in.

“The truck is unloaded now, and I’ve replaced your flat tire with a new one. It was pretty much thread bare, or I could have just put a patch on it,” Tobias said softly. “Do you want to tell me where your car is Miss? I can go put your tire on and bring it back if you wish.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” Rebecca said as she jumped up off the stool. “I took it off, I can put it back on!”

Felix grabbed hold of her arm gently, getting her attention. Once she looked at him, he said, “Rebecca. Give me a moment and I will go with you.”

She stared at him, her eyes wide as she almost whispered, “But… I thought you didn’t like to get dirty?”

“I don’t, but I will, just for you. Don’t worry, I’ll wear gloves,” Felix told her. He then turned to yell at Bruno in the back, saying, “Bruno, I’m going with Rebecca for her car. Take over the front end.”

“Got it,” Bruno yelled back.

“Tobias, a ride there?” Felix asked.

Tobias nodded and walked out.

As soon as Bruno returned to the front Felix took Rebecca’s hand. He led her to the door, then outside to Tobias’ truck.

Rebecca stopped, and her jaw dropped at the sight that was before her.

Felix grinned.

Tobias’ truck was almost a monster truck with its huge wheels and chrome everywhere. It was a 1985 Chevy Silverado, painted blood red with a diesel engine that roared like a big rig.

“Oh my...where did he get that truck and where can I get one of my own?” She almost yelled.

Tobias paused near the front of it, keys in hand. He stared at her for a moment then slowly grinned. He then said, “You like my truck? My Ge...wife hates it and refuses to ride in it. Very independent she is and doesn’t like being ‘man-handled’ into it!”

Felix knew then that his sweet Kitten had already found her way into his Bruder’s heart through his truck. Tobias loved that truck almost as much as his Geliebte!

Rebecca gasp lightly and whispered, “Felix, you can ‘man-handle’ me into a truck like that any day of the week.”

Felix hummed softly, thinking about how much fun he’d have “man-handling her” into a truck. Maybe he should think about getting one! So, he said, “Tobias is teasing you Kitten. His wife enjoys his ‘man-handling’ too, just not right now with the little one on the way. She’s due any day now and is very uncomfortable.”

“Oh...” She turned to Tobias then and with a smile said, “Congratulations.”

Tobias just nodded and climbed up in his truck.

Opening the passenger door, Felix lifted Rebecca up, making sure to give her waist a slight squeeze, and then got in himself. After everyone had strapped in, they were off.

“I’m parked about three blocks down, that way,” Rebecca said as she pointed.

When they pulled up next to Rebecca’s car it was Tobias’ turn to stare in awe. Rebecca had a 1968 Chevy Impala SS convertible, it was beautiful car.

“It was my dad’s car and he fixed it up for me. It still needs a bit of work on the engine and interior, but it’s a good car,” Rebecca told them as she stared at the car.

Felix and Tobias turned to look at her at the same time. They saw sadness on her face.

Reaching out, he lay his hand on her knee as he questioned, “Rebecca?”

She turned to look at him and tried to smile, but he saw her glassy eyes. She was trying so hard not to cry.

“Sorry, my dad passed last year. It’s been a bit rough for my family but it’s better than it was. I can actually look at my car without wailing at the unfairness of it now. I finally had mom get it out of storage three months ago and just started driving it. Guess I should have checked sooner to see if I had a spare huh?” She said sniffling. She was still trying not to cry, but it wasn’t working.

So, opening the door Felix got out. He gave Tobias a wordless nod that he returned. He then pulled her gently out of the truck and walked her over to the driver side of her car. After opening the door, he pushed her gently into the seat and said, “Sit, I’ll be right back.”

Then he walked back to the truck, and after putting on his gloves, he removed the tire from the back.

“Will she be alright?” Tobias asked quietly.

“She’ll be fine,” Felix said just as quietly. “I’ll put her tire on and take her to lunch.”

Tobias smiled and in German asked, “She’s your Beloved, isn’t she?”

Felix nodded slightly.

“She’s beautiful Felix,” Tobias told him.

“And speaks perfect German,” Felix told his brother.

Tobias gave a light laugh. “Won’t be able to talk behind her back then, will you?”

“Nein,” Felix agreed as he glanced over at where Rebecca was sitting. She had her head down and was wiping at her eyes. “Ja she is very beautiful. I’m just glad she isn’t a red-head,” Felix mumbled with a sigh.

“What?” Tobias asked with another laugh.

Felix gave him a look as he said, “Sorry Bruder, but four red-headed women in the family is enough thank you very much!”

“I’ll have you know there is nothing wrong with a red-headed woman!” Tobias said as he laughed harder.

“Never said there was anything wrong with a woman with red hair, just that I didn't want one,” Felix muttered, annoyed at being laughed at.

“Oh, Felix, you always were an odd ball!” Tobias said as he sobered up. “I’m happy for you just the same.”

Shaking his head, Felix waved him off and headed back to Rebecca. Propping the tire against the front-fender, he shoved his gloves into his back pocket and walked over to kneel next to her.

She looked at him, her eyes now red from crying.

He didn’t say anything, just pulled her into his arms and held her close. He then murmured, “Ah Kitten, don’t cry. It hurts me to know you are sad. Do you wish to talk about it?”

He felt her shake her head against his chest, heard her take a deep breath.

“Let’s just get my tire fixed, I’m feeling hungry. Crying always makes me hungry,” she told him.

He chuckled a bit, before gently pushing her back so he could give her a loving kiss. He then stood up and pulling his gloves from his pocket, he put them on. Then, grabbing the tire he put it back on her car. When he finished, he put the jack back in her trunk and closed it.

Rebecca, noticing he was finished, stood up and handed him her keys.

“You want me to drive? I could be a horrible driver for all you know,” he teased.

“Can’t be any worse than I am. After all, I’m the one who ran over the board with the nail in it this morning!” She told him with a laugh. Then she crawled into the passenger side and closed the door leaving him standing there.

With a shrug, he walked over to the driver’s side and got in. After strapping in, he asked, “Where to Kitten.”

“Do you like pizza?” She asked him, and he nodded. “Okay, then let’s do that. It’s been a stressful morning, so I need lots of calories!”

Leaning toward her, he asked, “Has it ALL been stressful?”

She gazed into his eyes and he felt his beast struggling with the need to be free. He forced it down because now was not the time for his eyes to turn red!

“No. In fact, meeting you is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time Felix,” she whispered in return.

Cupping one hand around her neck, he gently pulled her toward him, whispering, “You make me happy too Kitten.”

“Felix,” she whispered.


“We should go now,” she told him.


“Because now I want a kiss. If we start kissing again we might not stop, if the way you’re looking at me is any indication,” she whispered.

“How exactly am I looking at you Kitten?” He asked, his voice husky with need now.

“Like you want to...? Like you want more then I’m willing to give you right now,” she said softly. Her face was now a bright red and she had lowered her eyes.

“Hm... you might be right Kitten, but I would never take more then you’re willing to give me” he informed her solemnly. He then took a deep breath to rein his desire in. Giving her a kiss on the cheek, he straightened up in his seat and cranked the car, saying, “Let’s go have pizza.”

Then he pulled away from the curb and headed downtown. Fifteen minutes later they were seated in a booth, sipping drinks as they waited for their pizza to arrive.

Rebecca took a deep breath as she looked around. “I love pizza. I worked here for a while at the beginning of the year, but my grades started slipping. So, mom made me quit.”

“May I ask how old you are.”

She looked back at him. “I’m eighteen, but my birthday is in a couple of weeks. May twenty-first. How old are you?”

“I’m...twenty-four,” he said.

She giggled a bit as the waitress placed their pizza on the table before leaving. Rebecca then proceeded to put a piece of pizza on a plate for the two of them before saying, “You didn’t sound really sure about your age right there. Are you sure you’re being truthful with me?”

Felix sighed internally because, nein, he actually wasn’t. He smiled at her though and said, “Ja, well you know what they say, ‘age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel’. So, some days I feel a whole lot older then twenty-four.”

“Ah...okay. That I understand. When...when my dad passed it seemed as if my mom aged ten years. Now that she’s finally starting to come out of it a bit, look happier, smile more, she doesn’t look quite so old,” she told him. Then she picked up her first piece of pizza and ate it in about five bites!

So, picking up his knife and fork he began to eat.


He looked up to find her staring at him. “What?”

“Why are you eating with a fork?”

“I don’t like to be dirty remember?” He reminded her with a laugh. Then, wrinkling his nose he added, “Pizza grease on my hands? Nein, I think not!”

She laughed then too. Shaking her head, she grabbed another slice and practically inhaled it also.

They then began to talk about little things, such as what they like to do in their free time, and the kind of movies they watched.

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